July 2018 Energy Forecast Part 1

The energy of our planet is shifting massively, and this will continue for most of 2018, so be prepared for some more BIG spiritual shifts! We will see even more turbulent weather, natural disasters and man-made challenges happening over the rest of 2018. More ‘truths’ will come out that may shock a number of people. All of these things will create a huge amount of change for our beautiful Mother Earth and also for all of the beings who reside upon her.

I feel like July is just the beginning of the big changes we are going to see globally. I have a strong sense of some really big earthquakes coming and another volcano exploding. I feel the Earth moving and feeling incredibly hot at the moment, and not just because of all the hot weather we have been having recently, there is a lot more going on beneath the surface than we can see. Spirit is urging me to write about this to make everyone more aware of what choices and decisions they make going forward. I want everyone to be safe, so learning to really trust and use our intuition in all we do is one of the main ways I feel will help us either stay away from dangerous places or situations or be in the right place at the right time to help others if needed. 

We cannot stop Earth’s changes, but we can be more aware of the energy around us. We each have strong intuition (even if you don’t think you do, you have!) and I would urge each person who reads this blog to check in with themselves about where they are going, when they go and what they are doing! This is one of the best practices we can do to help trust ourselves and the best way to follow the right path. We have all the answers and the more we ask ourselves ‘does this feel good to me’, the more we will begin to trust our intuition and allow it to be our guide.

My motto is: If it FEELS good then go for it. If it FEELS bad, then don’t do it!! There are times when we can get a mix of emotions. For example, going for a job interview may feel good as you want the job, but it also may feel scary! You then have to learn to understand which feeling is higher. If you feel excited, happy and positive about the job and there is only a small bit of fear about going for the interview, then you should go as the positive feelings definitely outweigh the negative. If there is a huge amount of fear and no real positive emotions about the job, except about making more money, then you are telling yourself that this job is not for you. It is not igniting any passion or love, and the fear outweighs any positivity about a pay increase! This can be applied to any event, trip, person or situation. Try it and see what your emotions are telling you.  

As this year progresses, I feel it is imperative that we take back control of our inner guidance and learn to listen and trust it 100%. We direct our own journey. We are in control no matter what is happening around us. Our inner guidance system is accurate, but we have to use it, understand it and listen to it! 

Emotions are likely to be high this month, globally and at an individual level, so being aware of our vibration and how we feel will help us deal with this energy. If you need a moment to calm your energy, take it! The energy of July may make us feel emotional, so don’t beat yourself up if things come up for you this month! Remember that we are all feeling this new energy, so try not to take it personally if someone else upsets you. Working with the breath and doing a practice you enjoy each day, such as yoga, mediation, walking etc that helps to re-balance your energy will be incredibly beneficial this month. 

Even though there maybe some challenges ahead, it is not all doom & gloom!! We are in a place now where change needs to happen to bring in the new and we are already seeing it! People are standing up for what is right, such as the #me too movement, the protests across the USA to call for an end to migrant family separations and the women who campaigned to overturn Saudi Arabia’s driving ban. We are seeing people from all over the world coming together to create positive change. We are setting new boundaries about what is no longer acceptable to us! We will see more of this over the rest of 2018, which is incredibly positive!

July is a busy month astrologically with the Sirius Gateway occurring in the first week of July, two Eclipses, and 6 planets in retrograde! You can read more about the Sirius Gateway here. From June 26th until August 27th we are going to have up to six planets in retrograde, which is going to slow everything down. These planets include: Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Mars, Neptune, Uranus, and Mercury. All of this energy is going to create a stop and go type of month, so we need to stay balanced and listen to our Hearts about any decisions we may need to make.

Eclipses always indicate major changes, shifts, and transformations. The first Eclipse is a Solar Eclipse on 12th July. Solar eclipses always occur around the same time as a new moon, so they usually signify new beginnings lighting our way forward! However, due to so many planets being in retrograde the energy maybe a little slow, so being patient with ourselves, situations and others may be needed!

The second Eclipse is a total Lunar Eclipse on 27th July, which is around the same time as the Full Moon. This will be a HUGE energy, so hang on to your hats!! Important events will take place at a global level, and also at an individual level around this time. It will also help us to release things from our lives that no longer serve us. If this happens to you, allow the changes! Anything leaving our lives around this time will be for our highest good!

Eclipses can really help to highlight areas of our lives that are no longer working for us, so please pay attention to what happens around this time for you and try to go with the flow! If we flow with the energy this month, it will be so much easier for us than pushing against it!

There are also a lot of planets in retrograde this month and these are periods of time when a planet appears to be moving in reverse and this creates some big astrological implications! It is helpful during a retrograde energy to look within, reflect and work on current goals and aspirations rather than making any new decisions.

However, given where we are with the new Heart based energy and the Solar Eclipse coming in around the 12th July, I would listen to your own intuition and guidance. YOU know what is best for you, so if you FEEL like you should begin a new project this month, go for it! Don’t let all the astrological events put you off doing something or not doing something! LISTEN to your HEART! It is still an important time to reflect, but I wouldn’t personally stop taking action just because of the retrograde energy if I felt guided to move forward. This is a time to step fully into our power and TRUST our own intuition. Just be aware that if you are guided to move forward and take action that it may be a little slower than you hoped or expected due to the current energies, so be patient! 

When we take the time to reflect and focus our attention inwards, we may feel the overall energies much more strongly. If this happens to you, try to understand what is your own energy and what is the energy you are picking up externally. I know a lot of Empaths that have been feeling the world’s energies very strongly, which is disrupting their own energy fields. If you feel any emotions that you just don’t relate to, it maybe because they are not yours! Ask Spirit for help. Feel the emotion and then say out loud, “This is not mine, please take it away. Thank you.” You should feel some relief if the emotion isn’t yours. You can do this as often as you wish. I still have to do this sometimes when the energies are very strong!

With so much happening, the energy of July felt like a wonderful time to give back to the Earth and the Animals, which is what my events are all about. But, I am also running a sale on Readings and a couple of attunement courses to help you through during July too! Please click here.

The events I am running in July & August will aid our toolbox in helping our beloved planet and our beautiful Animal Angels. The healing we do individually and as a collective will help lessen the impact of what is coming. I am also really excited to be running an Animal Healing event for your pets with the proceeds going to an amazing animal charity called Gunnar’s Wheels!

Here are the events I am running this month and you can view them all in more detail on my website by clicking here.

Mother Earth Reiki Attunement Event is this Friday, 6th July
This beautiful energy connects you to the Earth Goddess and Divinity energy that brings healing to all plants and to Mother Earth. This wonderful healing energy is very powerful to protect your plants and to help them grow and be healthy plants. It also helps to protect and heal Mother Earth.

Angels of the Earth Attunement Event is 17th July
This attunement is for people to help animals heal! This system combines the Divine Earth Energy and power of Archangels to communicate with and heal animals. Your connection with this energy will heighten your telepathic and empathic abilities to both, communicate with animals and heal animals.

Animal Healing for Your Pets is 20th July
This is a healing event for your pets and all donations will be going to Gunnar’s Wheels, an animal charity. 

Lughnasadh (Lammas) ~ Pagan Wheel of the Year Series
This attunement is for Lughnasadh (Lammas). This energy is all about celebrating abundance and being thankful for the food we have. It is a wonderful way to celebrate Mother Earth too and what she provides for us to eat.  

Remember, we are all connected and opening up more fully to the Universal energies, so we need to learn and understand what is our own energy and what comes from others. Clearing our energy fields and grounding each day will help us manage this new energy cycle more easily and help us be clearer channels when giving healing to other people, animals and Mother Earth.

As July will be an energy packed month, I will be writing another update around the middle of the month, so please check back or sign up to my blog (at the very bottom of this post) to get it delivered straight to your email!

July may feel slow moving, but could get very intense in places. The best way to navigate July is to surrender, go with the flow (don’t push!), trust your intuition and breathe!

Deepest gratitude to all who share this work. Have a wonderful July.

Blissful Blessings,

Sarah x

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