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November 2016 Energy Forecast

Happy November and what a month this will be!!

October was another challenging month with lots of releasing happening for many of us as we got back into balance!  I especially felt it around my Throat Chakra.  The spiritual lesson of the Throat Chakra is  “To learn to take responsibility for our own needs and be able to speak our truth.”  It is also a powerful Chakra to aid manifestation as this is where our words come from, whether written or spoken, our words have power!  It is not surprising I have been clearing a lot of old energy from here as I have been working hard on getting my new website up and running, which is what I decided to change a few months ago and today I have finally launched it!  So, October’s energy helped push us forward to make necessary changes and that continues into November!

Letting go of the old is something we have all been doing a lot of over 2016 and yesterday when I was deleting my old website pages on Violet-Light, I felt energy shoot out of my head!  I could literally feel the old energy leaving as I replaced it with the new.  It was a very strange, exciting and slightly nerve-wracking feeling!! 

I have had Violet-light since 2012 and it was sad and a bit emotional to say goodbye, but the new energies that have been coming in thick and fast over the last few months have really stepped things up a gear, which means we need to change with the energy too!  So I decided to change the name as well to bring in fresh energy!  My new site is called Blissfully Free as this is what we are aiming for in life ~ to be free and blissful!!  I love the word bliss as when I say it, it makes me smile!  If you would like to check out my new site, please visit www.blissfullyfree.co.uk  I have added a Freebies page where I have written lots of information sheets and guides to help you on your journey, which you can download for free.  There is information on attunements, Reiki, Auras, working with Colour, Spirit Guides and lots more.  I really hope you find these useful. 

I am also running a FREE attunement event on the 11th of each month, so the next one is 11th November for the Cosmic Orb 2017 as I feel spiritual protection is so important.  Just sign up on the events page to be included. www.blissfullyfree.co.uk/events/

Time has been rushing by so quickly, hence why I am a little late with my energy update!   However, the BIG new energy wave doesn’t really start until 11th/12th November!  We are just starting to feel the new energy for November now, but if you are anything like me you are still tying up loose ends from October (e.g. my website!!)

November is still going to be fast paced, but we are used to this now so it shouldn’t come as a big surprise!!

As 11.11 approaches, we will feel the energy start to lift.  11 is the Master Number and symbolizes the principles of spiritual awakening and enlightenment.  It is a high-energy number and I’m already feeling much more energised as November progresses compared to October!  

Many people associate the repeating 1111 with a ‘wake-up call’, a ‘Code of Activation’ and/or an ‘Awakening Code’, or ‘Code of Consciousness’.  Number 1 is also about new beginnings and creating our own realities.  11.11 is a combination of these things!  We are moving into a very high energy period where we will be able to manifest, create and awaken even more!  This period will last until around the 19th November so use this energy wisely!

It is a wonderful time to start a new project and also finish projects too, work on our spiritual progression and send out lots of love as the love will be magnified with all the high frequency energy!!  Watch your thoughts and words over this period as manifesting may be quicker and easier, but we can also manifest things we don’t want too!! 

I am so happy we are getting a bit of a shift in energies as these last few months have been challenging to say the least!  It doesn’t mean there won’t still be a few challenges coming our way, but at least the energy is of a much higher frequency and vibration to help us through them more easily!

I shall write more about November next week as this is what Spirit want us to focus on right now!  So, enjoy the new energies coming in and take good care of you!

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Wishing you a blissful November.

Blissful Blessings

Sarah ♥


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  1. Congratulations Sarah! Just a day or two ago I went on to your old website to see if it had changed and it was still there but obviously now it’s the new one 🙂 Big hug Mirjana

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