May 2018 Energy Forecast

Happy Beltane!

May is going to be a powerful energy month and we begin with Beltane on 1st May! Beltane officially begins at moon-rise on May Day Eve, and marks the beginning of the third quarter or second half of the ancient Celtic year.

Beltane is about honouring life. It is the time when the sun is fully released and able to rule over summer and life once again. Earth energies are at their strongest and most active. All of life is bursting with potent fertility and at this point in the Wheel of the Year, the potential becomes conception. Abundant fertility, on all levels, is the central theme. A brilliant moment in the Wheel of the Year to bring ideas, hopes and dreams into action. 

Beltane means fire of Bel or bright fire – the balefire – and is named after the god Belenus. Fires, celebration and rituals were an important part of the Beltane festivities to insure that the warmth of the Sun’s light would promote the fertility of the earth. It is the second time of the year that the veil between this world and the next is believed to be at its thinnest and a very good time for communication and divination. 

This is one of the reasons I wanted to write my energy forecast early as a reminder to use Beltane’s energies to help you honour yourself, your life and our beautiful Mother Earth. You can do this in any way that feels good to you. Celebrate yourself and how far you have come. Use this energy to set your intention for the month ahead and even for the rest of 2018 as it will be a powerful energy to aid manifestation work, so tap into it!

I am running an attunement and healing event to celebrate on 1st May if you would like to join me. This attunement energy can help you honour your life, bring about healing for yourself and help remove obstacles in your path to aid your growth. Please click here for more information about the event, which will take you to my website.  It is wonderful to begin the month of May with a celebration of life! 

I hope you took time in April to rest so you feel rejuvenated for the new energy of May as it will be powerful and parts of the month maybe a little challenging, but overall this is a very positive energy.

There is a lot happening astrologically this month as on 15th May there is a rare movement of Uranus into Taurus, staying there until April 26th, 2026. This is the first time Uranus has changed signs since 2011, when it moved into Aries. It was last in Taurus from 1935 – 1942!

Uranus is the planet of revolutions and liberation. Uranus unsettles, it’s the change-maker, and it’s all about breaking free from the past. Uranus is the planet of awakenings and has the power to shake up and stir whatever it touches so we can realize new things and see things from a different perspective.

Taurus is the sign that encourages us to appreciate the earth, art, food, material possessions and financial security.

Taurus wants security, and Uranus wants freedom, so Uranus in Taurus is going to be challenging us to review and assess what brings us comfort and security. Issues around money, the health of the planet, and how governments are structured & organized will come up as well!

This opposing energy may create challenges on an individual level as well as a collective level. These may include radical shifts and innovations in our financial systems; big changes in how we care for our planet’s resources; transformation of our values and beliefs; changes in relationship patterns and new ideas around housing and our view of what our homes mean to us. This shift in energy will create a major awakening and enlightening energy for us all over the years to come!

This new energy will force us to move out of our comfort zones! The energy around the second half of the month feels a lot more chaotic than the first half of May, which is due to this big planetary shift.

The first half of May is a great energy to work on our heart and mind connections, so when we get to the middle of the month we feel more balanced emotionally and mentally. This will help us move through the second half of May a lot more easily, and will be especially beneficial in aiding our manifestation work.

May feels like it will be a slower and softer energy to begin with, which builds as we get nearer to the middle of the month. Then, the energy reaches a point where it feels like it breaks free, but rather than explode it begins to twist and turn creating a kind of wave pattern! This is how I am being shown the energy moving through the month, which is hard to put into words!

This wave of energy in the second half of the month impacts everything and everyone, but it won’t be all at the same time. The wave of energy will flood across the planet, but it will also shift directions and change course as it does, so the energy won’t be the same for everyone. I am being told that it depends on where we are on our own individual journey to what energy we receive!

This wave of energy will help us all shift our awareness, individually and as a collective, which will assist us all in waking up to our true potential. But, each wave may feel completely different to each of us! So, don’t be surprised if you are going through an energetic shift, but those around you aren’t! They will, but in their own time and space.

Each shift of awareness brings more light into our lives. This light needs to flow through our energy fields, which causes our energetic bodies and sometimes our physical bodies to reorganise themselves! This creates a transformation within us, hence why we may have clearing symptoms, insomnia, bursts of emotion (happy & sad) and a shift in our beliefs!

Once this transformation has taken place and the additional light has been integrated we find more balance and peace. We have been going through this for many years, but the changes happening during May, especially the astrological ones will bring a bigger shift of consciousness, allowing a lot more light to flood in! So, get ready for some powerful surges of energy and trust that this period will help you to shine even more brightly!!

This is an exciting month and you may feel the energy building over the next couple of weeks. Spending time in nature is always helpful, but will be especially useful during May as this will help us ground and release as the energy builds up.

To help us work through the energies of May more easily, I have been guided to run these attunements events.

Angels & Unicorn Healing Reiki ~ Thursday 17th May ~ I chose this attunement to aid our protection with the help of the Angels and to fill us with the joy, love and light from the Unicorns! A perfect blend of healing energy for the middle of the month!

Astral Body Radiance ~ Wednesday 30th May ~  I chose this attunement for the end of May to help clear our Astral bodies and protect them as I feel this month’s energies will be a little challenging and we may find we are ‘travelling’ in our sleep more than usual. So, this energy can help get us clear anything that we may have collected along the way! 

Healing is also given during each of my events and I am guided to what we all need as a collective. I also write-up about my experience after the event, which you can find on my website. All my events are by donation and open to all. If you are busy at the event time, you can choose to receive it at a time that is convenient to you afterwards as the energy stays strong for 7 days after the event, so you have plenty of time to receive!

I have now added an Events page in the menu of my blog as well as listing them on the right hand side, so you can see easily what is coming up for the month ahead. Or you can just visit my website at Blissfully Free – Events

As May’s energies will be powerful and perhaps very different for each of us I felt guided to offer a 10% discount on all Services so then you can choose what you need! Please use code MAY10 at checkout at Blissfully Free if you feel you could do with some support during this month.

I am so grateful to be able to write these forecasts and to help others on their journey. Thank you for all of your support and for your own unique contribution of the light you bring into this world. If you wish to make a donation and/or share my blog I really do appreciate it. Thank you. To make a donation, please click here, which will take you through to PayPal. 

Blissful Blessings,

Sarah x

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