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October 2017 Energy Forecast

Times are changing and we are changing with them.  We have been bombarded with so many different energies, which we are still trying to navigate our way through to the new vibration.  We are getting there! 

Please don’t feel you are not shifting if the same patterns or emotions keep coming up for you time and again!  We are processing a lot right now and some of the stuff that is coming up for us goes incredibly deep! So, you may feel like you have cleared something, yet it keeps coming back up! This is due to the layers within our deepest issues, we clear one layer and the next comes up quickly so we can properly let go of the old.

You may still be having periods of dizziness as I wrote about last month, confusion, things going missing, very vivid dreams, physical pains and lots of varying emotions that go from feeling sad to happy within a day or even hours!  This is due to us trying to anchor into the new vibration and also the huge amount of energy downloads that are still occurring.  Grounding and connecting with the Earth is important to help us stabilise ourselves during these changing times.  Crystals can also be really beneficial, especially grounding crystals, such as Tourmaline and Obsidian.  Quartz is another wonderful crystal to help us all right now as it can help bring clarity, harmony and calm.

October is about finding balance, peace and the freedom to be our true selves.  We are each going through a lot of change right now, whether that is physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally or a mixture of them all!  We are discovering our true selves and as we are allowing, clearing and letting go we are understanding so much more about what makes us happy and unhappy!

We are coming into a space now where our focus needs to be brought back into balance so we can find the peace within and from that place of stillness experience the true freedom of our souls.

The word ‘freedom’ can mean different things to different people!  For me personally, I feel free with the work that I do as I don’t have to answer to a boss or a company and there are no rules as I set them for myself!  For me that is freedom, especially after coming out of the corporate world!  I am following my passion and soul purpose and this makes my heart sing and I feel free!  However, for someone else ‘freedom’ may mean being in a secure job and knowing how much money they get paid each month!  Security could mean freedom!  Another example is someone with a hobby, such as horse riding and when they gallop along they feel an amazing sense of freedom as they are at one with the horse, nature and are right there in the moment!

Spirit asked me to write about freedom as it is so important for us to begin to really understand what it means to us as individuals.  Spirit spoke to me about the ‘vibration of freedom’ as this is what we want to harness to help us grow and expand!

If we look logically at the word freedom and then look at our lives, we may think and feel we are not free at all!  We have a mortgage or rent to pay, we have responsibilities for our families and pets, we have to earn enough to pay our bills and the list goes on.   This is why Spirit talks about the ‘vibration of freedom’ as at a soul level we are completely free as we are eternal & infinite!  What the logical mind thinks about is the physical/3D view of freedom (e.g. the bills, responsibilities etc).  This is not what the new energies are about.  The new energies are helping us let go of the old constructs in our minds so we can be ‘free’ to become our true selves by following our bliss.  Our bliss is our freedom and when we feel that bliss, we feel free! Hence why I changed the name of my business to Blissfully Free last year!!

The question to ask yourself this month is “What does freedom mean and feel like to me?”  When you think about this you may come up with all sorts of ideas and views, but the key, like everything spiritual, is to ‘feel’ it too!  Once you have come up with your meaning of freedom, does it feel good?!  Does it fill your heart with joy?  Does it make you smile?  Does it make you feel excited?  If you get a yes to these questions, then you have found a part of your bliss too!  Please take the time to ask yourself this question as it will give you clarity about the next steps of your journey!  

I am running two attunement events this month (by donation as usual) to help us find the peace within (Peace Reiki) and to brighten our lives and healing with a big burst of colour at the end of the month (7 Colours)! 

All the attunement events include any healing we need as a collective as well, so you will get what you need in terms of healing as well as the attunement energies!  

I am also running the FREE Love Blessing as usual on the 11th October.  All you need to do is comment on the event page on my website to be included for the free love blessing and you can also add those you love too, including pets!

Peace Reiki was channeled in 2017 by Amanda Hadley.  Peace Reiki is a system that was channelled by Amanda to give us an easy to use system of energy work that is simple yet very powerful in bringing a sense of inner peace by utilising one symbol and your heart-felt intention. 

7 Colours was founded by Ole Gabrielsen.  Like so many of Ole’s systems 7 Colours is so simple to use, but very effective and powerful. It can be used for healing in person or distant healing.  This system harnesses the power of colours to heal.

You can find all the Events on the right hand side of this blog or by visiting my website at Blissfully Free – Events

If you find my energy forecasts helpful & would like to make an energy donation, then please click here, which will take you through to PayPal. Thank you so much for your kindness, I really appreciate it.

Blissful Blessings and I wish you a wonderful October.

Sarah ♥


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  1. Thank you, Sarah! As always, wonderful attunements, especially, the Peace Reiki! With so many things going on, designed to keep us off our focus and inner balance, this one is especially needed, right now!


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