2017 Energies

July 2017 Energy Forecast

July is a time of trust, love & connection.

July is a time of allowing.

Please take a moment to really FEEL the word ‘ALLOW’.  What does this word feel like to you?  What is your first thought?

Allowing for me is about letting things flow to take their natural course.  However, when I feel this word, fear comes straight up!!  The thought of just allowing still makes me panic!  But for me I know this is the top layer of emotion as when I feel it further down in my body and bypass the fear it gives me a sense of peace & joy!

I feel panicked when I first feel the word ‘ALLOW’ as my egoic mind loves to be in control of everything!  The thought of just going with the flow means I lose this control, but when I let go of my ego and see beneath to my inner wisdom I understand that is the way I actually want my life to be!  I desire peace.

Spirit reminded me the other day how important being in the flow is, especially in these new energies.  They asked me if I fell into a river, would it be easier to swim against the current or be carried by it?

The river they were referring to is life as we know it and the river is often turbulent and the current is strong!  If we try to swim against the current, we become tired and weak very quickly as we use up all our energy pushing against it.  However, if we allow the current to help us move forward, then we can reserve our energy & strength to help us get on to the river bank once the current has carried us to safety!

We are moving into uncharted territory and a lot of emotions are coming to the surface for everyone on this planet!  We are clearing deep-rooted issues that we may have been working on for a long time! We have been peeling back layers of our ‘onion’ for years and now we are getting to the bottom layers!  This is a good thing, even though it feels hard, sometimes scary and sometimes too much to cope with, we are doing it anyway!  We are getting down to our core fears and also our true desires.

I wrote last month that we are moving into a much higher vibration (5D), however there is also a much lower frequency to the main energy which is created by other people’s negative emotions (3D).  It is becoming much harder to protect ourselves as Empaths from this lower energy when we go out & about.  I have found being around others and in busy places a lot harder than normal and I have also heard from many other people that they too have been feeling the intensity.  

I asked Spirit for guidance as my normal spiritual protection wasn’t working like it used to when I was out and this is what they told me:

“The feelings you are picking up from others is the truth of what is happening.  You are coming out of the fog, especially those of you who have done a lot of inner work.  You are now seeing the truth and reality on Earth.  You can get through this new stage by understanding that you can release judgement of self & others and rise above the lower energy now.  It is learning how to be in these situations again, but without the need for protection.”

The way I understood this is that the ‘fog’ is the lower energies stopping us from seeing clearly!  We have all been in different levels of this fog for years, but now this fog is clearing.  The fog itself isn’t actually going anywhere, but we are!  I see it like we are all sticking our heads above this fog (5D) and we are starting to feel, see, hear and understand more about what is going on!  We are not yet fully out of the fog, but over the coming months we should start to bring out our whole bodies too!  As we are emerging from this old reality, the new energy is a bit like climbing a mountain and not having as much oxygen to breathe!  We have to get used to feeling everything more vividly than ever before.  Our protection previously helped us navigate the fog so if we bumped into anything it wouldn’t hurt us, but now we can see clearly we have no need for this protection as we don’t need to worry about bumping into anything!  

Please note: I still practice my own spiritual protection everyday, especially when I am doing any form of energy work. What I am talking about here is protection to help you shield against emotions for when you are outside of your home, meeting with others etc.  Spiritual protection in my view is still very important when opening up and doing healing work!!

The key to staying above the fog is to let go of judgement about ourselves and others when we are out & about!  This keeps us in the higher vibrations of trust, love & connection and enables us to ‘ALLOW’ ourselves to flow down the river of life!

Spirit guided me to run 3 attunement events (all by donation) during July to aid this process.  Each energy flows into the next helping us to work more effectively with the energies of July!  First, we connect with our happiness & joy (Happy Fat Buddha Empowerment 8th July), then we find our own truth & beauty within (Beauty Within Empowerment 20th July) and finally we receive guidance to discover our hidden talents and develop our intuition even further (Dream Voyage of the Swan 27th July).   

I am also running a FREE Love Blessing on the 11th July, you just need to comment on the event page to be included and/or add those you love, including pets!  

You can find all the Events on the right hand side of this blog or by visiting my website at www.blissfullyfree.co.uk.

Thank you from my heart to yours for your kind donations to help me write this blog.  If you would like to make a donation, then please click here, which will take you through to PayPal.

Blissful Blessings and I wish you a wonderful month.

Sarah ♥


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      1. We are all feeling like we are “losing it”, and my thoughts are, sometimes we have to “lose it” to FIND it!! And this is exactly what’s happening on a GRAND SCALE NOW, all is well, NO FEAR! So thankful that we have each other to share these experiences with, it indeed reassures me!
        Blessings during these MIRACULOUS times that we are a part of, ONE AND ALL 💖


  1. Wow, this just about took my breath away, I’m breathing!
    This is SO right on target for me, and many I feel sure, THANK YOU MY BEAYOUTIFUL FRIEND…..I DO LOVE YOU SO 💞


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