2016 Energies, Attunement Events

4th Eye Activation

This event has now ended, but you can still purchase the 4th Eye Activation and the 4th Eye Flush from my website! Please click here!

I have written more about this energy on the event page and instructions on how to join. 

You can receive this activation at any time after the event, so you don’t have to be there at the event time!

If the 3rd Eye enhances our sixth sense and helps connect us to the spiritual, what, then, is the 4th Eye?

There is a fifth dimension of human consciousness, the 4th Eye, the eye of the aura. The 4th Eye is the pure consciousness of Creation Itself, the All That Is. We access the 4th Eye, which is outside of the body, through the 3rd Eye.

With the 4th Eye, we see that life is a mystery that is constantly unfolding…

This 4th Eye Activation ‘awakens’ your 4th Eye, so your 3rd Eye doesn’t need to do ‘double’ duty!  Pressure is reduced, and ease is known.

I am so looking forward to connecting with you all and activating our 4th Eyes!

Love & Blessings



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