Down Syndrome Awareness Month – Let’s Help Raise Awareness!

This is one of the most beautiful video’s I have seen and of course I had to share it & I really hope you share it too! Let’s raise awareness about Down Syndrome as October is World Down Syndrome Awareness Month! This video gives you a glimpse into the lives of some of the families that have children with Down Syndrome.  

The organisers of the video asked photographers around Australia if they would consider donating their time for the project. And, so began the task of families turning up for photo shoots and then the even more mammoth task of putting this video together. Amazing!!

The links are below the video if you wish to find out more about T21 Mum Australia.

This is from the families:

We would like to give you a glimpse into our lives. Lives in which we have children, just like yours, who just happen to have a little extra. We are not super mums any more than the rest of you are. We still hang out the washing, get the groceries, go to work, feed the kids and go on holidays. We want you to take some time to look around and question what you really know about Down syndrome.

Here at T21 Mum Australia would like to see a change in the negative stigma associated with Down syndrome. Children with Down syndrome are not lazy, stubborn, and definitely not always happy. Children with Down syndrome don’t always like hugs or naturally like music. These are all stereotypes associated with the diagnosis. Children with Down syndrome are just children. They are individuals with ranges of abilities, interests and personalities.

As new and expectant mums of children with Down syndrome, we all share a common bond; the need to connect.

Down syndrome is the most common chromosomal condition, with a diagnosis rate of 1:1100 births in Australia, yet there is no consistency in information offered to mums at the point of diagnosis. It can be a lonely place when you first discover your unborn baby or newborn has Down syndrome and T21 Mum Australia provides a unique solution to this; connecting mums to each other through social media to get immediate support from other women who have travelled this path, and connection to state Down syndrome associations for further resources.

We encourage community participation, we run events (both online and in real life), we celebrate milestones, and we share true friendships. We hope that by sharing this message we can help women who are alone and needing the connection to others to find the support they need.

Now sit back and enjoy!

Blissful Blessings, Sarah x

Here is the link to the video on YouTube and also T21 Mum Australia FB Page if you wish to find out more: