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February 2016 Energy Forecast – Part 2!

I wanted to write another energy update for February as there is so much happening energetically, yet it may also feel like there is nothing happening at all!  Let me explain what I feel is going on!

Between now and the 22nd Feb; it is very much a time of patience, acceptance and trust!  It is time to surrender!  If you have been wanting things to happen or been pushing hard to make things happen, now is the time to let go and trust in the process!  I know this is so much harder to actually do as I am having to do it right now too!  I really want to move and the right house is nowhere to be found!  I keep being told by Spirit to be patient and it will come.  But patience is so hard when you feel ready for the next step!  However, we all know that when we want something really badly, we tend to go into the ‘need’ vibe and this pushes everything further away!  We also know that things happen in divine timing and I know there is a good reason for my new home not manifesting right at this moment.  So, know I am with you if you are having a hard time surrendering to the process!!  You are not alone!

You may also be feeling a little anxious at the moment, like there is something you need to do, but don’t know what!  If you are feeling anxious, worried or a bit stressed, but know that you have nothing to be feeling like this about, then the Moon’s energies are affecting you!  I have been feeling really anxious over the last few days and when I sat down to tune in to why I was feeling like this, Spirit told me it was due to the Moon’s energies, shifts in vibration around the world and knowing that some BIG changes are coming! 

Stress, tension and anger have been building around the globe for a number of years and this Full Moon on 22nd will actually help to release some of this build up, so this is what we are all feeling at the moment.  It is also a great time to do our own releasing as the energy right now will really support us.  So, if you have any past hurts or resentments that you know you should let go of, now is the time to RELEASE!

The Full moon also falls on quite an auspicious date ‘22.2’, which has a very powerful vibration!  Interestingly, I have also been seeing 222 everywhere recently for the last two weeks! 

The number 2 is all about trust and the number 22 is all about transformation!  This is why we all need a little patience right now as everything will transform if we trust in the process!

The number 222 is all about balance, manifesting & new opportunities, so they are coming!!

Whenever you see this number it is a message from the universe that everything is working out even better than you can imagine!

Expect some emotions to come up around the Full Moon as there are a lot of energy shifts happening right now and they will only continue to expand until we reach the 22nd Feb!  It may also bring up some ‘relationship’ issues if they haven’t been completely dealt with, so watch your thoughts, feelings and speak from your Heart Chakra if anything comes up for you that needs to be resolved.  When we come from a place of love, the other person will be able to feel the energy, which will allow for a much more harmonious exchange!

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Wishing you a blissful rest of the month.

Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥


6 thoughts on “February 2016 Energy Forecast – Part 2!”

  1. Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to post this! A few of my friends and I, those who are more in tune with the earth and moon’s vibrations have also been feeling these energy shifts. I feel like I was meant to find this post of yours and was lead to type in a series of keywords in my search engine and it lead me right to your post. My friends and I feel like this is not the first shift of energy that is planned for this year, like there will be many more as this is a year of new beginnings and awakenings, or so it seems. I also keep seeing 222 everywhere I look in the past 2 weeks and being familiar with numerology I knew it meant the time was approaching to take action. There are some things that relate to my magickal path that I’ve been neglecting for, not really fear, but I was reluctant because I felt like I needed to find more info before taking that next leap but no matter where I search I could not find what I needed, so guided by my intuition I decided to ask my most magickally advanced friends if they feel this shift approaching too and apparently when we all met up to talk, we had all received the same message from our spirit guides and guardians. So last night I took the first leap towards a task that I have been putting off for a while now and then today I feel a strong urge to type “222 does anyone else feel this major shifting of energy” into google search and your page was like the 2nd result down. So nice to know that I am not alone in this feeling and my friends and I are not just having some sort of shared delusion, LOL. Thanks again, I have bookmarked your blog. I am in the U.S. by the way but some of these friends are in the U.K.


    1. Thank you so much for your comment and I am so sorry it has taken me ages to reply. I love hearing about other people getting the same information and feeling the shift! You are NOT alone and there is always support when we ask. Sending you so much love & blessings on your journey, Sarah x


  2. Hi Sarah Just thought I would drop you a line and say how much I appreciate your monthly reports. Everything you have mentioned I have felt myself. Thankyou Thankyou it has made me see more and more that I am on the right track and intrestingly I want to move and feel exactly as you do. So there must be something in the air.   Thanks once again  Lots of loveLindsay Blair XXX


    1. Thank you so much Lindsay for your love & support. I really appreciate it and sorry it has taken so long to reply. Time is flying by! I am so happy to hear you feel and see you are on the right track, that is wonderful news. Love & Blessings to you, Sarah x


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