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August 2017 Energy Forecast

August is going to be one of the biggest energy month’s of the year!!  It is a month of change, clearing, endings and connecting back with our true selves!  There will be shifts in our minds, bodies and souls.  So, expect the unexpected!  

There is so much happening energetically and astrologically during August I felt it would be best to start with the astrological aspects so you can see how everything fits together!

There are two eclipses this month, the first is on 7th August, a partial Lunar Eclipse, and the second is on 21st August, a total Solar Eclipse. The Lions Gate is on 8th August and Mercury goes retrograde from 12th August to 5th September, so a lot happening!! While Mercury retrograde often gets a bad name, it’s actually quite helpful this month as it helps us slow down within the powerful energies of August & can help us connect more deeply with our intuition. 

All Eclipses are about helping us release and let go of things, people & situations that are not working for us anymore, so expect change this month!  If we haven’t yet found a way to let go of things that no longer serve our highest good, then these events will bring about the change we need in our lives, whether we feel ready or not and these changes could be significant as we have two Eclipses!  Remember, that any change that happens this month will be for our highest good, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time!!  

All these events and the energies of August are fast-tracking us to get where we need to be much more quickly, so embrace the changes that are coming and allow!

The Eclipse on 7th August (in Aquarius) will affect us more emotionally, so give yourself some time & space to get in touch with you.  If any emotion comes up for you around this time, then allow it and really FEEL it as this will help the emotion to dissipate.  

The Eclipse on 21st August (in Leo) is a BIG one and will be responsible for breakthroughs and shifts!.  Things will move fast around this time even though Mercury is in retrograde!  Feelings may be running high towards the end of the month, so remind yourself to think & feel before you act on anything!  

These Eclipses will help us clear out the old!  August is very much focused on cleansing and endings.  If something or someone is released during this time, then allow it.  Don’t hold on.  TRUST!

The other big event is on 8th August, which is a cosmic alignment called ‘the Lions Gate’.  This is when Earth aligns with the Galactic Center, and the star Sirius, opening a cosmic portal between the physical and spiritual realms.  It is called the Lions Gate as it occurs in the astrological sign of Leo (the Lion).   

This alignment creates an intense surge of light which awakens DNA, activates the human energy field, and transmits high vibrational frequencies and codes of awakening, which in turn helps us to awaken our own divine light more fully.  I am running Lion Reiki on this date, which I am very excited about as I feel this will be an amazing energy to connect with and my attunement events always include healing so this should be very special!  If you don’t feel like joining the event, I suggest meditating, connecting with your Higher Self or just focusing on your Heart space on this date to get the most from these energies!  The Lion’s Gate will remain opened from 8th August to the 14th, but the energy will be at its strongest on the 8th! 

August is a time for us all to start seeing the bigger picture! It is a time of endings and looking at our lives from a new and higher perspective!  I was guided to put one of my attunements, Eagle Vision, on special offer this month (half price) as this energy can help us along our journey by improving our perspective from a higher vantage point. This energy can also help us to trust our intuition, so if the August energies gets a bit much then this may help.

August is all about trusting our inner guidance and following our own inspiration rather than getting bogged down in trying to live up to other people’s expectations.  Old habits will come into focus this month as will our understanding of how we give our time & energy to others. If you have been giving too much of yourself, this will show itself to you either in your emotions, such as anger or resentment, or in a physical form such as tiredness.  Watch out for any signs that come up as if we don’t pay attention, the energies of August and the Eclipses will sort it out for us!  It is much better to understand what is happening with our own energy and take appropriate action ourselves. If this comes up for you, spend some quiet time understanding your own needs and take action about what is missing or what needs to be changed!  

It is sometimes challenging to change from giving ourselves fully to others to taking back our energy or even being more open to receiving! We all want to help and this sometimes results in not receiving enough energy back, which includes giving back to ourselves in terms of rest as well as perhaps saying no to others!! August’s energy highlights any self-sacrificing ways & beliefs, so please listen to your inner wisdom!!   

Everything is up for review this month, so don’t be surprised at what comes up for you emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually!! Anything that is not in alignment with love, our soul growth or our truth will show up this month to be looked at, released or changed!  

The good news is that we will feel very supported this month, but this will come from connecting with our own inner wisdom, so please take the time to connect with yourself in whichever way works for you.  

If you feel overwhelmed or in a state of flux at any point this month, take a moment to center yourself.  Tell yourself out loud “Everything is in divine order” (repeat until you are feeling calmer!).  Ground yourself into the core of Mother Earth. Take a few moments of quiet time on your own and breathe.  Allow your breath to re-focus your energy to your Heart space.  Take time out for your needs this month and view your life from a new perspective.  Remember what I wrote about ‘ALLOWING’ last month, this still applies!  

TRUST your own intuition this month and check in with yourself to see if you are in the vibration of love!!  If not, take action to move back into this space.  Remember, that all the shifts and changes happening now are serving our highest good to bring us back into alignment with our soul purpose, truth and the energy of love! 

I am running two attunement events this month and of course the FREE Love Blessing on 11th August, which I run every month on 11th!  All you need to do is comment on the event page on my website to be included for the free love blessing and you can also add those you love too, including pets!

Lion Reiki is on 8th August, Lions Gate, as I felt this was a lovely way to celebrate this energy & help us navigate our way through the energies of August!  Even if you have taken Lion Reiki before, you can still join the event to receive the additional healing energies!

Light of Archangels Empowerment is on 22nd August.  The 22nd August jumped straight out at me when I was deciding when to run this event! Angel Number 22 encourages us to work on our spiritual life path and soul purpose & can turn the most ambitious of dreams into reality!  As this is just after the Eclipse, the 22nd will also be a very powerful energy, perfect to connect with the Archangels!  Light of Archangels is actually 4 attunements in one!  You will receive all 4 attunements within this main energy to connect you to 4 Archangels: Uriel, Raphael, Michael & Gabriel. These 4 attunements are strong, but gentle on the body & should be a blissful experience!

You can find all the Events on the right hand side of this blog or by visiting my website at www.blissfullyfree.co.uk.

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Blissful Blessings and I wish you a wonderful month.

Sarah ♥


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  1. Hi how do I find out about your lion reiki, I am very curious about this as I am just reading lots of quantum physics and how our cells align to universal energy. thank you


    1. You can find all the information on the event page on my website, It is tomorrow, but as long as you sign up before the event you can receive the energy for up to 7 days afterwards. Hope this helps. Blessings, Sarah


  2. This is exactly what is needed in my life right now and I knew this is what was coming for me. Happy happy joy joy!! Thanks you so much


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