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May 2017 Energy Forecast

There are so many things to say about May’s energies, it feels like an exciting month and it is time to start moving forward again!

As there are so many things happening this month, I felt like I should split them into parts so you can see each step clearly and understand how it all fits together as a whole.  April was all about trust and new ideas and May’s energies flows on from this!

Planning & Preparation is a key part of working with this month’s energies!  This is all about building on last month’s new ideas.  So, if you have had an idea about any part of your life, take a moment to sit and think about how this can be brought into your reality!  You are the creator!!

Responsibility is another key word and it doesn’t just mean the responsibilities we each have in our day-to-day lives, it is all about the responsibility we have to ourselves in terms of how we wish to live our lives!  This builds on the trust we have been working on last month.  We each need to recognise that we are in control and we can create what we want!! 

No hasty decisions should be made right now!  Take your time if you are struggling to make a decision about a life change or what you want to do next.  There is no rush!  Taking the time to understand what YOU want helps you to plan and prepare much more effectively. 

Sometimes it is incredibly hard to say ‘no’ to someone who asks for help or even to say ‘no’ when someone asks if we can meet up!  Now is the time to check in with ourselves properly about how we FEEL about anything in our lives!  Taking the time to check in with YOU to make sure it FEELS good is always a good thing!  You are checking in with your own truth to see if saying yes to something is for your highest good!  This may sound selfish, but it isn’t!  You are just allowing yourself to be true to you and taking responsibility for your own happiness!

What is your inner truth telling you about a situation, project, relationship etc?  May is all about reclaiming our power and recognising our own strength to live our lives in joy!

Taking responsibility is about being be true to ourselves. 

Manifestation is happening NOW and it’s getting faster!!  So, keep a check on your thoughts and whether you are thinking more along the lines of abundance & gratitude OR challenges & ‘lack of’ in your life.   If you are sending out positive energy to the Universe, then brilliant work!  If you realise that you are thinking about more ‘lack of’ then spend some time working on gratitude as this can really help turn things around!  Either say out loud all the things you are grateful for (big & small) or write them down instead! The more we practice gratitude the more we can help ourselves stay in the moment and manifest the life we truly want! 

I know you know all this already, but the energies have been quite chaotic recently and sometimes it is good to be reminded of the simple things to help get back on track!  Our ability to manifest is increasing and speeding up so much with all the extra light flooding the planet that we need to make sure we raise our vibration up to match it!  Of course, we will still manifest quickly, but perhaps more of the things we don’t want instead of the things we do! 

May is a great month to set new intentions for your life and/or take a look back over the work you did at the start of 2017 about your intentions for this year and see where you are!  You can use these intentions to help you plan what to do next!

Relationships are still highlighted as they have been all the way through 2017!  As we step further into our own power, relationships are always one of the first things to get affected!  When we grow, others around us either have to grow too and/or accept the new person we are becoming, which is sometimes hard!  If you have always helped others solve their own problems, then this may be a challenging month for you as this energy is all about taking the responsibility to help ourselves instead!  Now, this doesn’t mean we can’t listen, give healing or be there for someone else.  It means that if we have been the one who always sorts things out for another so they don’t have to take responsibility then this is what needs to stop. 

If you look at a relationship you are having and the onus is always on you to make things better, then it maybe time to take a step back!  If you feel that you are giving too much in a relationship, then ask yourself what is your truth!  Do you feel obliged to help?  Do you really want to help?  Are you doing something because it feels like a duty?  Are your needs also being met?  Are you giving away your energy and time to someone else and not leaving enough for yourself and the things you need and want in your life?  These are all big questions that may come up in May, so be prepared to stand strong in your relationships if you need to! 

Remember, by being true to you, you will also be helping the other person take responsibility, which, in turn, will help them to grow!  I know this is often very hard when we feel the need to help, especially when we are an Empath, but this is a major part in stepping into our power.  I have also found that when we do what is best for our own highest good and we do it with love, then everything else tends to fall into place easily!

Home plays another important part in May’s energies!  Your home is a part of you down here in the physical, so it is very important for your home to FEEL good to YOU!  Take a moment to see how you feel about where you live.  Does it make you feel happy, secure, peaceful and loved?  Or does it make you feel a bit sad, stressed, tired or any other negative emotion? 

If you are feeling good about where you live, then that is wonderful, as the energy you are in is helping you heal!  If you feel any negative emotions regarding your home, then ask yourself what needs to change in order for you to feel better.  You can then work on planning some changes!  This could be as small as having a good clean to big changes like a new kitchen!! 

Even clearing your space with some sage and burning a lovely candle or incense can help you relax and enjoy your home a lot more.  If you live in a shared space, focus on the space you have for yourself and make this the best energy you can! 

This isn’t about giving your home a complete makeover or spending lots of money.  It is about checking in this month on the energy of your space and understanding if it is helping you feel good.  As we move into even faster energies and more ‘chaos’, we need to make sure we have a safe and happy space to retreat to when we need it.  I am in the process of painting my home and each room I paint helps me with my own clearing and healing!  Your home is a part of you, so it can reflect how you feel about yourself!  Our homes feel incredibly important right now, so please take some time to check in on your space and add this into your planning if needed!

As planning & preparation are becoming more important, I am now putting up all my events on my website and this blog (right hand side under Events) at the beginning of the month, so you can see what’s coming!!  The next event is a FREE Love Blessing on 11th May, you just need to comment on the event page to be included!  On 18th May is the Star Healing Reiki (Animal Healing attunement) and on 25th May is the Tibetan Black Quartz attunement event.  As usual, these are both by donation and as well as the attunement energies, you will also receive any healing energies we all need as a collective.  Please visit my website at www.blissfullyfree.co.uk for more information about these events.

There are lots of new opportunities opening up in the Summer months, hence why May is an important month to plan & prepare!  As you have read, this isn’t just about planning practical ideas, it is also preparing ourselves in terms of our thoughts, relationships and the energy of our sacred space to help us be ready for the new!

I hope this helps you use May’s energies in the best possible way for you to move forward!

Thank you from my heart to yours for your kind donations and support to help me write this blog.  If you would like to make a donation, then please click here, which will take you through to PayPal.

Blissful Blessings and I wish you a wonderful month.

Sarah ♥


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  1. Thank you Sarah, this is exactly what i needed to read this morning 🙂 May is indeed a special month and it feels good to stop and reflect on the next steps, and take time to reconnect with my inner truth. Much love xx


  2. Thank you dearest Sarah for this well written, and much needed Energy Forecast!! At the moment I’m feeling overwhelmed, but this too shall pass!

    Much Love My Friend 💞


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