2018 Energies

Weekly Energy Tune Ups Starting 28th December!

The first Tune Up begins on Friday 28th December for the w/c Monday 31st December, so you are ready for 2019!

Would YOU like a healing session each week to clear your energy?

Would YOU like to receive an exclusive energy forecast for the week ahead?

Would YOU like to connect with a group of like-minded people? (This isn’t compulsory!)

Would YOU like 15% off anytime YOU need a 1:1 Session?

If the answers are YES, then the Weekly Energy Tune Ups are for YOU!

I am very excited to offer this NEW Service for 2019 as I was guided to offer something different for next year that could help us navigate our through the year more easily. After running the attunement events each month and seeing how the group energies work together to facilitate healing, I wanted to offer a way to help us stay in balance and connect with each other even more. This service provides both, as well as giving an overview of the week ahead to help you work with the current energies more effectively.

Please click here to be taken to my website to subscribe!

My Monthly Energy Forecasts will still be completely FREE, which you can find on here on my blog! My 2019 Energy Forecast will be up before Christmas and January’s Forecast will be up by 28th December! 

Wishing you a very happy Christmas and an amazing 2019!

See you soon!

Love Sarah x

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