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9/9 Energy Forecast!

Jupiter enters Libra today, which is pretty big news as it has been in Virgo for the last year! Jupiter’s effects are to expand our experiences, our knowledge, and our understanding and represents optimism, growth, generosity, joy, and abundance!  In Libra, Jupiter expands our awareness of our relationships by encouraging togetherness, equality, compromise, fairness, partnership, peace, harmony, and diplomacy.  This all sounds pretty good and even exciting as there will be more opportunities coming along for business partnerships, new relationships and friendships, but this isn’t all that is going on!!

We are also in the middle of two eclipses (1st Sept and 17th Sept), which is creating a strong magnetic energy, so you may feel like you are being pushed in one direction, then pulled in another!  Today is also 9/9, so hang on to your hats as the energy is about to get even more intense!! 

The number 9 is the last simple number, so it is the number of endings and helps us let go of the past!  Anything that is no longer serving us has either already come up to be recognised, already gone or is about to go!  So, if you are finding that a job, situation or relationship is being highlighted right now, then feel it with your body and see if it is serving you or is it time to let go? 

During this intense period, be prepared for unexpected changes!  Right now, we all need to let go of things, people and situations that no longer serve us and sometimes it is really hard to make that kind of decision, so when we dilly-dally around, the Universe sometimes steps in and gives us a helping hand!  This can at times feel awful and we can be left wondering what on earth just happened.  It happened to me before I went travelling a few years ago as out of the blue I lost my job (when I was still in a corporate job) and my world crumbled!  In hindsight, this was the best thing that could have happened to me as this made me focus on my business (Violet-Light) and I went travelling.  There would have been no way I would have given up the security of my job with a mortgage etc without a shove from the universe!  So, if things are ending for you or unexpected change is happening, just breathe!  I completely understand it can throw you off-balance and create worry & stress, but if we trust and know there is a bigger reason behind the change, it can help lessen the anxiety!  Remember, everything is unravelling, so some things need to fall away before they can be re-built.

The number 9 is not all doom & gloom!!  It is also the number of universal love and faith!  So trust that everything is in divine order, even if it feels chaotic!

Everything is shifting, moving, re-aligning, falling down and being re-built all at the same time, so if you change from one moment to the next from feeling happy to sad to being inspired!  Know that it is okay.  This energy is all about connecting with our higher selves/souls to understand the way forward.  So, you may suddenly get a flash of insight or knowledge about a project, a course, work, a relationship etc.  Go with the feelings and take any action you feel inspired to take!  If you are feeling the opposite and having a hard time, remember what I wrote in my last forecastALLOW, WAIT, RESPOND!  This still applies at this time, but this energy right now for the next week or so is also very enlightening and inspiring, so it all depends on how you feel in terms of what to do!  Listen to your heart and body and follow YOU!

There is a lot of healing going on right now for each one of us.  What I mean by this is that whilst we are all trying to cope with being thrown around by the energies, loads of ‘stuff’ is coming up to be healed as well!  How you know this is happening is when you get ‘triggered’ by something or someone!  I am being triggered all over the place by a number of situations, people and even my dog!  It is all pretty much the same thing that I need to focus on healing right now, which is all about honouring myself!  Everyone will have a different trigger as we are all unique and have different beliefs and different upbringings.  No one is better or worse than any one else and we ALL have triggers!! 

Here is an example of what I mean by being triggered.  If someone says to you, are you sure you should do that course?  Aren’t you worried that you are too old/too young? Aren’t you scared that you have never done something like that before?  Fear may start to build and your mind says I am too old/too young, perhaps I shouldn’t do this course as I may look like a fool and everyone will laugh at me.  Then, I will feel really embarrassed and stupid!  I bet everyone else on the course knows loads more than me and I don’t know anything!  Why did I think I could do this. 

I am emphasising a few thoughts that may come along once we let our mind take hold of the story!  The main trigger here is not feeling good enough, which is all to do with self-worth and self-love.  This is a very common trigger!!

You will know when you get triggered by how you feel.  If your energy drops or you feel a negative emotion in some way, you have been triggered!!!  What you then need to do is recognise you have been triggered, then ALLOW, WAIT, RESPOND!  Being triggered is really annoying!  But, it is showing us what we need to heal.  Once we become more conscious of our triggers we can then start to see a pattern and work out why this has come up.  The more we heal our triggers, the more we can allow ourselves to be at peace within.  

There is a huge amount happening right now and I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone and we are all in this together!  Remember, 9/9 is also about love too!  So take 5 mins to sit quietly and allow the love to flow (make sure it flows to you as well as anyone or anything you wish to focus on as YOU are equally important!).  Happy September everyone!

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Wishing you a blissful rest of the month.

Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥


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  1. Thank you so much for that post. I have only just found your blog and this post really speaks to me about what’s going in my life (and my mind) at present. For me the process is more internal. Rather than having others cast doubts on my plans I do it all by myself. The solar eclipse bought some unexpected developments into my life which demand I move localities quickly. I was all fired up until last night when I suddenly felt completely overwhelmed by all I had to do and began to doubt I could pull it off. Getting back on track now and your post really helps me understand what’s happening.


    1. I am so pleased to hear my post helped you. Thank you so much for sharing about this being an internal battle as well. I know exactly what you mean as my mind also triggers me without any one saying or doing anything! You are not alone in feeling overwhelmed, so take it easy, relax and allow. Then see how you feel in a few days. There is no rush and sometimes the stuff that is coming up needs some time to just be before we can take action. You can do it! Trust in you and your inner Goddess will shine. Bright blessings, Sarah x

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