December 2018 Energy Forecast

We have nearly made it to the end of 2018!! Happy December!

November was another challenging month, and we are still in Mercury Retrograde until 6th December, so you may feel that things are on hold or even feel that you are just waiting for something to happen. After the intense energies of the last part of November, this period is a time to slow down, rest and connect within. It is not a time to push, so take a break and breathe!

We have a lovely positive New Moon on the 6th/7th, which helps lift our energy and inspires us. From the 8th December we will feel more at peace with whatever situation we have been dealing with and that sense of waiting should release as we move more easily into the flow again.

It is still best not to force or push anything this month, including ourselves, even after the energy shifts! The best way to flow through December is to trust that everything will work out and surrender, which I know is much easier said than done!

On 6th December, I am running the Psychic Gifts Flush Empowerment to help us clear out any unwanted old energies that are blocking us from tapping into our psychic Gifts. 2018 has been a challenging year and clearing out the old so we are ready for 2019 is so beneficial, especially after all the intense energies of November! I was guided to do this on the 6th as the energy felt perfect to help us let go. If you would like to know more, please click here.

The 12th December is another special energy day and you won’t be surprised to hear, I am running another event on this date to tap into these energies! On the 12th a portal is activated which can strengthen our energy fields and help us connect with the Divine more easily. The number 1212 is believed to be the code that activates the Merkaba. It is believed that a portal opens on the 12/12, every year, to help accelerate the formation of this energy field. 

In numerology, 1212 is associated with advanced consciousness and the ability to see and travel into other dimensions. The angel number 1212 represents awakening and spiritual growth. It is said if you see angel number 1212 often, it means that your Guardian Angels are around you, walking with you through every phase of your life, so what can be more perfect than this date for the Guardian Angel Reiki attunement!! If you did not have a personal guardian angel prior to receiving this energy, you will once you have been attuned. If you would like to know more, please click here. If you don’t feel like joining the event, the 12th December is a wonderful time to meditate and/or spend time in nature to help you open up to this energy instead.

We then have the Solstice on the 21st December, which is a wonderful time to focus on self-love and acceptance. Traditionally, the Winter Solstice has been a time to honour darkness and to journey deep within to reflect, restore and nourish from the inside out. Celebrating the darkness is about celebrating the depths of who we are, and honouring that all of us have parts that the light is yet to touch.

In Pagan times, the Winter Solstice was referred to as Yule and was a celebration of the Goddess (Moon) energy. It was believed that on this day, the Moon would give birth to the Sun. I find it is the perfect energy day to take time for myself and reflect back over the year. I normally light a candle and sit quietly reflecting on my year and when I feel ready I like to say these words. “I honour who I have been, who I am now and who I will become.” You obviously don’t have to wait until the Winter Solstice to say these words as they can be said at any time, but before you say them out loud spend a moment reflecting on the energy you feel that these words have. This may sound strange, but words are powerful and putting your emotions into them helps you to honour and accept yourself fully. I always feel energy flowing through me when I say this!

2018 has been another intense ride with a lot of challenging energies to help us let go, trust and heal. December’s energies will help us see how much we have grown and we need to take time to honour what we have achieved. It is so easy to think about all the things we haven’t done or finished! Our thoughts can tend to focus on the areas in our lives where we weren’t good enough in some way too. Try to let go of those thoughts, and when you take time to reflect, focus on the positive.

Remember where you showed courage or strength. Remember when you made someone smile or laugh. Remember when you felt peace or joy. Fill yourself up with the beauty of you and once you feel full, tell yourself that you are amazing and that you love you!! This is important as this year has been hard work and we have done so well, even if our ego’s want to point out all the ways we have failed! Don’t let it take charge. Fill yourself up with the good stuff first and foremost.

I then suggest you also make time to reflect on the lessons you have learnt and areas in your life you wish to change going forward. This month’s energies will highlight old patterns that we have not yet released, so this is a great time to reflect and feel any negative emotions that may come up. Take time to honour these emotions, really FEEL them and let them go. These emotions are just showing us that we still need to release some old energy, so be kind to yourself. This is why the honouring part is so important! Don’t get too focused on what you need to change and forget to see how great you are too! This needs to be a balanced process.

Fear and resistance has come up for many of us over the last month and the big energy period we had at the end of November really brought things to the surface. If you are feeling this way, know it is part of the journey and you are exactly where you need to be, even if it doesn’t feel like it!

2019 is going to be action packed and we need to be ready for the new energies. Therefore, some of our deepest and darkest emotions, thoughts and feelings are coming up to be released. Balance is key this month and if you are feeling overwhelmed, please take some time out for you. Everyone is feeling these energies, so if those around you are over-reacting, getting angry or feeling low know that they are going through their own changes.

Christmas can be an emotional time as well for some people and our inner child may need some support during this period. Try to stay in your heart center and have compassion for those you love as it may be a difficult month. If you are the one needing support, ask for it. Talk to a friend, loved one or a therapist if you feel that would help. Please don’t suffer in silence. I have been through an emotional ride myself over the last few weeks and this hypnosis by Michael Sealey really helped me to release and forgive. He has lots of these hypnosis videos on YouTube, so choose one that resonates with you, but this one is specifically focused on releasing anger and resentment with guided forgiveness, which I thought would be helpful to share. Please click here to be taken to YouTube.

I also have some special offers this month to help you release and re-balance, which are Wound Healer Reiki (3 levels) for just £22 and a really special price on 2 or 3 Healing Sessions. I also have 10% off all Gift Cards to help you find the perfect Christmas present too! Please click here.

Remember all of the challenges you have faced over the years. You have got through them and come out the other side! Only fear stops us and tells us we can’t cope. Use this month’s energies to face your fears, release any anger and resentment and above all honour yourself and your journey.

You are amazing, beautiful, strong, courageous and so loved. 

Wishing you a very happy Christmas and a joyful December.

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Blissful Blessings,

Sarah x

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