November 2018 Energy Forecast

Happy November! I can’t believe we are nearly at the end of 2018! What a year it has been and we still have two more months to go before we can move into the brand new energies of 2019. 

We entered a new energy period in October, which will last until part way through January 2019 and then the new year will begin properly with a lovely feeling of expansion!

2018 has been a year of retrogrades, which has helped us stop, listen and understand what we needed to heal and let go of from the past. We have another two planets in retrograde during November, which are Venus and Mercury.

Venus went retrograde on 5th October and will move out of retrograde on 16th November. Relationships and all matters to do with the heart will still be amplified during the first half of November, but the great news is that the energy of the New Moon on 7th November can really help us heal and let the love flow. On the same day Venus goes direct, Mercury goes retrograde and will stay this way until 6th December.

We are also still in the Chaos cycle that I wrote about last month, but this is slowly coming to an end, and we should be out of this by around 25th November. 

The energy over the last two months of the year will be slightly softer than the previous months, but still pretty intense! The retrogrades are asking us to slow down and reflect over the next few weeks to get our lives in order before 2019.

We will also see some more big storms, earthquakes and possibly a couple of volcanoes erupting too. We are in the midst of a powerful energy period and Mother Earth has also heated up, which is impacting the weather and there are big changes happening all over the world with the Earth right now, especially around the Ring of Fire. Please listen and trust your intuition if you feel you shouldn’t go somewhere or that you should leave where you are. Trusting our inner voice is so important right now. Remember, if something FEELS good, then go for it and if something FEELS off or negative in any way then say no or don’t do it!! 

The good news is that there are some very positive energies coming in as well this month, as Jupiter moves out of Scorpio on 8th November into Sagittarius and this energy will help to lift our spirits and brighten the mood overall.

We have a lovely New Moon on 7th November, which will help us tune into our wisdom and bring forth an increased wave of love. The last few months have been challenging and a lot of us are feeling anxious, exhausted, stressed and perhaps a bit angry too! Shame, guilt and resentment have also raised their heads in a number of us as well. Please know that it is okay to feel any or all of these emotions.

We have been having a clear out of all our old emotions during 2018 and now is the time to really let them go once and for all!  This New Moon is the perfect time to release, surrender and heal our Hearts, so we can find peace. Love is the key to unlocking the spiritual way of being and self-love is so important for us all. Please take time this month to heal your Heart. Here is a wonderful New Moon Ritual to help you, please click here to visit Forever Conscious. 

We also have a strong 11.11 vibration this month as it is the 11th month in an 11 year. You can read more about the number 11 in my 2018 Energy Forecast that I wrote at the start of the year. One of the key dates this month is 11th November as it will be an extremely powerful day. In numerology this would be 111111, which is an extremely powerful number that will help advance spiritual awakenings, unlock portals to the spirit world and create new beginnings! The 11th November is therefore a powerful time to make changes in your life and set intentions for what you want moving forward. It is also a wonderful day to connect with your Heart and Spirit for the answers you seek.

November is an exciting month and a wonderful time to fully let go of the past and heal our Hearts. There will be some big shifts in spiritual awareness, which we will really start to see over the coming months. Some intense energies will come through around the 21-25th November as we shift out of the Chaos cycle and back into the Heart energy. There will be DNA activations, and a lot of high frequency energy downloads coming in around this time. The focus of November’s energies is to help us get our Hearts and Soul purpose aligned. Once we do this, everything will begin to flow so much more easily and we will trust in the journey a whole lot more! 

We also have a Full Moon on 23rd November right in the middle of this intense energy period, so you may feel very emotional around this time frame! Try not to have too much to do around these dates and make sure that you ground every day to help integrate and stabilize these new energies coming through. 

On the 25th November, Sun and Jupiter meet, which is considered one of the most special days of the year with positive energy flowing!! So, November will end with a high! 

To help you through these energies, I am holding an event on 14th November to help us get back on track! Path of Power Reiki is a wonderful energy that helps you find your true path and have the strength and courage to stay on it. 2019 will be with us very soon and the energies of 2018 are helping us prepare! Part of our preparation is making sure we are on the right path, hence why I was guided to choose this attunement to help us. This energy also aids manifestation work with a powerful symbol.

On 28th November, I am running the Angel Light Initiation, to help us open our healing capabilities even further, expand our Hearts, 3rd Eyes and Crowns and connect more fully with the Angels. There are 4 initiations making up the Angel Light Initiation, but these are all completed as one attunement. The initiations are: The Third Eye Initiation, Upper Astral Crown Initiation, The Heart Initiation and The Angel Initiations. I felt this is the perfect energy to end November with and help us through the energies of December!

My attunement events are all by donation (min £1) and also include healing for all who join. You can also receive the attunement energy after the event, so you don’t have to be available at the event time! I also have a few attunements on special offer to help us heal, which you can see by clicking here.

Take time this month to work through any old, negative emotions that are holding you back from expanding your Heart Chakra. Let go of past hurts, break away from any relationships that do not honour you and give yourself some extra love! Once we embrace the love we have for ourselves, we immediately let out more love to everyone else! 

Wishing you a wonderful month filled with love. 

Deepest gratitude to all who share this post and for your kind donations to help support my work.

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Blissful Blessings,

Sarah x

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