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December 2017 Energy Forecast

Happy December!

I am rather late in writing my December update due to connection issues with my internet!! I switched supplier last Friday and was only connected late this week. I did tune into switching suppliers and was told there could be problems, but I decided to go ahead anyway hoping it would all work out and in a funny way it did! 

The reason for writing about this is that when I sat down to understand why the connection had failed, I realised that December is all about connections and that is what I was supposed to write about this month! 

I had planned to update my website and write my energy forecast last weekend, which is what I normally do at the beginning of the month. As I couldn’t do either, I decided to take time to connect with myself, Mother Earth and my family instead. I was so pleased that this happened as I had a wonderful weekend, although on Friday I wasn’t very happy about the situation! I also stayed at my Dad’s on Monday night, so I could work and answer emails, and I got to connect with him too, which is something that wouldn’t have happened if I’d had internet!

We tend to see things like this happening as being problematic and challenging, which is exactly what I thought on the day the switchover was supposed to happen! I did get a little angry, but then realised that I was told there may be problems, yet I had decided to go ahead with this anyway despite being informed! I also realised I had created this situation and needed to understand why. 

So, I began to view it from a different perspective. I couldn’t change the situation, so I decided to relax and be okay with whatever happened next, which felt incredibly liberating! I realised that being disconnected helped me to feel more connected to myself and those around me. So, viewing it in a more detached way, rather than from an emotional place of anger and frustration I started to understand the benefits!

December is a time to connect. Yes, Christmas is coming and this is a time we normally connect with our family and loved ones in some way, but December’s energy is much more about the connection we have with ourselves.

2017 has been a challenging year and it isn’t over yet! We are still learning our lessons and there are a number of strong energy downloads coming through this month, which will continue into the beginning of January 2018, plus light codes are coming in on 12:12 (I am running an event on this day to help, which you can read about below). Unfortunately, there is no finish line just because we are ending the year!

Remember, we are all on a journey of remembering who we are and why we came down at this time. There is no ending to the spiritual journey, just new beginnings, phases and the remembrance of self.

December is an important time to connect within as we are each being shown who we are more clearly. We will be shown where we are giving our power away and we will experience what we need to do in order to step more fully into our own power. 

Any lessons and experiences we have this month will teach us about who we are, who we are not, what we want and what we will accept! This can be incredibly freeing, but also incredibly uncomfortable at the same time!

Embrace the lessons and experiences that come your way this month. If emotion comes up for you in any situation, pause, take time to reflect and look within about what and why it has brought something to the surface.

YOU are your greatest teacher right now!

If you feel the need to withdraw this month, then do so with no guilt attached! It is an intense time and you may feel physically tired or even exhausted, so it is very important to rest. December may be the time to give to others, but that does not exclude giving to ourselves!!

Those of us that are helping to anchor in these new energies will feel this exhaustion the most, especially physically! Please be aware that you are giving a HUGE amount of energy to help the collective, so taking time out to rest is a very necessary and important part of your job! Taking care of YOU is one of the most valuable things you can do for us all right now! If you are wondering if you are an anchor, you should get a sense of just knowing you are as you read this or just feeling that I am talking directly to you!

There is a lot of anxiety and other lower emotions within the collective right now, so if you are feeling very anxious, but not sure why then this probably explains it! There are many that are resisting the changes that are taking place within the physical body and in our outer world, which is being felt by all of us. Remember, we are all connected!!  

Just like I had an experience with my connections this week and learnt from this, you are also learning and expanding into your true self from what is happening in your experiences. One of the main ways we grow is through the experiences and lessons we create!

What is happening at this time is that anything that is out of alignment with our true selves is being highlighted. I was supposed to spend time connecting with myself last weekend and to those around me rather than sitting at my computer. So, I was forced to disconnect from the outside world so that I would understand how I needed to let go of time and simplify my life!

Instead of getting angry, although I did get a bit angry on the first day it happened, but I didn’t stay angry, which was what the ‘old me’ would have done, I changed my perspective on what was happening. We cannot create the new by staying connected to the old!

December is a time to let go of our old ways of thinking and being. So, if you are reacting in the same way as the ‘old you’ to an experience, stop for a moment and review! Try to look at it from a different perspective. By doing this, you will drop the old patterns of behaviour and you will step more fully into your authentic self and power!

Self-Love should be your number one priority this month alongside listening to your body! December is always a busy month, so it is probably one of the hardest months to allow yourself time to understand and integrate all the changes taking place, but it is so important to do so right now! 2018 will be another challenging year, but also a year of revelations and expansion too (more to come in my 2018 forecast!), so using this month to help ourselves get ready will be a blessing! PLEASE give yourself the time, rest and understanding YOU deserve this month. 

I was guided to run two attunements for December’s events; Yule ~ part of the Pagan of the Wheel Series (12th Dec), and the Winter Solstice Empowerment (19th Dec) as they can both help us move forward and let go of the energies of 2017 to be ready for the new year! As usual, they are by donation.

The Yule attunement is also on 12:12, which is a significant day due to the light codes we will be receiving. Spirit guided me to run this event on this day so I could send healing to help integrate these downloads, this will be included in the event as well as the attunement energies. You don’t need to be available at the time of the event as the energy stays strong for up to 7 days afterwards, so you can choose when you want to receive!

Even though both of these energies are related to the Winter Solstice, I found them very different in terms of the energy I received!  The Yule attunement felt very nurturing, protective & restful, which is needed for many of us right now. Whereas, the Winter Solstice Empowerment had a lovely fresh energy and helped me clear old energies. Therefore, I put the Yule event first to help us re-balance, so we can be in a much better place to be able to let go of the old before 2018. I personally feel these attunements link with each other wonderfully in helping us transition more easily into the new year!

The Yule attunement is also part of the Pagan of the Wheel Series, which has another 7 attunements! I shall be running these as events throughout 2018.

I am also running the FREE Love Blessing, as usual, on 11th December.  All you need to do is comment on the event page on my website to be included and add those you love, including pets too! Give yourself the gift of love as self-love is your priority this month!!

You can find all the Events on the right hand side of this blog or by visiting my website at Blissfully Free – Events

I have been guided to put on sale a few services to help you move into 2018 more easily!  I have also put all Angel products on sale too in my shop!! 

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If you find my energy forecasts helpful & would like to make an energy donation, then please click here, which will take you through to PayPal. Thank you so much for your kindness.

Blissful Blessings to you & yours and I wish you a wonderful December & a very joyful 2018!


Sarah ♥


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  1. Hello my long lost, yet not, beaYOUtiful friend, I love and miss and appreciate you more than you could ever know!! 💖💫 This post is beyond SPOT ON in my world right now, EVERY SINGLE WORD!! Thank you precious for a touch of Validity….Onwards and Upwards.

    😘 Annette


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