July 2018 Energy Forecast Part 2, Blood Moon, Mercury in Retrograde & the Lions Gate!

What a month July has been already and we still have the BIGGEST week to come!!!

Mercury is turning retrograde, in Leo, on the 25th July until 18th August, which is just a few days before the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on 27th July. This Eclipse is going to be a BIG one as it is a Blood Moon, which is a total Eclipse, and the longest Lunar Eclipse we have had this century! The Lions Gate Portal also opens from 26th July to 12th August, but it is at its most powerful on 8th August. We also have another Eclipse on the 11th August, so this will be a major energy period for us all.

I wanted to talk a little bit about Mercury first before moving on to the Lions Gate and the Lunar Eclipse on the 27th July as all of these astrological events will be powerful within their own right, especially the next Eclipse, but put them all together and you have an incredibly intense energy period with the potential for massive spiritual shifts!

The term “retrograde” is defined as directed or moving backwards. Therefore, technically speaking, Mercury retrograde means that the planet Mercury appears to be traveling from east to west, contrary to its standard west to east orbit through the stars. However, retrograde motion isn’t a real phenomenon, just an optical illusion. Since Mercury’s orbit is faster and smaller than Earth’s is, the planet frequently catches up to and then passes Earth. When this happens, the smaller planet appears to be backtracking through the sky. 

Mercury is retrograding through the fire sign of Leo from 25th July. Leo loves to be the center of attention, so thoughts and words may be more expressive, bolder and more colourful during this period! From a positive perspective, this can help us become more confident, bring forth our ideas into action and increase our connection with others.

However, this can also spark arguments, especially with those who like to take charge. People may be more prone to losing their temper and those in power and authority are much more likely to make mistakes or speak without thinking that could create chaos. This energy will also show us if we are standing strong in our own power! So, be aware of anything that comes up for you that brings up boundaries and independence. Be strong and stand your ground if your intuition guides you!

Every year from July 26th to August 12th, we have an annual cosmic event (planetary alignment), the ‘Lion’s Gate’ Portal. This is when the sun is in the constellation of Leo (hence  the name ‘Lions Gate‘). ​It is said to be a ‘Star Gate’, in other words a gateway portal of energy. The 8th August is when the energy peaks (8/8), which provides ​a boost of energy to aid our spiritual awakening.

The next Eclipse is on 27th July, which is a Lunar Eclipse and a Blood Moon, which I wrote a little about in my previous July forecast. I wanted to expand on the energies around this Eclipse as it is a MASSIVE energy period we are now entering.

The energy that this Eclipse produces will be there for all of us to access and tune into. Please take the time to go within as this energy is going to penetrate straight into the depths of our souls, in order to shift and upgrade us to a whole new level!  

If we allow ourselves to connect with this energy it will help to activate us on a soul level, which will aid our understanding of why we are here, what we should be doing and what our soul mission is all about. This energy will be intense and the outcome could be life changing!

You may find yourself feeling very tired and sluggish around this period, so be kind to yourself as deep emotions may be triggered. All emotions will be heightened during this time, so if you are an Empath, then the chances are you may become super sensitive, so please connect with your own spiritual protection so you don’t feel too overwhelmed.

This is all happening to help us awaken further and it is a big part of why we are here. This energy will help break down the illusion of separation, hence why even those that are not Empaths will feel other people’s emotions during this time and connect more deeply with their own as well!

During the rest of July, you may feel a little scattered, impulsive and frustrated, so please be aware of other people’s emotions as well as your own. Spending time in nature, grounding yourself each day, staying centered in your own peace and remaining calm in a crisis are the keys to dealing with this overly emotional Lunar Eclipse!

Please remember that our souls chose to come to Earth at this time to help. These intense energies we are going through are coming in to remind us, activate us, and awaken us to what path we need to be on, and where we need to make some changes. So, see this next energy cycle as a gift rather than a challenge!!

This Eclipse energy may feel very uncomfortable for some, but it is so we can release everything that is weighing us down so we can move forward on our journey with more freedom, ease and love. Remember, you are not alone and we are all going through it with you. The Eclipse will open us up so we can see and feel the light and dark, the pain and the love, the happiness and the fear. When we feel it all from all over our beautiful planet it can help us to understand that there is no separation.

All aspects of ourselves are going through changes and shifts, which impacts the physical body. Our physical bodies can sometimes struggle with the energies, so please don’t hesitate to seek assistance if needed.

Our DNA is being upgraded and our physical bodies are letting go of a lot of dense energy, hence ascension symptoms coming up recently for many. I have also noticed that recently I am hearing about a lot of people who have suddenly come down with a serious illness, and some of them have then recovered relatively quickly too.

An illness can be a wake up call to change our lives in some way e.g. help us to slow down or it can come in to create an energetic shift as our physical bodies are not clearing the dense energies quickly enough. Our bodies take charge and go through an illness to release old energy that has got stuck.

Illness or pain can also show us a part of ourselves we need to heal, so if an illness has happened to you or someone close to you there may be a good reason for it happening right now just before we get to the BIG energy shifts! Please seek medical care if you or a loved one is ill as even if the illness is helping to shift old energy, it doesn’t mean we don’t need medical intervention.

It may feel like the world is becoming darker and that all of the things happening and that will occur in the future are not very positive. However, what is actually happening is that we are feeling, sensing and hearing more and the ‘darkness’ cannot be ignored any longer! We have done a huge amount of work over the years to get to this point in time. The work that we have done has cleared a path for others to follow.

There are more and more people awakening each day and I saw this myself with a lady who was walking past my house on Sunday! I was taking out the rubbish and she was walking her dog. She stopped and said to me, “Can you feel the energy, it feels like we are waiting for something to happen and it feels really weird.” I felt like she was speaking to me from her soul as we had never met and she had no idea that I write about the current energies! I should have felt surprised at what she said, but I didn’t as it resonated with me. Not only was this lady spot on with what she said, but it also shows just how connected we are! It has felt like we have been waiting for something to happen, even though the energies have been fast paced and intense! I feel that the next few weeks are about to change all of that and we won’t be waiting any longer! 

We have spent may years preparing, clearing, releasing and opening our Hearts to enable us to shine our light as brightly as possible. We have chosen to come to Earth at this time to help others during this next pivotal part of our journey. 

The time is NOW to shine your light so brightly that the darkness no longer exists. Light the way forward for others with love.

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Have an amazing Eclipse!

Blissful Blessings,

Sarah x

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