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June 2017 Energy Forecast

May was quite an emotional rollercoaster for many of us!  You may have also found other people’s emotions running high last month, which had an impact on your own emotional state!  The energy felt chaotic at times and you may have had a few restless nights as our sleep patterns were disrupted!  May was a time to take stock and review how far we had come this year and make sure we were on the right path to move forward.  Even thought the energy was chaotic, it wasn’t a month to rush and make hasty decisions!  May was all about reclaiming our power and recognising our own strength to be able to live our lives in joy. 

June brings in the new & lots of change!  However the energy behind it is much more straightforward than the last few months!  It is time to finally exhale after the chaotic energy we have been through recently!  We are moving into a much higher vibration and forward movement should be a lot easier!  However, if you are still not good with change or uncertainty, then June onwards may still be a bumpy ride!  The other part of the energy is that we are seeing and feeling a lot of tension and stress in the world.  This is a much lower frequency to the main energy and is created by other people’s negative emotions, so if you are feeling this, recognise them as the lower 3D vibrations and focus your energy on being in the 5D ones!!

‘Letting go’ is a key element for June and beyond.  The energies moving forward are bringing fresh ideas, new structures, new relationships, new work ethics and new ways of being!!  We can STOP rushing as the push/pull energy we have all experienced for so long has moved away.  This is an important point!  We have all become so used to rushing about and being pushed & pulled in all directions it has become the norm!  Now, if you find you are still in this ‘programming’ then it is about understanding that this is your creation rather than the energies!  The energies have been trying to teach us to go with the flow, listen to our intuition to know when it is time to take action or to have a rest! The push/pull energy we have experienced was part of that teaching.  We have learned the hard way not to let the external carry us away and to bring our focus inward.

The amount of things happening around us is intense and it is very easy to get lost in what is happening externally.  When this happens, we end up following what everyone else is doing and not listening to our own intuition as much!  This creates a negative impact on our own bodies (emotional, mental, etheric. cellular and physical!) as we end up filling ourselves up with other people’s stress, fears and anxieties.  This in turn can cause us to rush, take on too much, try very hard to get everything done right now and then we end up feeling overwhelmed!

We now have the chance to really find our centre this month and bring in some stillness to our ever-changing world!  The energy has been chaotic for a reason and one of the main reasons is to understand how to keep our head, when everyone around us is losing theirs!!  It is about stepping outside of the continual loop of life and finding our own path.  When we stop for a moment and breathe, we can see the bigger picture and we bring a moment of peace to our lives.  Walking our own path, even when others disagree is freedom, stopping to enjoy the moment is freedom, allowing things to flow and not pushing is freedom and being okay with where we are & what we have right now is freedom! 

We are free because we have found a moment of peace in all the chaos!  We are not rushing, pushing, following someone’s else’s dreams or worrying about all the things that are on our to-do-lists!  When we stop for a moment and tell ourselves everything is okay and say thank you, we feel peace.  The moment of peace may only last for a second, but the more we do this the longer the peace will last!!

Moving into this new higher vibration means we are becoming more and more responsible for our lives.  I wrote about this last month and how we are manifesting everything far quicker than ever before.  If we don’t stop, allow and listen to our intuition, we will end up being swept away with everything else that is going on in the world and manifesting what we don’t want rather than want we do!!

There are a few key dates coming up in June that I wanted to mention as the energy around them can help us set our intentions for the life we wish to have and help us manifest them with love!

There is a Full Moon on 9th June, which is a wonderful time to set your intentions for the rest of 2017!  Last month, I wrote about reviewing your intentions and preparing yourself for what you want to do next.  Use the Full Moon’s energy to help you set those intentions you made!

The Solstice is on 20th or 21st June (depending on where you live!), which is a powerful energetic gateway.  Around this time, we will receive some powerful downloads of light and the energy will intensify for about a week!  It is the perfect time to do gratitude work to help expand our Heart Chakras.  As we use gratitude and love to aid our expansion then the more light we will be able to allow.  Use the energy around this time to celebrate our beautiful Mother Earth, each other and yourself!

There is a New Moon on 24th June, which is a fantastic time to welcome in the new!  Use the New Moon’s energy to help you manifest what you want in your life.  This is also a great time to practice gratitude and let the Universe know what you wish to manifest & create in your life!

I am running two events this month and a few special offers to help us allow the love & link in with the Earth’s energies!  You can find the Events on the right hand side of this blog.  The next event is a FREE Love Blessing on 11th June, you just need to comment on the event page to be included and/or add those you love, including pets!  On 22nd June is the Leyline Bio Life Symmetry attunement event.  As usual, this is by donation and as well as the attunement energies, you will also receive any healing we all need as a collective. 

I have started choosing an attunement that I feel works well for the month’s energies and put it on special offer each month.  For June, I was guided to choose ‘The Great Central Sun Empowerment’, which is on offer for the whole of the month!

Also, on special offer this month are all Goddess Gifts!  June is a time of celebration, so why not treat yourself or a loved one to a beautiful crystal silver pendant! 

Please visit my website at www.blissfullyfree.co.uk for more information about these events and special offers for June.

Thank you from my heart to yours for your kind donations to help me write this blog.  If you would like to make a donation, then please click here, which will take you through to PayPal.

Blissful Blessings and I wish you a wonderful month.

Sarah ♥


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