March 2018 Energy Forecast

March is a BIG energy month!!!

This month will have two full moons on the 2nd & 31st and if that isn’t enough we also have the Spring Equinox (Ostara) on the 20th March and Mercury retrograde begins on 22nd March!

There is also a lot of other astrological activity happening right now and over half of the zodiac signs make an appearance this month, with many planetary motions occurring the same day!

After February’s focus on the past and old emotions, it would be wonderful to have a calmer month to re-balance, but unfortunately March will also be a fast paced month and you may feel that you’re being pulled in multiple directions simultaneously!

March will bring about great change in both our internal and external worlds. The energy may feel chaotic at times, so it is important to remember that how we react to any change is our choice. We can either see change as a challenge or a blessing! It is our resistance to change that creates the chaos.

I have always been very resistant to change and part of my journey is about letting go of my need to control everything! I have been working on this for a long time and have got a lot better, but I still find it difficult sometimes to accept, so if you feel the same way, you are definitely not alone! Change can make us feel insecure, even when we know the ‘change’ we are going through is good! It is perfectly natural to have some fear, confusion and anxiety come up when things, people or situations change. It is how we deal with these emotions that counts!

March’s energy teaches us how to adapt to change and learn to surrender and let go of the need to control. Many people are experiencing a dismantling of their current lives, such as losing or changing a job, starting a new relationship or letting go of an old one, moving house, discovering that their current hobbies no longer appeal and finding that friendships are also changing. Some people are having all these things happen at once and that is a lot of change!

The reason for this is that we are moving out of the old energies that no longer serve us and that includes jobs, relationships, hobbies etc. Anything that doesn’t resonate with the same frequency that we are putting out to the Universe that we now want from our lives will be dissolved as they cannot co-exist within our choice of timeline! This is a good thing as it means we are manifesting and bringing in what we truly want to be happy and free. However, at the time it can feel like our world is ending. Therefore it is important to work through any emotions that come up and be open-minded as to why this is happening and what happens next!

I have found one of the best ways to deal with the energy of 2018 is to prioritise!  I have always been pretty organised, but as my need for control kicks in I tended to try to do everything all at once, which did not help me to stay in balance! I set the intention for this year to stop this and the way I have created a much more balanced lifestyle is to understand what I need to focus on during the month ahead. Once my priority has been completed I then ask myself what I need to do next, so I could have a couple of priorities in the month, but I won’t start working on the next until the other is finished. This helps give me focus and a goal that is achievable and everything outside of my key priority is put on hold. This was quite tough for me to do as there are so many things that I feel I need to be getting on with!! But once I released this pressure I had put on myself I have found I have so much more time and energy.

March is a fantastic time to get organised and creative as the energy is very aligned with creativity! The Spring Equinox (20th March) is also all about new beginnings, rebirth, purity and cleaning and I shall be running an event to celebrate this period, which you can read more about below.

To really utilise this month’s energy I suggest working out your key priority for this month and then getting creative about how to do it. I also suggest when deciding on your priority to listen to your intuition and NOT your head! Your mind will be giving you a long list of things that need to be done, which is not the point of this exercise! I know because when I am deciding on what my next priority is if I listened to my head then I would be back where I started trying to do everything and be out of balance again!

I listen to my heart, my intuition and Spirit. This guides me so much better than my mind could ever do and it has always been the right thing to focus on at the right time since I have been listening properly! Spirit have always come in to tell me if I need to do something important, but what I have found is that by doing this priority work is that I am so much more in the flow, that they don’t need to jump in anymore!

Take the time to sit quietly and just FEEL what should be your next priority. If you get a list of stuff to do, then you are listening to your head and not your intuition!

Your priority can be anything at all, so don’t think it has to be spiritual! My priority last month was to paint my lounge! As most of you know I bought an old house in need of doing up and it has been a long process, which is not over yet! I have found that each room I do up represents a part of me and I have a shift when I complete a room, which has been a very interesting experience. I release old emotions as I am prepping and painting each room!

I found that my lounge represented my Heart Chakra as this is where I spend most of my time with my animals relaxing and playing! I wanted to share this with you as you may find your priority to be different from what you ‘thought’ you should be focusing on. Trust your intuition and let it lead you on the right path. I know from my own experience that having one key priority will not only help you release any pressure and stress that you have put on yourself, but also help you to find more balance and peace too!! Use March’s energies to simplify your life!

As well as being a very creative energy, March will also be erratic and unpredictable too, so expect the unexpected! Old patterns may reemerge, especially if they were not dealt with in February. The full moon on the 2nd March will bring in a more soothing and healing energy to help us, but as we move further into the month, especially around the middle of the month the energy will really shift to aid our awakening and ability to adapt to change!

I also feel that we should try to be much more aware of our surroundings than normal, as I was shown a flash of people having accidents this month! This could be due to the erratic energy and the crazy weather, but I also feel it could be due to people doing too much or becoming overwhelmed with the changes that are taking place. Please take good care of you! The full moon at the end of the month helps us to stabilise after the intense energies ready for April!

I also get the sense that we may face a lot more unpredictable weather this month, especially in the USA. I know the Northeast is already suffering from a big storm, but it may get a lot worse or perhaps there is more to come later in the month, so please take good care if you are living in that area. 2018 will have some serious earth and weather challenges, which we will see all over the world! The UK has been hit hard by snow and at the moment I am completely snowed in, so we are all experiencing some very strange weather right now, so it is best to be prepared for what may come next.

To help us surrender and let go of anything that no longer serves our highest good, I am running the next attunement event on Thursday 8th March for Break Free Deep Clearing Reiki. I chose this attunement for March as this energy felt so good to help us break free of any lingering issues! 2018 has been hard work in terms of releasing and March is a BIG month energetically, so this attunement will give us a nice boost to help us on our way!

Then, to celebrate the Spring Equinox, I am running the Ostara attunement, part of the Pagan Wheel of the Year Series, on Tuesday 20th March. This energy fills you with divine light to aid your growth and positive movement forward!

Healing is also given during each of my events and I am guided to what we all need as a collective. I also write-up about my experience after the event, which you can find on my website. All my events are by donation and are open to all. If you are busy at the event time, you can choose to receive it at a time that is convenient to you afterwards as the energy stays strong for 7 days after the event, so you have plenty of time to receive!

You can find all the Events on the right hand side of this blog or by visiting my website at Blissfully Free – Events

Blissful Blessings and I wish you a wonderfully creative March full of ease, grace and love.


Sarah x

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  1. Hi Sarah, thank you so much for your monthly energy updates. They are invaluable. And coupled with your own experiences and challenges and how you are dealing with them, they become amazing and very helpful. I can’t wait to hear what your new venture in your business is all about 🙂 Thanks. Linda


    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment Linda. It is wonderful to hear my updates help others. My new venture is taking shape and let’s just say I am getting creative!! Blessings, Sarah x


  2. Thanks Sarah, as always a very helpful read. I always look forward to your monthly forecast. Oh and thank you for the book recommendation you sent last month or possibly jan! 🙂 x


  3. This is a great post and I resonate with a lot of what you said. Thank you for sharing!


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