October 2018 Energy Forecast

September’s energies were about completion as it held the vibration of the number 9. October, therefore is a time of new beginnings. October holds the vibration of the number 10. The number 10 is actually the rebirth of number 1. However, in this life, 1 is no longer standing alone. The number 1 has now gained the spiritual power that is represented in the mystical number 0 that now stands with it. 

From a spiritual perspective, 1 is the number of creation. The number 1 resonates with the vibrations and attributes of new beginnings, independence, uniqueness, motivation, ambition, positivity and intuition. ‘0’ has no beginning and no end, so represents infinity, wholeness and shows us separation doesn’t exist. This is basically the new beginning we are moving into! An action based energy that is motivated by our intuition and positive thoughts with an underlying foundation of support knowing that we are all connected. 

This month’s energy is not necessarily about starting something completely new, although that may be the case, it can also be about building on what we have already been working on throughout 2018.

What I have found interesting over the last couple of months is that we are also living in a Chaos cycle right now, which has really shown itself in a big way during September. This Chaos cycle seems to be happening everywhere and to everyone!

Chaos cycles are a part of life here on Earth. They are energetic patterns that actually help us transform. Chaos is normally a precursor to a new beginning, although it may not feel like that at the time!

Chaos can be stressful and can unbalance our energy fields, yet we need chaos to bring in change. Chaos cycles happen when we have maxed out our potential, and we need to go through a huge change to get to a new space within. All the things happening in the world remind me of the Tower card in the Tarot. Everything feels and looks a bit like it is falling apart and it kind of is! Without disruption something new can’t be born, therefore chaos actually brings in new choices and a new destiny.

The good news is that once we work our way through this Chaos cycle transformation will occur. Chaos brings empowerment.

I am having a lot of building work done on my home, which entails knocking down walls and replacing floors! This is chaotic as everything looks a mess and there is a huge amount of dust! We are all living at my Dad’s house while this is being done, so I feel a little unstable too! However, once the building work has finished I will have a lovely new open kitchen and my floors will be secure! So, the chaos needs to happen to transform my home into a safe, clean and wonderful space! My Dad is also not very well at the moment, so the timing is perfect as usual, as I can help him while I am living here.

My Dad’s illness has also brought up emotions and with everything going on my life it has felt rather chaotic! This has been an amazing lesson in how to let go of control (one of my biggest challenges) and attachment to the material (for me this is my home). This has taught me in a big way about surrender, interestingly about boundaries & responsibilities and also gratitude! Disruption needs to happen for the good stuff to be able to come in. For me all of this external chaos has changed my perspective and I have had let go of some old fears and beliefs. Chaos makes us shift, so even though I have not enjoyed this process, it has helped me shift old behaviours and patterns and I actually feel freer than I did before because I have had to surrender and let go!

We can also see this happening throughout the world with the massive Earth shifts that have created the earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis and typhoons. Awful destruction and loss of life has occurred, which is terrible, but all of this chaos is bringing people together, opening hearts and helping people become communities again.

Many people around the world feel isolated and sometimes great shame comes up when we need help and intense guilt for reaching out for it. We have a strong desire to achieve success on our own. A sense of community that is forming, not just due to the Earth shifts, but also social changes such as the #Me Too movement, has led to us feeling more accepted, which in turn brings about a deeper connection with our true selves. We will see a lot more Earth shifts this year as well as social changes as this is just the beginning. 

We are transitioning energetically, spiritually and physically. Even though this month is a new beginning, you may find you are still living with the old while embracing the new for a while yet. We are moving into the unknown and expanding individually as well as collectively. It is uncomfortable and we need to find the courage within to move forward and embrace it.

One astrological event happening this month will actually help us face the new is Venus being in retrograde between 5th October and 16th November. This is a big event as it only occurs every 1.5 years! Venus is the planet of love, so relationships and all matters to do with the heart will be amplified around this time. This period is an important time for self-reflection around the values we place on our relationships and also with the relationship we have with ourselves.

One of the main things to observe this month about relationships is understanding where there is drama! If there is drama in a relationship or a few of them, ask yourself why it is there. Do you enjoy the drama? What feelings does this bring up? Venus retrograde will shine a light on our relationships and can help us to re-evaluate, change our behaviors and help us to release any old emotions within our hearts. Take the time to look deeply at how loved you feel, how much love you are giving to others and where you can improve on both aspects as giving and receiving love are just as important as each other! Also check in with yourself and see if you are giving yourself enough love too! This will also help to highlight any areas of our lives that are perhaps lacking in joy, so take the time to look at all aspects such as work relationships as well as family, friends and romantic ones.

This all links into the Chaos cycle we are going through as ‘community’ is a key theme for our transformation. The connection we have with others help us to feel accepted and loved. This brings about a deeper connection with our true self and Source as the reflection we see in others helps us to understand the truth.

We have a lovely New Moon on 8th October which helps expand the energy by increasing opportunities and will help us move more easily into our new beginnings! This is a great time to clear your energy with a salt bath and sage your home to clear out the old ready to bring in the new! It also feels good to program a crystal with a specific intention to help us cope with change or set an intention about a goal we want to manifest this year. I shall be doing this myself on the New Moon as the energy feels so good to help us move forward!

We also have the 10/10 gateway on 10th October, which will hold a powerful energy to help us build on our dreams and goals. Use the energy of the 10/10 gateway to focus positive thoughts on what you desire and when visualizing these desires with excitement and joy, also say these words out loud “Please show me the way forward” and then let it go like a rocket straight out into the Universe! This will help bring in the guidance you need for the next steps of your journey as the energy of 10/10 will be very magnetic, so be very conscious of the Law of Attraction on this day and keep your thoughts positive!

I am holding an event on 10/10 for the Chaos Flush attunement, which is by donation as all my attunement events are (min £1) and includes healing for all who join. You can also receive the attunement energy after the event, so you don’t have to be available at the event time! This attunement can help you manage the chaos in your life and re-balance your energy fields easily. Running this in conjunction with the Efficiency Empowerment, which I am running on the 17th October, can help you feel more empowered, balanced and in charge of your life! I am running another event to celebrate Samhain as well, which I have written more about below. Please click the links for more information about each one to see if you feel guided to a specific energy or all 3 to help you through the energies of October!

On the 24th October, we have a Full Moon and this energy will encourage us to fully understand the lessons from the Venus Retrograde and helps us to release any relationships that are no longer serving our highest good. Venus also rules over finances as well as the heart, so our finances may also be in the spotlight this month, especially around the end of the month to help us create more stability and security for the future.

On the 31st October, we have Samhain, which is believed to be a Celtic word which loosely translates into Summer’s End. It marks the beginning of both the Celtic and Wiccan New Year. In the Christian calendar, it is known as All Saints Day or All Hallows Eve; this has been shortened in modern times to Halloween. Samhain is one of the two times in the year when the veil between this world and the next is at its thinnest: a powerful time for divination and contacting the spirit realm. For many practitioners, Samhain is the beginning of the spiritual new year. It is a time to reflect, ask for guidance, honour our ancestors and begin the process of transformation for the new year! I am celebrating Samhain with an attunement event. This attunement can help you connect with the energy of Samhain and receive the answers you seek!

October feels like a very special month with the energies of the New Moon on the 8th, the 10/10 gateway and Samhain on 31st October. These dates are also the best times to ask for guidance about the way forward. Be open to new opportunities that come your way and trust your intuition as answers will come in clearly this month, so make sure you are listening! If you are facing chaos in your own life, know you have the courage to embrace the change. And remember chaos means you have maxed out your potential and are ready for the new! So, feel empowered by the changes happening and dream BIG! 

Wishing you a magical month.

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Blissful Blessings,

Sarah x

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