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March 2016 Energy Forecast

Hang on to your hats this month as March is going to be a powerful and transformational time!

We will have six supermoons in 2016. Depending on your time zone, the first one will fall on March 8 or 9, 2016.  This one isn’t a full supermoon.  Rather, it’s a new supermoon. In fact, the new moons on March 9, April 7 and May 6 all qualify as supermoons!  It is also a solar eclipse, which amplifies everything!

What is a supermoon? An astrologer, Richard Nolle, is credited with coining the term supermoon. He defines them as  “a new or full moon which occurs with the moon at or near (within 90% of) its closest approach to Earth.”

What does this mean energetically?

New moons are a time of beginnings when we are encouraged to plant the seeds of what we hope to manifest within the new lunar cycle.  The new moon is in Pisces and this sign is known for being a little dreamy, sensitive and in touch with deep emotions!

This energy will help us to face some of our deepest fears so we can heal them once and for all!  So if you have been hiding away from your truth, then prepared to be put in the spotlight and swept away in a new direction!!

It is a time for creativity, imagination and surrender, but also for taking action and planning out our dreams!  Try to find a balance this month between dreaming and action!

We also have the Spring Equinox on the 20th March and the Full Moon eclipse on 23rd March, so there is a HUGE amount of energy packed into the next few weeks!

Some of us have been feeling this shift already and have started the releasing and clearing process earlier towards end of Feb and beginning of March.  I know I have!  There has been a lot of activity around the heart and throat chakras recently as we release our old ways of thinking into new ways of being.

A lot of people may have had cold/flu symptoms, sore throats, headaches, coughs and even chest problems over the last few weeks.  So if you have been feeling under the weather, you are not alone!  We are once again shifting and awakening to even higher levels of energy, so ascension symptoms maybe coming up for a number of us!

You may have also found that a lot of fear has come up for you as it has for me, which is all to do with change!  We are being pushed to let go, surrender and release all control!  Old stories and experiences may be coming up again in a variety of different ways to show each of us what we need to release and work on.  So if you are feeling any discomfort about a person or situation, take a deeper look at your feelings to see what this experience is teaching you about yourself.  If there are a couple of different people or situations creating discomfort, ask yourself what do they all have in common as there will be something there that is showing you the way forward.  Once we recognise what the experience is showing us we need to heal and work on and then heal that aspect of ourselves, these situations tend to just go away!

Spirit have been giving me so many signs this month about ‘feeling’ my way through life, rather than ‘thinking’ through life it is now making me laugh as literally every book I open or any article I read has this information in it, so I feel this is something they wanted me to share with you, so everyone understands how to make their life easier and more enjoyable!

I also feel this is a key part of our transformation during this high energy period as when we stop thinking and follow our feelings we relax and enjoy the moment a whole lot more!

We are all aware that our feelings help us to choose what to do next.  However, when you really stop and ask yourself, “Do I listen to my feelings and let them direct each decision at every moment?”  Is the answer truthfully yes?! 

I thought I always listened to my intuition, but when I kept seeing this everywhere I asked myself this question and realised that I don’t always do what my feelings tell me to do!  This is because I start thinking about my decision and then I let my mind get in the way!  I start to be practical or remember what someone told me or perhaps feel I can’t for whatever reason!  The more I examined this, the more I realised that I didn’t listen to my feelings as much as I thought I did!

Here is an example of listening to your feelings on a day-to-day level.  I bet we all have a ‘to do list’, whether it is in your head or written down!  I am no exception and I realised that if I really listened to my feelings all of the time, I would only do what ‘felt’ good that on my to do list during that moment, which I wasn’t!!  I write my to do list then just go through it hoping to get everything done without ever ‘feeling’ about what I was actually doing!  So after seeing all these signs, I changed this last week.  I started to ‘feel’ what something felt like and it was a really interesting experience. 

I did all the things that felt good and left the ones that didn’t in that moment.  I enjoyed my day more and felt I had more time!  One of the reasons for not writing this post until the 7th was because I was ‘feeling’ what felt good for me!  Today, it felt good to write and I throughly enjoyed it!  Last week, I was doing a lot of healing work on myself due to some fear that had come up and I wasn’t in the right head space to write.  The old me would have just got on with it regardless as I would have been in ‘thinking’ mode rather than ‘feeling’ mode!  I may still have enjoyed writing my blog, but perhaps I would have felt more overwhelmed or tired by adding it on to that week when I needed to focus on something else.

I would urge you to try this for yourself and see what happens!  If we trust our feelings to show us the way forward, we actually let go and surrender as we are not trying so hard to push or make things happen!  I love this new way of being and am trying to now ‘feel’ everything I do rather than ‘thinking’ so much about everything!  It really helps clear the mind as well, which leads to a greater sense of peace.  Something to think about or should I say FEEL about this month?!!

March is a powerful month of change.  There will be a number of energy downloads again this month, which will help us shift and awaken even more.  It is an incredibly transformational time for every single person on this planet.  So take this opportunity to step out of the old way of being into the new and remember to FEEL your way through!

I shall be running the next attunement event on 12th March and will post this up on my blog when it is up and running!  It will be the 4th Eye Activiation, which is the seat of your multidimensional sight and is located in the back of your head.  It can help to translate accurately the many messages that arrive in sacred languages to our conscious awareness.  I felt this date is the perfect time to do this one in-between the eclipses and the equinox as Spirit has told me it will really help bring all these energies into more balance for each of us, so I am excited about this event!! 

Your energy exchange donations are always deeply appreciated, so if you feel guided to make a donation, then please click here, which will take you through to PayPal. Thank you so much.

Wishing you a blissful month ahead.

Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥


2 thoughts on “March 2016 Energy Forecast”

  1. Brilliant post Sarah, thank you so much! The ‘feel’ rather than ‘think’ resonated tenfold. I have been feeling this a lot for the past few weeks and have been tuning into my feelings more so to guide me.

    I now don’t feel as troubled regarding my enthusiasm towards my own action plans and to do lists, knowing that the right time will present its self to work on them! I just need to trust that is the case!

    Thank you again, with much gratitude from my heart to yours!

    Ursula Wood Personal Resilience Trainer & Wellbeing Development Coach

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    1. Thank you Ursula for sharing as it is wonderful to hear that others are getting this sign too! It really does take away the stress when we trust and follow our feelings rather than over thinking everything! Enjoy your new found freedom!! Love & Blessings Sarah x


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