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April 2016 Energy Forecast

Happy April!  Spring has finally sprung, well almost!  March was a crazy month full of emotional upheaval, lots of energy downloads and CHANGE!

The energies have settled a little since Easter, but we are still riding the wave so to speak!  The overall energy has shifted, so we are not being pushed so hard energetically this month.  However, many of us are still integrating the new energy, releasing old patterns, letting go of situations and relationships, plus going through some internal changes!

I feel a lot better since April began, but stuff is still coming up for me to release and clear and I get that this is very much the case for most of us.  It is like having a big clear out of your home and then tidying up afterwards!  We are in the tidying phase, we are cleaning, mopping and moving things around so they look nice in the space we have just de-cluttered!  So don’t beat yourself up if you are still finding things a little challenging at present!

April is all about FREEDOM!  I know it may not feel like it when we are still clearing and feeling a bit woozy after March’s energies, but this is what we are all working towards.

We need to remember we are all FREE to choose and decide what is best for us in each moment.  We are FREE to choose what thoughts we have.  We are FREE to choose how we feel in any situation.  We are FREE to just observe our life as it is right now!

We forget how free we actually are when we get bogged down by all the lower energies, the day-to-day chores and all the clearing work!  We feel tired, frustrated, annoyed and sometimes angry at this journey, yet when we STOP for a moment and just observe, we can see that WE are creating everything that is happening to us right now!  Therefore, we have the FREEDOM to change it whenever WE choose!

I bet you are reading this thinking I know this is true, but HOW do I actually do this and turn what I truly want into reality!  There is no magic answer to this question I’m afraid!  The good news is that all that we have cleared, released and let go of is helping us to get to that point!  The energies this year, especially during March, have been pushing us, so we can really understand what we need to heal within so we can start to manifest our TRUE reality.  I use the word ‘true’ as what we are going through at the moment is all an illusion!  We are creating uncomfortable situations, discussions, relationships etc to heal ourselves, so we can be FREE and become who we truly are!  We have the potential to manifest anything we want!  What blocks us is our own limiting beliefs and negative thought processes!  The only thing limiting our FREEDOM is US!

‘I AM FREE’ is a really powerful affirmation that can be used whenever you feel stuck, low or a bit fed up with it all!  You can also use it when you are feeling good too as it makes you feel more joyful!  Go ahead, say these words out loud now and see how they feel!  Feels good, doesn’t it?!

I don’t usually like many affirmations as it can sometimes be like sticking a smiley face on top of a problem in the hope that it will just go away!

As Abraham Hicks says;

“We don’t ever want you to feel that Source is reprimanding you in your negative emotion. It’s not a punishment, it’s simply an indicator.  It’s no more significant than the gas gauge in your car.  When your gas tank says “empty”, you don’t take it personally. You wouldn’t say, “Oh, I’ve failed”, and then proceed to put a happy face sticker over the gas gauge.  Not a good idea.  You like that indicator.  Indicators are a wonderful thing.  Indicators let you know where you are and where you are in relation to where you want to be.”

As I wrote in my last article, we all need to really FEEL our emotions so we can let them go.  Our feelings, as Abraham says, are an indicator of what is happening in our lives and what we need to heal and change.  It is no good just faking feeling good by slapping a smiley face on it, as this will never change our limiting beliefs or the way we really truly feel within! 

However, the reason ‘I AM FREE’ really resonates with me and doesn’t feel like sticking on a smiley face is because I feel it is the truth, so I actually believe it, therefore it feels good!  If for any reason it doesn’t feel good to you, then ask yourself why and you may uncover a limiting belief!  Perhaps, it doesn’t feel good because you don’t feel worthy enough, perhaps it’s because you feel trapped in your current situation?  Whatever feelings these words bring up  is showing you what is limiting your freedom and needs to be changed or healed!  We all deserve to feel & be free!

I wanted to end this energy forecast with a beautiful message that Spirit gave me during the last attunement event I ran at the end of March.  I wanted to share it with you as it made me feel so loved and appreciated, especially after the energies of March!  So, I hope you feel the love too.

“We are with you always as we are in your hearts.  We feel your highs and lows.  We feel your pain and sorrow.  We feel your joy and hope.  You are so brave to have chosen to be here at this time with Mother Earth.  We honour your greatness, sacrifice and courage.  You are the light.  We thank you.”

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Wishing you a blissful month ahead.

Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥


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