2016 Energies

May 2016 Energy Forecast

April was all about finishing our tidying up so we could taste the freedom that is within our reach!  We have all done a huge amount of inner work this year and had to be patient in so many ways!  It is now time to give ourselves a pat on the back for all the hard work we have done, even though it may not feel like it, we have all shifted massively and helped Mother Earth in the process.

May began with five planets in retrograde (Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto)!  So a lot happening astrologically.  Mercury Retrograde runs from 29th April – 23rd May and many say we shouldn’t start anything new during this time as Mercury Retrograde is best known to help us re-evaluate, reassess and look back at what we have achieved!  However, the energy of May is also all about action and taking steps forward to achieve our goals and dreams.   Therefore, with Mercury in retrograde we should do a bit of both as it is all about balance and being in the flow of life!

On the one hand, being still for a moment and looking at how far we have come is very important as there has been so many shifts and changes it is hard not to still feel overwhelmed sometimes!  So giving ourselves time to reflect is very important this month.  This is a great energy to reassess our priorities!   Finding the time to stop, listen and ponder is a brilliant way of refreshing our energy and making sure we are actually in the flow rather than being swept away by the currents! 

Great questions to ask yourself this month are:

Am I adding things to my to do list because I think I should or because I want to? 

Do I feel valued?  I would ask this to yourself first, do I value myself?  Then ask, do I feel valued by the people in my life?  I suggest doing this for your important relationships, including work such as a boss and/or co-workers!  If the answer is no to any of these questions, then ask yourself why not and look to see if you have compromised yourself too much in any way?  You will then be able to see clearly what changes need to happen so you do feel valued, whether that is within or in any of your relationships.

Are my goals and dreams still the same?  FEEL them in your heart.  Do you still want the same things as you did in January.  As we change, so can our dreams, so it is good to check in now and again to make sure we are still in alignment with what we want.  It is also totally okay to change them if we are not!

Am I in the flow of life?  This is something I ask myself a few times each day!  I just sit quietly and ask myself this question, then feel the answer.  Each of us knows whether we are in the flow of life,  but rarely stop to ask!  If you are anything like me you just carry on regardless and then get frustrated when things don’t work out easily!  I have been on a journey over the last month about being in the flow and have really started to understand how important this is to check!

When we are in the flow of life, we may still have a lot to do, but everything just flows!  People come back to us quickly with the answers or help we need. We feel supported by the Universe and everything just seems to happen easily and gracefully!

When we are not in the flow, no matter how hard we work, what we do and how hard we push it feels like an uphill struggle to get things done.  People take ages to come back to us, things go missing, time seems to drag and we feel frustrated and stressed!  I have been here quite a few times this year, so if this feels like you then know and trust YOU can change this with just asking this one simple question – Am I in the flow of life?!

Once you feel, hear or see your answer, you will then know what to do next.  If you are in the flow, that is fantastic, keep with it, but do continue to check in with yourself from time to time!  If you get a no, then you need to stop what you are doing!  You need to stop pushing and just be.  There is no one size fits all in terms of how to get back into the flow, but here are some ideas to help.  Go for a walk, do some yoga, meditate either silently or guided, give yourself some healing, listen to some gentle music, have a nap, go for a swim, have a bath or read a book you enjoy.  All these things help slow down our brains so we are not sitting there fixated on the problem we need to solve!  Basically, when we are not in the flow, we are putting too much energy into fixing or solving an issue.  So taking a step back will help!

Getting back into the flow is trusting that everything is in divine order and will work out perfectly!  This is incredibly hard to do I know, but if I can do it then you can too!  This is all about releasing control and letting go.  Even just saying the words, “I trust that everything is in divine order” can help us get back into the flow, so try this when you are feeling a little stressed!

When we slow ourselves down, what tends to happen is that our energy is focused elsewhere, which then gives our minds the time to consider all the information.  It also means that our higher selves can actually reach us and help us with the answers we seek!  So you may be having a bath to relax and slow down, then ‘BOOM’, you come up with a brilliant idea about how to solve the problem you have been experiencing!  This is the beauty of getting out of our own way!  Ideas and information then just flow, so we can create inspired action rather than pushing and forcing a square into a round hole!!

I also wanted to mention that the veil between worlds is very thin this month.  So, you may find yourself receiving very clear information or your information is coming through in a variety of different ways that leave you wondering what is happening!  You may also be seeing Mother Earth as so much more vibrant than ever before.  This is because we are increasing in our vibration, she is too and we are seeing the physical result, which is so exciting!  You may also be experiencing the other side, such as bad dreams which feel very realistic.  Trust you are completely protected.  As we are increasing our light, the darkness is trying to increase the darkness too!  Please don’t worry or be fearful, this is all supposed to happen.  Remember we can’t have light without the dark!

May is a time to take stock, review where we are headed, check whether we are actually in the flow of life.  Then and only then can we create inspired action to move forward with ease and grace!  So go with the flow this month and see how wonderful it can be!

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Wishing you a blissful month ahead.

Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥