2017 Energies

September 2017 Energy Forecast

What a month August was!!!  I had an intense clearing period around the Eclipse and I know I am not alone with so many old emotions coming up to be dealt with!  The energies have been strong and we have ALL received a huge influx of light, energy downloads and are experiencing shifts within and in our outer world & beyond!

You may have experienced dizziness over the last few weeks, I have too!  Part of these dizzy spells are due to timeline shifts. The shifts are causing our realities to change so it feels like the ground is moving!! Ground yourself well each day and spend some more time out in nature if you can as this will really help.

The dizzy spells can also be due to being caught up in a loop and this is a way of our body/higher self trying to get our attention!  Are you going round in circles about something in your life?  For example, repeating the same behaviors when something upsets or triggers you. Having an idea that you keep thinking about and knowing you should put it into action, but still not doing anything about it!  Being stuck in the same relationship arguments or even wanting to say no, but always saying yes!!

I wanted to mention these dizzy spells as Spirit told me that many of us are going through them and we need to pay close attention!  These dizzy spells may be more than just the timeline shifts and they are helping to show us that something is not moving forward in our lives.  If you are experiencing these, check in with yourself and see why!  Are you stuck in a loop about something or someone? Do you feel like it is groundhog day with some aspects of your life?  Take a moment to examine anything that comes up when reading this as these dizzy spells are actually showing us what we need to change.

We are moving into a higher frequency and these changes & emotions we are experiencing are helping us get into that space.  The old parts of us are being left behind in the old energy.  You may find that you are experiencing both energies at the same time, I know I am!  I wanted to share my experience so you can understand what is happening as we move into the higher frequency.   Each day is getting a lot easier, thank goodness, but I am still experiencing the old energies when something is not in alignment with the true me.  What this means is that anything that should be in my reality I am finding flows and expands in the most joyful and beautiful way and I feel refreshed dealing with them (new vibration)! However, people, situations and things that I should be letting go of, but that I am still holding on to are hard work, not fun and are using up a lot of my energy (old vibration).

I can be in the new vibration one moment and the old the next!  It is a bit like having one foot in one reality and the other foot in another.  It feels very confusing, especially if you are working hard at manifesting good things in your life and then WHAM something doesn’t go according to plan, yet a moment before everything was flowing nicely!!

Here is an example, I am getting a new wood burning stove in September and needed to order some logs.  I could not find a log company that would carry my logs up the stairs to my log store and I was getting frustrated as moving the logs myself would take forever & be very hard work!  Spirit told me not to rush and leave it alone, so I did.

I came back to my search after the Eclipse and my crazy week of clearing and was feeling good.  I searched again on Google to immediately find a log company that delivers them and carries them to wherever you want!  I couldn’t believe it!!  I spent hours previously searching, yet I put in the same search information and BOOM there they were right at the top of Google!  I called them up and I spoke to a delightful man who talked me through all I needed to know about logs, it all just flowed perfectly!!  This is just a small example of being in the new vibration. It is a completely different reality, hence why I couldn’t find this log company previously!

Timelines are shifting, splitting and moving quickly!  So many people all over the world have noticed things that have happened that they just can’t explain, this is the reason!  The old reality, old vibration, 3D (call it what you wish) is shifting out and we are all stepping into the new.

If you are finding this shift hard, then let go of everything that you no longer need!  I know this is much easier said than done, but we each know what feels good and what doesn’t in our lives!  Tell the Universe you are ready to let go, set an intention, ask Spirit for help, do whatever FEELS right for you.  By letting go of the old reality, (which you will know because it is not fun, doesn’t feel good and sucks your energy!) you are then FREE to step into the new.  

The more we try to hold on to the old, the harder it will become to juggle both realities as it is very difficult to be in both at once and it really hits our energy reserves!  You maybe finding you need to eat more at the moment or want different kinds of foods.  We are adjusting to the new energies, which takes more energy and we are moving between realities, which also takes more energy, so don’t panic if you are suddenly eating loads!  It is important to keep our energy fueled with healthy food!  

I have also found that I am processing a lot through the evening and am going to bed very late as I know I will not be able to sleep, so my sleeping patterns have been all over the place this last month!  If you are having problems sleeping or feeling very wired in the evening, you may also be clearing & processing the old!  It will pass and I have found that if I drink a warm cup of milk with a little sprinkle of mixed ground spices (cinnamon, coriander seed, nutmeg, clove, pimento & ginger) then it really helps me sleep!  This is what I was guided to take from Spirit, so wanted to share in case anyone else is going through the same!  You can buy the mixed ground spice from any supermarket.

The last week of August helped us have a good clear out of old energies & emotions.  We are now slowly integrating all the new energy and are working out what we each need to do to move forward.  This takes time and we have most of September to do just that!  Use this month to understand what or who drops you into the old reality.  Learn from experiences you have, for example if you are driving somewhere and you take a wrong turn or you end up going round in a circle, pay attention as this may be showing you something about what you are doing in your life!  There are no coincidences and everything that is currently happening is helping us to understand what is going on, so pay attention to everything that happens and you will start seeing things from a new perspective!  

If things feel overwhelming, then stop, breathe and take a step back. Look at any events or challenges you have had recently and ask yourself what are these showing me.  The answers are there when we pay attention!

The more ‘stuff’ we each clear, the more we will vibrate at a higher frequency and our reality will change!  This is why Spirit told me to wait to research log companies as they knew I had a lot of clearing work to do before stepping into my new reality!!   In our new realities, things will just flow and it will be so much easier and more joyful!  

Remember, we create our own personal reality with our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.  So, it is so important right now and moving forward that we are true to ourselves in every area of our lives!  The focus needs to be on ourselves and what we are learning and needing to clear at this time.  

As we are moving into our new realities, it is even more important to TRUST our own intuition than ever before.  Each one of us knows what we should be doing, even if we think we don’t! WE DO!!! Just TRUST that little voice inside as this is the TRUE YOU!

I am running two attunement events this month to help us refresh our energy for the month ahead & clear some more old emotions at the end of September when we will all be ready to do more work!!  All the attunement events include any healing we need as a collective as well, so you will get what you need in terms of healing as well as the attunement energies!  I am also running the FREE Love Blessing as usual, but this month it will be on the 10th September rather than the 11th as I shall be going on holiday!  All you need to do is comment on the event page on my website to be included for the free love blessing and you can also add those you love too, including pets!

Dolphin White Wave Healing, which was channelled by Carolyn Lloyd is on 5th September. I chose this event to begin September to help us wash away any lingering old energies we released in August! Connecting with the dolphins will also help us ease any painful emotions and gently help us to heal.

Lavender Reiki, which was channelled by Hari Winarso is on 26th September.  I chose Lavender Reiki for the end of September to help us awaken more fully & enhance the flow of energy throughout our bodies after all the clearing from August has finally settled & integrated! It helps to awaken you to your true spiritual essence, which is perfect timing!!  This energy is also very clearing, but we will be ready for more by the end of the month!!

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Blissful Blessings and I wish you a very happy September.

Sarah ♥