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October 2016 Energy Forecast

Happy October!!  What a month September was and I am starting to feel the shift in energies as I write this, which is a welcome relief after last month’s intensity!  What I found interesting already about this month is that I didn’t feel the new energies of October until today!  I wanted to write my forecast on the 1st October, but it just didn’t feel right, so I waited!  The energies did start to change at the beginning of the month, but we are not really feeling them until now and perhaps for some not until early next week.  This is because September was so intense and it is taking a bit of time for everything, including us, to catch up and integrate all that has happened.

October is all about balance, relationships, clarity and release!  So a huge amount going on yet again!  However, this month is very different from September’s energies in that it really supports taking action for ourselves rather than being pushed along, which is very exciting!

We may feel this month like we suddenly get clarity on certain situations, relationships and also things that have been hidden from us for a long time.  This is a powerful energy that helps us to see the truth of what is going on not only around us, but also within us too. 

Over the last few months, the energy has pushed us, pulled us, spun us round in circles and thrown us into the air, which created in some ways a sense of powerlessness as we didn’t really understand what was going on!  October will help us to step further into our own power and release any old and outdated past behaviours, emotions and even habits that we may have been holding on to for a long time.  We may still not feel in control as the energy is still fast paced, but it will help us see what we need to let go of and bring about clarity for the things we want to change and do moving forward.

October is a bit like a new beginning in some ways as the energy is going to help us shift another layer of the old to help us step into the new!  You may find you have more energy this month and where previously you may have been procrastinating, this month you will want to take action as you will feel much more of a sense of purpose.  This is a much-needed boost for all of us and one we should all welcome with open arms!

What is really key this month is balance!  If you are out of balance, you may find a spanner being thrown in the works in different areas of your life!  If we are out of balance, we are going to be thrown off course to wake us up to make us change our behaviours so we get back into balance! 

I have already seen this with a family member who was involved in a car accident the other day.  He is fine apart from some bruising and a broken rib, thank the Goddess.  But this is a wake-up call for him to slow down and get back into balance!  Something like this makes us STOP.  When we get ill or have an accident, then we have to stop what we are doing as our bodies can’t keep going as they are.  It is obviously not the way anyone wants to realise they are out of balance, but if we don’t listen to our bodies then the Universe gives us a message and makes us STOP! 

We then have time to heal, rest and recuperate.  It is exactly the same principle if you break a bone or sprain your ankle.  The body makes us stop and sit still!  It is important this month to pay attention to your body and really FEEL how you are doing! 

The easiest way to do this is to find 5-10 mins to just sit quietly.  Take a few long deep breaths and let the body relax.  Then, tune into your Heart Chakra by just bringing your attention to this space.  Ask yourself how you feel, are you out of balance?  Don’t let the mind get in the way, just listen and feel what your BODY is telling you.  You may get a feeling, a word, a colour, a sensation or even a whole sentence!  Whatever you get through, trust in what your body is telling you.  You can ask your body any question that feels good.  Such as, am I getting enough rest, do I need to slow down, do I have enough energy, am I blocked anywhere?  The body always answers; the key is not to let the mind get involved!  If you start thinking about it or feeling frustrated.  Stop, breathe and then try again.  Taking this time out to listen to our bodies is so worthwhile as we can learn so much!  We are normally so wrapped up in our to-do-lists and thoughts, we don’t take as much time as we should to listen to our bodies and the crazy part is that this is where all the answers lie! 

I had a wake-up call the other day when I was sitting at my computer.  When I am starting to get out of balance, I get vertigo and it just happens even when I am just sitting down!  I haven’t had vertigo for months, so when I felt a little dizzy just sitting there I thought what is going on.  It happened again a bit later and then I realised my body was trying to tell me something.  I listened and understood that I had been doing too much and not getting enough rest!  So, I listened and changed it.  I took a nap yesterday for an hour in-between readings instead of plowing on with my to-do-list!  My body was showing me that if I didn’t change then I was going to get out of balance and the vertigo would get a lot worse, which could then put me out of action for a while until I sorted it out! Today, I took more time out walking my dog and just being in nature.  I haven’t had any vertigo today and feel a lot more energised!  So, it just goes to show a little rest and relaxation goes a long way and we all have the TIME to give ourselves some LOVE, other things can wait.  WE are more important!

So, if you have been having any unusual feelings in your body or any pain, then STOP and listen to what you have to say to yourself! 

The other part of October that is going to be pretty intense for a number of us is relationships!  This energy will affect all relationships, so I am not just talking about romantic ones.  This can be relationships with family, friends, co-workers, bosses and even people you just meet in a store or out for a walk with the dog!  We are letting the old go and as we step further into our power this month, we are going to be helping each other heal by being mirrors! 

This means that if you have an emotion about a past situation that hasn’t been fully released, it may come up again this month to be let go of.  The people around you will help you do this and you will help others in the same way!  We are all helping each other to grow.  So, if someone says something to you that brings up an emotion, remember they are playing their part perfectly as they are helping you heal, even though it may not feel like it at the time!  Remember to ALLOW, WAIT and RESPOND so the emotion has time to be felt, which in turn will allow it to dissipate!  You may also find you say something to someone and it triggers their emotions in some way, so don’t take it personally!  Remember, you are helping them to shift and release!!

October’s energies will help us to release pretty quickly, which is great news as it means we won’t be sitting in a ‘victim’ role with any emotions that are triggered by others.  Stuff will be much easier to allow and let go of!  However, one word of caution, if you are not in balance, then this may feel more difficult for you as you may feel a bit overwhelmed.  So if you do feel overwhelmed at any time this month, STOP, and listen to what your body needs to say!

This month will be an exciting one and will bring a lot of things to the surface for release!  It is wonderful that we are finally stepping more into our power and getting the clarity on what action we need to take next.

Remember to take care of YOU this month, so you float through October with ease and grace!

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Wishing you a blissful month.

Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥


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