September 2018 Energy Forecast

Wow! What a ride these last few months have been! Life as we know it has had a shake up! 

September is finally here and we have entered a new energy period, which begins this month and runs until December 2018. This energy is much more action orientated and we can finally move forward more easily. However, you may not be quite so happy with September if you are still not prepared to let go of the past to move into a new present reality!

September’s energies are also about completion as it holds the vibration of the number 9. When the number 9 appears, it often denotes a finality, the completion of an era. The number 9 suggests the final stages of a period, and that we need to complete anything outstanding so we can prepare for the new. The number 9 also represents universal love, spiritual awakening, life purpose, intuition and inner strength. The number 9 also resonates with learning to say ‘No’, so if boundaries are still coming up for you, then September’s energies will help you with this aspect! 

September is the month to have a tidy up and complete anything we haven’t yet finished, but it is also a time for reflection and planning. Mars, Mercury and Saturn will all be moving direct by 6th September, which will give us a nice boost forward! Saturn’s main focus is around taking responsibility, and the key aspects for this month are all about health and finances. So, take a moment to pause and reflect on your health, which includes mind, body and soul! And where you are financially. This theme will run until the end of the year, so we all have time to get things in order.

We then have a New Moon on the 9th September, which is a great time for reflection and to honour yourself and your journey so far. Our subconscious becomes more active during a New Moon and we may have more psychic visions and dreams! This New Moon is on the 9th day of the 9th Month, so this will be a powerful period as it is the 9/9 gateway!

Imagination and visualization play a key role around this New Moon, as this is where we can create anything we want!! So, take some time around the New Moon to daydream! Let your imagination run wild as to how you wish your life could be! Letting go of our to do lists and just daydreaming will actually help us come up with new ideas, new dreams and also solutions for the next part of our journey. The energy of the New Moon will help us take the next steps towards this new perspective of what we want from our lives, so allow yourself the space to dream!!

September’s energies will also help us feel more grounded and to see the truth about ourselves and others. This will help us understand and have more clarity about what we should be doing more or less of! The energy may also bring up feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy. So if this is something you need to work on and release, you may find something comes up for you this month relating to this. If it does, please remember that you do not need anyone else’s approval! It is okay to be YOU! It is okay to show your true self to the world.

I am running an attunement event on the 12th September for Bright Star Reiki to help us tap into our full potential. This energy connects you to your inner light, that area of your shining star, the Solar Plexus for empowerment. Your inner star power connects to the universal star energy to give you more confidence, and opens up doors for your potential to manifest. This brings your full potential to the surface so your bright star energy can shine toward success. If you feel that this energy may help you then please click here.

This is a time to listen to our true self, trust our intuition and follow our hearts.  I mentioned earlier about boundaries and this is part of the energy this month. We each need to find our Goddess/Warrior within and let him or her shine out into the world. No matter if you are male or female you get to choose which one you want to rise up, will it be the Goddess or Warrior? Or will it be a mixture of both? Find that inner spark of light, bring it up and blast it out! 

On the 21st September we have the Autumn Equinox or Mabon as it is known in the Pagan calendar. This will bring in a new energy as it is a time of transition and harvest, and a time of balance and realignment. It’s a time for us to pause in the momentary balance of the Equinox between the tipping point into darkness of the coming winter season.

This Equinox is all about creating space for new beginnings and new adventures, so we are ready to step through the doorway to the remainder of the year! Take stock of your current harvest, and ask yourself where you want to increase your harvest come next year. What do you need to undertake to get you there? Give thanks, and hold a space of gratitude for all your blessings. Honour how far you have come and celebrate the lessons and the journey! I shall be celebrating Mabon with an attunement event for the Pagan Wheel. 

On the 24th September we have the Full Moon, which is also a powerful energy. This energy will help us take action to take our new plans forward. But, please be aware that if you haven’t used September’s energies to reflect, daydream and find clarity about the next part of your journey, you may find yourself being pushed forward! So it is best to do this work before the Full Moon so you can take your own action rather than being pushed by the Universe!!

The September energies symbolize a door closing and another one opening, are you ready to walk through it?

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Have a blessed September.

Blissful Blessings,

Sarah x

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7 thoughts on “September 2018 Energy Forecast

  1. September really has shown me a lot of division, anger and defensiveness. I’ve been reflecting a lot on this and it seems like we all need to remember our own boundaries. I’ve felt a little defensive and inadequate myself but I’ve had a bit of a light bulb moment as it has all reached a peak and the urge to connect with love and help spread peace, and acceptance has re-emerged after months of worry and pessimism (for me at least).

    Thank you for the work you do!


  2. I really enjoyed reading this. September has definitely been a month of completion for me so far. I had a few things in my life that I needed to wrap up and move on from and they all happened to come to an end by the end of August. I’m excited for new beginnings 🙂


  3. Whoa!! It’s as if I had already read this message, and of course I couldn’t have as it was just posted in my inbox! Noticing a lot of this lately….✌🏼️❤️
    I love you Sarah!! 💖💫

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