2019 Energy Forecast

Happy New Year, well very nearly! I wanted to write my 2019 Energy Forecast early this year as I have just launched a new service called Blissful Boosts. I was guided to offer something different for 2019 that could help us navigate our way through the year more easily. After running the attunement events each month and seeing how the group energies work together to facilitate healing, I wanted to offer a way to help us stay in balance and connect with each other even more.

This service provides both, as well as giving an overview of the week ahead to help you work with the current energies more effectively. This begins on 28th December, so I wanted my 2019 forecast up before this and January’s forecast will be up on the 27th December, so we are all ready for the new year! If you are interested in joining Blissful Boosts, you can read more by clicking here.

2018 was a challenging year for many of us and we learnt a lot about patience! Many of 2018’s energies encouraged us to pause, reflect, let go, trust our intuition and take steps forward that honour who we are. We have healed a lot of past hurts, released a lot of anger and let go of people, places and situations that no longer serve our highest good!

2018 was the year of self empowerment. And I am writing this, I took a moment to look back at my journey over the past year and asked myself if I feel more empowered, the answer was surprisingly yes! I feel this year has taught me what I truly want my life to be like and I am trying to honour my goals and aspirations. I have learnt to let go of other people’s responsibilities, as I realized this year I was taking on far too much responsibility, which wasn’t even mine to take on! This was hard, as saying no is difficult, especially when people have relied on you and you have always said yes in the past! I still have a way to go before I feel completely free, but I am getting there!

2018 was about healing the past so we can be free to be who we truly are. You may have recognized relationships that you had outgrown, work/career paths that no longer held your interest, decided to move to a new location as you felt that your home or the town/village didn’t ‘fit’ you anymore or felt the strong desire to break free from friendships that were draining your energy. These were all things that 2018 brought up for us so we could free ourselves!

If you haven’t quite let go yet, a huge shift will be waiting for you in the new energies of 2019, so don’t beat yourself up if you look back over 2018 and wish you had done a few things differently. Change will come very soon and 2019 will help you get back in the flow as 2019 brings expansion, freedom and new opportunities!

2019 Numerology 

Before I go into the energies of 2019 in more detail, I like to give an overview of what the year number means in terms of numerology and understanding what the Chinese New Year brings in February. As this gives us more of a base understanding of the year to come.

Every year has a corresponding single-digit number known as the Universal Year number. You can find any year’s Universal Year number by , adding them together until you’re left with one single number.

Universal Energy for 2019:  2 + 0 + 1 + 9=12 = 1+2=3

In numerology, 2019 is a universal 3 year as it has a base vibration of the number 3, but it also holds the vibration of number 12, which I also feel is important.

The driving force behind a Universal 3 Vibration year is the Trinity, and the trinity that I get from Spirit for 2019 is all about Mind, Body & Spirit. The Universal 3 year is a reminder to be consciously aware of all three aspects of your being and honouring each part in a balanced and loving way. 

The energy represented by the number 3 is very creative, joyful and dynamic! It is an energy of optimism, inspiration, creative self-expression, communication, emotional sensitivity, and social interaction. 2019 will be a much more joyful year with a focus on fun and play. This energy will help us to follow our passions and give us a boost to drive forward towards our goals as we should feel more free-spirited and creatively expressive.

The Universal 3 year can bring up some emotions as it can inspire everyone to be more honest, open and seek the truth! Communication is key in a 3 year, so we will see more people speaking up, more truths coming out and global movements gaining momentum. This is wonderful, but could be a little overwhelming emotionally, especially if you are an Empath. Pay attention to your emotional state this year as feelings of insecurity and self-doubt could raise their heads, but if these do come up, it is very important to work through them and not get too hung up on them!

2019’s energies are a lot bolder than 2018’s, which can create some emotional sensitivity within us. Just remember, anything that comes up is just showing us what needs to be healed. 2019 can be an extremely productive year if we maintain our balance (Mind, Body & Soul) and clear communication in our relationships, including with ourselves!

2019 also holds a ’12’ energy, which symbolizes completion, perfection, harmony, motivation, achievement and independence. It is also about seeing both sides of a situation, diplomacy, partnership and change.

The ’12’ energy will help motivate us to reach our goals, but watch out that you don’t become a perfectionist and ask for help if you need it as this energy may push us to assert our independence and become a little too caught up in the details!

The number 12/3 also activates the powerful 1-2-3 code, which means it time to ready, set, go! So, 2019 is going to be a year to take action and get moving! 

The Chinese New Year of the Earth Pig

This is a Year of the Earth Pig, with starts on 5th Feb 2019 until 24th Jan 2020.

The year of the pig is said to be a year of fortune and luck! Pig years are welcomed in the East as they’re believed to usher in a time of plenty. 2019 is a great year to make money, build your career/business and a good year to invest, but be careful not to overspend and ‘pig’ out too much!! 

The pig year also brings in new opportunities, but you must act and grab the opportunity with both hands! However, it is best to avoid rushing into anything, so make sure it is an opportunity you want and it FEELS good before saying yes!

Pigs are sensitive creatures; they dislike dramatic events and big changes, so perhaps we can expect a calmer year in 2019! There’s an emphasis on the pleasures of life in the pig year, so entertainment, luxury goods, feel-good treats, and tasty food will all be in the spotlight. The pig’s view of 2019 would probably be ‘spoil yourself because you’re worth it!’

2018 was the year of the Earth dog and as we move into the year of the Earth pig, there will be a more relaxed energy around, which is a welcome relief after the last few years! The year of the pig is a time to enjoy the fruits of our labours and people will have more time to be social and friendly! Friends will be important to us this year and there will be lots of opportunities to connect with new people and make new friends too!

The Chinese new year also combines the elements and 2019’s element is ‘Earth’, which was the same as in 2018. So, the theme continues around security, the home and feeling grounded & safe.

Key Themes for 2019

When I began to write this forecast, Spirit gave me some key words for 2019 to help us understand the key themes.

These words are BEGINNINGS, WILL, MAGIC & ALTERNATE REALITIES. I was also given the element WIND, which I will explain about below.


2019 is a new beginning for us all and it was one of the key words that Spirit gave me to help write this energy forecast! All of us have our roots or beginnings. When we chose to enter the physical world we chose our parents, our culture, and the ancient memories of our ancestors that are stored in the DNA of our bodies. It is with these choices we form the basis for our physical experience. We are now accessing those beginnings much more easily than ever before and the energies of 2019 will help us draw strength and knowledge from our ancestors and lineage.

This year will help us awaken to this knowledge, so we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our path. We will find new ways of relating to each other and as we move deeper into our own awareness we will be able to access information that has not been available to us before. We have learned so much already and this year is the time to honour our beginnings, old and new.

We are about to take steps on a new path as we have released so much of the old. 2019 will bring about change in how we connect and communicate. It is a time to come together, in the light, so we can build a new way of life and honour our beautiful Mother Earth.


We apply our personal power on Earth through our Solar Plexus Chakra, which is the seat of our will. It is through our will that we manifest the physical, which we have created through our thoughts and beliefs.

Our will can either be aligned with our egos or with the Divine will of the Universe. When we align with the ego, we apply our energy through manipulation, and even control of others. When it is aligned with the Divine will, we manifest that which is for our highest good. As we release the need to create specific outcomes and open up to receive what will help us fulfill our purpose instead.

It is time for us all to align our will with the Divine will, so we can help to manifest light upon the Earth. Many of us may already be aligning with the Divine will, but this is Spirit gently reminding us to take a look at how we our using our will to create our reality.

Are we releasing all expectation of what we want to manifest and only wanting to manifest it if it is for our highest good? Asking ourselves this question throughout 2019 will help us to find balance, especially in the Mind, Body and Spirit.


Spirit, intuition and synchronicities are often termed as magic in our society! When we align with our Divine purpose, wonderful synchronicities happen! We hear our intuition loud and clear. We come up with new ideas that seem to flow so easily and new opportunities appear as if by magic!

2019 is going to be packed full of magic and we need to be aware of it! More people will be awakening to their psychic and intuitive gifts. It will be much easier to tune into Spirit and dreams may be more prophetic than usual! There is a lot of magical energy around us this year, so use it wisely and align your will with the Divine will to help you manifest!

Alternate Realities

This was a strange one to get and I dismissed the words to begin with, but Spirit kept repeating them! As they explained what they meant by this, it made a lot more sense to me and I can understand why this is important for us.

We have a narrow range of reality and it is hard for many of us to connect and open up to the other realms that surround us! As we are moving further into 5D and expanding into new levels of reality, the time has come to take off our blinkers and explore alternate realities!

This can be something as simple as opening up further to the Plant world, the Mineral world or the Animal world. Or we could start to connect to other beings from other realms. Opening up further to these beings, whether here on Earth or in another place can help us build our connection with Mother Earth, gain a greater wisdom and understanding of what is happening around us and gain insight into why we are here.

We need to awaken further to help our planet and ourselves. Open yourself this year to all of the beings on Earth, Light beings on the spiritual realms and to your own higher self. Embrace the higher energies and listen carefully for any messages, as perhaps your purpose is to be a voice for these beings in the coming times!

The Element Wind

Wind is the element that governs the realms of the Spirit world and the mind. The corresponding Chakras are the 3rd Eye and the Crown. Therefore these Chakras are key areas of focus for us in 2019!

I feel this message is three-fold. Firstly, it is about our spiritual growth and connection, hence the corresponding Chakras.

Secondly, I feel this is about receiving guidance from the Spirit world as the element wind is also the force of the universal mind. Prolonged deep breathing can facilitate a deep sense of connection to the Spirit world and can open up our psychic awareness.

Thirdly, I feel this was a little warning for us all that more heavy winds, hurricanes and tornadoes will be in store for 2019.

If you feel stuck at any time this year, use the element wind to help you by taking some deep breaths to find clarity and enhancing your connection with Spirit and your own intuition.

2019 is the Year of Awakening

The key thing that struck me after writing my energy forecast for 2019 was that this year we seem to be in for a spiritual awakening! How big and how deep it will be, depends on you and your journey. However, I feel that we will all be having some kind of spiritual shift this year, which will leave an impact on our lives and those around us! Therefore, I have decided to call 2019 the Year of Awakening with Spirit’s blessing as they agreed!

2019 feels like a wonderfully fresh energy filled with new opportunities, magic and good fortune! I’m sure there will be some challenges to overcome this year as there always are, but I know we are ready to face them! Happy New Year.

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Blissful Blessings


Sarah x

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