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September 2016 Energy Forecast

It has been a while since I have written about the current energies and it feels good to be back!  I took some time out for myself over these last few months as I have moved into a beautiful new and very healing home, which has been my dream for the last few years!  As with any form of change, we have to integrate and allow everything to unfold, which is what I needed to do!  The energies of the last few months have also been incredibly intense, so I have been doing my own inner healing as well as I am sure you all have too.

These last few months, especially August, have been challenging in more ways than one!  Everything has speeded up again, so if you feel like you are just not getting a break, that’s because none of us are right now!  The energy is pushing us forward to let go of the old ways of thinking so we move into the new way of ‘allowing.’

The best way to explain what has been happening and will continue to happen is that we are all in the process of ‘unravelling’, which includes everyone and everything as we step into our own authority!  There is so much going on in the world, it is hard not getting distracted, but the key focus should be on ourselves right now as if we don’t allow this process to happen within we won’t be able to help others through it either!

The energy has helped us to open up even more, so we are becoming more intuitive and more connected.  If you are feeling the opposite, this is to do with a number of reasons.  Firstly, this has been a tough time for us all energetically, so it is hard to see the wood for the trees when we are in the thick of it all, so don’t beat yourself up!  We have all been clearing old emotions, old patterns, ancestral lineage, past lives and anything else you can think of is in the mix!  Plus, it doesn’t stop even for just one day!  So, if you have felt sad, angry, useless, overwhelmed, tired, frustrated, the list goes on, know it is okay!  These are all old emotions surfacing to be cleared!

Secondly, we have been having a lot of work done on us through downloads and also the current energies at play overall.  This work is very focused on the Heart Chakra and also the brain.  This may have made you feel ungrounded, out of balance or just very emotional!  I have felt pretty spacey at times over the last few months and this is not like me at all!  A few weeks ago, I paid for my groceries and then just left them at the store!  I didn’t even realise I didn’t have them until I got home!  This is all part of our brain being rewired and upgraded, so these feelings will pass!

We are moving into the new way of being and this is all about ‘the body’ rather than ‘the mind’.  We are stepping away from the ego and becoming much more aware of our true selves.  There is also a balancing act going on between the masculine and feminine energies, which we can see in the world around us too.

Even though these last few months have felt at times painful, uncomfortable and even depressing !  We are moving more into our true state of being, so all this is a little bit like going through puberty!!

I have found the way to let this occur without it feeling horrible is to ALLOW!  Yes, this does sound very easy written down and no it is not very easy putting it into practice!  However, as we are unravelling, we need to find a new way to be!

So, how do we go about allowing?  My view of allowing is to really make an effort of being conscious of the mind.  Instead of believing we are our mind, we can choose to observe it instead.  By being conscious of and observing our thoughts, we are observing (just allowing) rather than reacting!

When you next have a thought that feels stressful, instead of reacting straight away (ego, emotion), try to allow the thought by just being conscious of it and remembering it is not actually the true you, it is the ego saying ‘hurry up’ or ‘you are not good enough’ or ‘time is running out’ or ‘I can’t do it’.  Then just wait!  Yes, you read that correctly, WAIT!  Do not react.  Sit with that thought for a moment or the emotion it has just brought up in you and allow it.  You can wait as long as you wish. Then respond. 

What you will find is that by waiting, the emotion has either been allowed to go or is much less that it was when you first had that thought.  So, when you choose to respond it is coming much more from your true self, rather than the ego/mind reacting. 

You can do this with any thought, email, conversation, etc.  For example, if you receive an email that brings up an unwanted emotion in you and you want to hit reply straight away, just wait!  If it takes you a few days to respond, then that is absolutely fine.  We are all in such a hurry (ego) that we forget that it is okay to take our time!!  Another example could be a conversation.  If someone says something to you that brings up an uncomfortable emotion, see if you can be more conscious of what that person has just triggered within you.  Again, wait before you say anything back and just allow the emotion to come up.  If you need to walk away and take some time, then that is absolutely fine.  When you feel ready come back and respond if you choose to or you may choose to say nothing at all! 

I know this all sounds very simple and the funny thing is that it actually is!  When we realise that our mind/ego is rushing us into a reaction, we can start to allow.  The hard part is being conscious of it all the time, but like anything once you start and it becomes routine, you will find it becomes a lot easier and a natural way of being!

Just remember this:  ALLOW, WAIT, RESPOND!

This is all part of beginning to understand our true selves and what triggers us emotionally!  Once we really start to be conscious of our thoughts and feelings, then we are listening much more to the  body than to the mind.  We are also moving away from releasing to allowing as we have all grown enough to understand the difference!

You may find that you need more rest, water, sleep, food, have cravings for certain foods and also feelings of just not wanting to take action!  Honour these feelings as this is your body and intuition talking to you!!  You may also find during this time you get a brilliant idea or desire to do  something new, again let yourself be gently guided in this direction as this is your true self showing you the way forward.  As we start to really allow, we let our true selves come forward rather than the ego always being in control.  Our true self is not in a hurry.  Our true self does not tell us we are lazy, worthless or selfish.  Our true self guides us forward with love.  This is how you know the difference!

September will be just as fast and intense in terms of the energy as the last couple of months, but it is also supporting this new way of being, so allow yourself to listen to your body and be conscious of your emotions and thoughts.  When we start to allow, these energies are so much easier as we allow ourselves to flow rather than being pulled and pushed along! 

Allow yourself to take some time out this month.  Allow yourself to rest.  Allow yourself to play!  Above all allow yourself to be the true you!

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Wishing you a blissful month ahead.

Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥


6 thoughts on “September 2016 Energy Forecast”

  1. Thank you Sarah.

    This is exactly what I needed to hear this morning. It has really helped me to make sense of the craziness of August and September too by the sound of it! I’m totally going to try your strategy of allowing. I’m definitely caught up in reactivity mode in a big way and it’s exhausting and painful.

    I love your Energy Forecasts, they are always so spot on, you have an amazing gift ☺ I have just made a little donation.



    1. Hi Suzie
      Thank you so much and I am so happy to hear my post helped. Sorry for the late reply to your comment, everything has been a little crazy, but I do hope you received my thank you email.
      Bright Blessings to you.
      Sarah x


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