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Happy Lions Gate!

Happy Lions Gate!!!

I normally don’t share my write-up of my events on my blog, but felt the information that came through today could help others know what areas of the body to focus on to help them with their own healing this month and the last part with the white lions was very special, so wanted to share!

This is my experience of running the Lion Reiki attunement event today.

The energy was strong, powerful and incredibly grounding to begin with.  It felt AMAZING! I got that this energy was to help us with our feelings of stability and security, so we can stand strong with ease for any change that is coming our way.  This energy was focused on our Solar Plexus Chakras, the seat of our power!  It also felt very freeing and I had a moment of thinking that’s strange to be in such grounding energy yet feel so free!  Spirit came in and reminded me when we are in our own power and standing strong, that we will feel completely free as we are in control of ourselves in that moment!  I could really feel the Lion energy coming through during this too as the feeling of strength was so strong.

The next wave of energy that came in was much lighter and I felt so much love.  This energy focused on our Crown Chakras.  I asked what this energy was for and Spirit said it was to aid our connection with each other & Source, to help us purify our bodies in all forms (mental, emotional, physical and Etheric) and also including a DNA upgrade!  So, a lot of energy coming through.  This part was from the healing we receive during these events rather than the attunement, but they are connected!

As the energy flowed, I could feel a lot of sensations around my chin, jaw & throat.  These areas were also being worked on during the healing as these are important areas to cleanse and purify!  The chin represents our ability to meet challenges.  The jaw can hold a lot of emotions, especially anger, resentment & stress.  It is also a place in the body which stores a lot of past life emotions too.  The throat chakra is a key place to help us manifest what we want and enable us to speak our truth.  The neck also represents how we feel about our outlook on life and how we deal with viewpoints that disagree with ours.  As you can see, these are key areas of the body to help clear, especially if we are holding on to any negativity that is preventing us from standing fully in our power.

The final part of being in this energy for me was beautiful as I was shown a pride of white lions sitting under a giant tree.  The male lion was standing and was looking straight at me and let out an almighty roar!  The roar of a lion is considered one of the voices of the Goddess!  White lions are seen as agents of light, which is what the Shamans of Africa believe and I agree!

Allow the lion energy to help YOU overcome any fear by summoning the principles of courage, faith, and love. Remember always; that we are not alone, that we are all connected, we are all One.

The next event is the FREE Love Blessing on 11th August and the next attunement event is Light of Archangels Empowerment on 22nd August.  Please click on Events for more information

Blissful blessings

Sarah x


3 thoughts on “Happy Lions Gate!”

  1. So beautiful Sarah. I joined the healing a few hours later in Sydney this morning ( I purchased my spot ) and I have to say it was indeed the most beautiful energy. I have never participated in one of your energy events before, and to be honest my intellect was a tad sceptical if it would do anything or if I would feel it, but I did!! I woke up at 5.30am Sydney time and rested for 10 minutes listening to some crown chakra frequency music thinking this might open up my channel to receive the energies from you, and this was very restful, then as soon as I said the words on the sheet you sent us, there was this rush of lovely warm energy coming in through my crown down my whole body and this continued for the whole 40 minutes, and I too was aware of the solar plexus and I rested my hands there to ground in the energy, then as soon as I let it go the rushing stopped and I was left feeling love and connection to all. Your description below describes perfectly what I felt. AMAZING. I am really blown away that I could connect like that from Australia to something you were doing in London!

    I am very keen to do some private work with you. Thinking of starting with a Radiant Light Reading and perhaps we can work out which type of healing sessions could benefit me as well.

    Suzie xx


    1. Thank you so much for sharing Suzie. It is wonderful to hear about your experience and I am so happy that is was a beautiful energy for you. I love how we are all connected even when we are thousands of miles away! I would be honoured to work with you and look forward to connecting with your energy on an individual basis.
      Blessings, Sarah x


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