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February 2017 Energy Forecast

Happy Chinese New Year!!

I always feel that January is still part of releasing and completing things from the year before and the Chinese New Year is really the new beginning!  It actually began on 28th January 2017 and will end on 15th February 2018.  It is the year of the Fire Rooster!  I wanted to write a little about the year of the Rooster as I feel it ties in well with my overview of 2017 and helps us understand a little more about the energies of this year.  It also leads in nicely into my February forecast!

The year of the Fire Rooster will be a powerful one, especially when it comes to moving forward!  As I wrote in my 2017 overview, setting intentions for 2017 is very important.  By getting our intentions done by end of Feb gives us the best success of moving forward with ease and grace. 

Chinese astrology describes a Rooster’s traits as: loyal, committed, hard worker, strong family values, courageous and creative.  It also says that Roosters are often drawn to spiritual studies, especially regarding healing. So, these will be some of the areas to focus on in the Rooster year!

As this is the year of the Fire Rooster, it can mean that challenges can double during the year, but don’t panic!!  The Fire Rooster can shine above it all, bringing hope and transformation to those who have courage, resilience and a calm energy!  We all know that 2017 will have its challenges, especially in the external world around us, so we need to make sure we don’t get sucked into that chaotic energy!

Roosters are communal birds, so 2017 is a lucky one for joint ventures, such as business contracts and new partnerships!  It also means that the opportunities to meet new friends and develop long-lasting friendships may occur this year and February’s energy also highlights this too!

The Rooster is all about keeping things simple and doing a job well, so less is more this year!  If you feel overwhelmed, then it is time to take a step back and this Chinese saying is a perfect motto for 2017!!  “If you take a step back, you will find the sea and the sky is boundless.””

Sometimes the year of the Rooster is translated as the year of the Phoenix, which I feel describes the energy of 2017 in a much better way!  2017 will be an incredible spiritual journey of transformation for us all and the Phoenix is all about facing our fears and being reborn from the ashes!!  If we resist the changes we need to make this year and get caught up in the world’s chaos, then this will be a much more challenging journey that it needs to be!  So, keep things simple and remember to take a step back if things get a bit much!!

January was quite a mixture of energies and at points it was quite hard to see the new beginning!!  The last week of January, when the Chinese New Year began, actually moved us into a brand new energy, which was and still is all about the Heart Chakra!  In my last attunement event on 31st January, Spirit gave us a very powerful healing on our Heart Chakras to help us move into the new energies of February!

February’s energies will feel a lot calmer and less restrictive that January’s energies, which will be a very welcome relief!  This month is all to do with the Heart Chakra, and that is not because it is Valentine’s day this month!  Nurturing ourselves will be very important during February to help us bring in this new calm energy. 

Relationships are highlighted this month as these are all related to our own nurturing and that of others.  If you are going through a challenging time with any form of relationship at the moment, it is worth journaling or just writing down some notes for yourself about how you feel, what is happening and anything else that comes to you.  Writing down our thoughts and feelings can help us make sense of what is happening and give us the next steps in what we should be doing about it.  Doing this inner work this month will be especially useful as it will help us release any energy that has got a bit stuck in and around our Heart Chakras, which in turn will give us a much clearer sense and view of the way forward.  

Many of us may also find that our loved ones, (friends, partners and family!) want to give us advice about how to live our lives!  We are all evolving, growing and moving into the new, especially if we have done a lot of inner work recently.  So, this may worry or even scare some of those around us and they may not like the changes they are seeing!  So, be prepared for others to try to step in and change you back!  If this happens to you, please take some time to listen to your own inner Goddess and guidance!  This month’s energy is all about nurturing the self and this includes listening to ourselves too!  Remember all the things you have learnt about yourself over the past few years and that to be fully in your power, YOU need to be in charge of what works and FEELS good for you! 

The other part of the energy for February is that the energy is moving very fast, although when doesn’t it?!  There may be sudden changes or unexpected opportunities that just appear out of nowhere!  Don’t be alarmed as some of these opportunities and changes will be very beneficial!  If a new opportunity comes your way and it FEELS good then February is a wonderful time to grab it as it may not come along again for a long time.  This month is about have the courage to listen to yourself and take action when it FEELS right for you! 

February is about standing strong in our own power, recognising anything that is not aligned with us in our relationships, nurturing ourselves and having the courage to go for any new opportunities that come knocking on our door!

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Blissful Blessings for February and I wish you have a wonderful month.

Sarah ♥


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