June 2018 Energy Forecast

Congratulations on completing the first half of 2018 and welcome to the NEW Heart Centred energy!

I wanted to begin with a reminder of what the energies of 2018 are all about, as the energy in this moment is about centering ourselves, finding balance and remembering why we are here!

2018 is all about self empowerment. For me, this means taking back any power we may have given away, being true to ourselves about what we want from life and stepping forward with purpose into the unknown with courage, hope and love because we TRUST in ourselves.

2018 is the Chinese year of the Earth Dog and its keyword is action. The Chinese new year also combines the elements and 2018’s element is ‘Earth’, so this year is also about security, feeling grounded & safe. 

As fears about our own security come up, whether emotional, physical or material, with it comes courage and faith! To face our fears, we need to be courageous and have faith to be able to take the next step forward.

Spirit asked me to write a little about change to help you see how far you have come, but also to help you change your belief about change if you find it hard and you resist every time! I am still learning to go with the flow and accept change, so you are not alone.

Remember change is all about control and when something ‘unknown’ is happening to us we can feel anxious, scared and worried. This is because we have no past reference for the change that is occurring if the change is not familiar. However, if the change we are going through is similar to something that has happened to us before then we tend to predict future events based on what we have already experienced! Either way, change can be very scary if it is new change and very scary if we have already been through something similar and we didn’t enjoy it!

Think back to a time when you felt anxious, scared or worried about a change happening in your life. How did you handle the change? Did you resist it, pretended it wasn’t happening or try to stop it? Or did you shout ‘yippee’ and rush towards the change with open arms?! Remembering a time you had to deal with change can help you understand deeper fears, attachments, beliefs and shine a light on the trust you have in yourself to be okay during the change.

Change can sometimes be hard. For example, when someone we love passes, the change without them in our lives can be scary and we may feel very alone. This can mean our faith in life and our own courage about moving forward disappears.

When my Mum died last year, I questioned my faith in the Universe and the change her death brought into my life was very challenging. I also knew this change was necessary as my Mum was very ill and needed to be free. After I moved through the initial stages of grief, I made a promise to myself that I wanted to move through each layer of grief and release it all. This is still a work in progress as my Mum’s death brought up a lot of fears about all sorts of things that I didn’t even realise were there!

Even though I have processed a lot of the grief about losing my Mum, I have not finished processing the fear it brought up in me about my own security. My Mum was a shining light. She was my Mother, but also my best friend. She was the first person I called when I had good news to share and the first person I called when I felt sad. My Mum has left a huge gap in my life and what I am learning now is how to fill that empty space.

That space can’t be filled with another person, it has to be filled by me! I am the ‘Mother energy’ I am missing. I am also the child (Maiden) and the Crone. These are the three aspects of the Goddess energy, the divine feminine. All of can fill our empty spaces as we are all these aspects of the Goddess.

I am sharing this as whatever change you are going through I want you to know you are not alone. Every single person and animal on this planet goes through change. We can choose to resist, but remember what we resist persists! Or we can open our hearts and TRUST that we are each strong enough, courageous enough and good enough to cope with whatever life throws at us or whatever we create!

May was a tough month energetically and brought up a lot of our fears, feelings of unworthiness, anxiety and anger! All of these emotions, I feel, were leading us towards trusting in ourselves to open our hearts to love!

TRUST (my interpretation) = Self confidence in our own abilities to feel safe & loved.

Once we trust ourselves, this leads to an expansion of the Heart Centre. Our Heart centre is the key to our connection with the universe! By trusting in ourselves that we will be okay no matter what happens, we are loving ourselves fully. This, in turn opens our hearts and allows more love to flow out to others, which will in turn helps them to open their hearts.

I looked back at what I wrote in my 2018 energy forecast and this part stuck out, which is a wonderful reminder!

“Feeling the energy of this year is like riding a roller-coaster as the high energies feel amazingly bright! I can feel so much hope, see so much light flooding down on to our beloved Mother Earth and sense a lot of people stepping into their true power and a huge expansion in terms of our Heart Chakras, which releases big waves of love! 

Self-Empowerment is all about taking control of our own life, setting goals, and making positive choices. The key part to self-empowerment is believing and trusting in ourselves!” Taken from my 2018 Energy Forecast.

The next six months will still be fast paced, hectic, chaotic and definitely challenging, but will also help us expand, grow and LOVE more freely!

Security and safety issues can and will creep into the collective consciousness. You may also feel a general background of tension. So, be aware of how other people’s beliefs and emotions impact you and make sure you are making your own choices from a place of love, not fear. Increase the belief factor in yourself and your abilities. 

The energy will also dig at old wounds that we have not healed individually and collectively, so be prepared to release! The more we let go, the more light and love can flow in. Letting go means we’re ready to evolve and move forwards.

This period is a critical turning point for us all as we move into the ‘Mother energy’.

Authentic Mother energy is that which loves us no matter what we do. It is pure and unconditional. It is strong, nurturing, compassionate and protective. This is the highest, most divine love of all.

We all need to know that we are children of the universe and that we are loved no matter what.

This is the most necessary of all forms of love and it is only the Mother energy that innately shows this. All of our problems in the world stem from this energy not being received. The energy is changing to allow this to occur.

How good are you at receiving and asking for help?? I ask this of you as receiving is normally rather challenging for those on the spiritual path! We feel we should give more than receive. Receiving can make us feel guilty and sometimes even shameful. If we do not feel good enough, it is hard to receive. It may also be hard to ask for help when we get stuck.

I felt a little stuck last month in May and had a sense of apathy that I just could not shake no matter what I tried. I finally realised I needed help and received some healing! This brought up a feeling of not being good enough to heal myself, which poked my ego!

I was guided to a healer and paid to be part of a group healing session. She was brilliant and helped me see what was blocking me! She even said in the session, that no matter how much we help others it is always more difficult to help ourselves as we sometimes cannot see what is right in front of us, which is so true!! She said she visits her own healer every two weeks. This helped me shift a belief about receiving and I also realised that this wasn’t about being good enough, I just didn’t want to see the truth in what I had to work on!! The stuff that came up was all about the Mother energy and becoming a Mother to myself! I needed to see this in order to move forward with my own spiritual work, but also to move into a new aspect of my soul purpose to help others do the same.

The ‘Mother’ is present in every one of our actions, underlying every step with a connection to the universe that says to us that we are always being helped, we are never alone.

Opening and expanding our Heart space is a process. One of the ways we can help ourselves do this is to trust in ourselves more, learn how to receive with joy and to practice gratitude daily.

Giving also opens the heart. However, if you are giving more of yourself than you should you will deplete your energy, which means you are not giving yourself the love you deserve! Also, please make sure you give from your heart, which I know we all think we do, but sometimes we give out of fear or what other people will think if we don’t give. If you are unsure about anything you are giving or receiving just ask your Heart as it has all the answers!!

I have been through a big shift over the last few days, which has opened and expanded my own Heart massively! Part of this shift has helped me write about my Mum today. This was hard as it brought up a lot of emotion and I cried as I was writing! I faced some of my fear today by writing about my own personal journey, so I hope it inspires you to face your own fears, especially if you are going through a challenging period of change right now.

Working on myself has inspired me to help others shift, expand and open their hearts too! So, I was guided to run a special group healing event on 13th June to do exactly that! There is a New Moon in Gemini on 13th June and this fits in so well with us opening and expanding to a new beginning! 

Some of us are not fully receiving all the current energy downloads due to restrictions and blocks within our energetic and physical bodies. This hinders the amount of light we can accept and integrate. Thus, impacting our own personal expansion. This in turn is influencing us all and our beautiful Mother Earth as we are all connected. Therefore, I am running this Heart based healing to help us release these restrictions and blocks, so we can expand fully! This healing is specifically designed to aid expansion of your Heart Chakra. However, you will also receive an Aura cleanse and any re-balancing and alignment work you may need too. This event has a limited number of spaces, so I can give each person receiving my full attention! 

I am also running two other events this month. The Light Concentration Increase Rays on Wed 6th June to increase our capacity to hold an ever more concentrated quality of Light and a Summer Solstice event on 21st June to celebrate ourselves and life!

Just to let you know, I have made a couple of changes by adding a section at the bottom of this post to include all links to my events, special offers and a subscribe button to my blog if you would like to receive my posts as soon as I publish them! Hopefully, this makes things simpler for you to know what is happening each month!

I want to leave you today with this affirmation as it has helped me so much over the past month. It is so simple, but incredibly powerful! Once we truly believe in ourselves we let go of fear and become blissfully free! 


Trust you are loved. Trust you are supported. Trust you know what to do next.

Sending you so much love, blessings and joy on your journey. Deepest gratitude to all who share this work. Have a wonderful month.

Blissful Blessings,

Sarah x

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8 thoughts on “June 2018 Energy Forecast

  1. Hi Sarah

    glad you got such a quick response to the Heart event. Sorry I missed it, your email comes through at 4 in the morning here so we are well behind the 8 ball 😊

    Totally related to all in your email. I have noticed that heart open discourse is the unconscious way many healers are communicating now, this is a good thing I think, to offer.

    I’d like to offer you something I received from spirit at a crisis point in my life many years ago. It has been said in a thousand ways before so is nothing new however…..


    sending you hugs from one crone to another.



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    1. Hi June, I am so sorry you missed out on the Heart event. I may run another one this month as I wasn’t expecting it to fill up so fast, although there was only 6 spaces! If I add another one I shall email you as soon as it is up, so you can take part. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom. I do feel very supported and can connect with my Mum, so feels very lucky to be able to do so. Bigs hugs and lots of love back to you, Sarah ❤


  2. Thank you Sarah, so sorry to hear about your mum, i have both mine close to going atm and even though the relationship hasn’t been as close as i would have liked , i find it tough to deal with. Godbless you.

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    1. I am so sorry to hear about your parents, Byron. My heart is with you as I know it is hard to say goodbye. Sending you so much love and blessings at this time. ❤


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