January 2019 Energy Update

One of the key words Spirit gave me for 2019 was BEGINNINGS, which comes straight up for us in January as we begin the New Year! If you would like to begin with an overview of the year before getting into the energies of January, please ready my 2019 Energy Forecast by clicking here.

A New Year always brings the promise of a fresh start. It is a time to leave behind the past and begin anew!

After all the planets in retrograde during 2018, we start 2019 with only one planet, Uranus, in retrograde, which goes direct on 6th Jan and for the next few months we have a period where all the planets are direct! This helps us begin to look forward properly, take action and actually FEEL like things are beginning to happen!

January is a high energy month and we begin the with a Solar Eclipse of a New Moon on 5th Jan, which helps to lighten the mood and brings a positive energy to aid new projects, especially those related to business. It also kicks starts our creative expression, which as a universal 3 year, is important to help us move forward. There is also a more serious energy around this Eclipse too, which aids discipline and patience, so it is also a great time to take action and do the tasks we have been putting off or ones that we think are too hard to do!

We then have another Eclipse on 21st Jan which is a Lunar Eclipse, sometimes referred to as a Blood Moon. Together, they make up an Eclipse phase which lasts until the 2nd July 2019.

The Lunar Eclipse may bring some uncertainty and change but also great opportunities. The energy around this time may feel more hectic and unbalanced, so make sure you take some time out around the 21st Jan to balance your Mind, Body & Spirit as this is a key theme for 2019!

There may be unexpected news on a personal and/or global level, which may bring up anxiety or uncertainty about the future. The good news is that there will be lots of new opportunities coming in, so be open to change and trust your intuition, especially towards the end of Jan!

We should definitely use the energy around the 5th Jan to help us plan for 2019, but remember, Eclipses can bring change, so be flexible and let go of expectations. Remember to tune in to the Divine will instead of the Ego to bring in what you need for your highest good!.

There are three Eclipse periods in 2019, beginning with one in January, the second in July and the final one in December. Eclipses, normally, always bring about change, which helps shift our lives in a new direction. So, if you haven’t let go of the old during 2018, this Eclipse period in January will help you release!

All three Eclipse periods this year will either be life-changing or help us to transform an area of our lives in a big way! So be open to receive!

If we use the energies of January wisely, big and positive transformations can take place within our lives. So, I wanted to write about what we need to focus on this month to make this happen!

Get out of your mind!

Take time this month for a spiritual practice that helps you feel calm and peaceful. Find a way to have at least 5-10 mins a day where you don’t think and/or stress about everything you have to do! You can do this by going for a walk, meditating, breath work, yoga or listening to some uplifting/peaceful music. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as it helps you calm your mind and brings you back to your center.

Get your life in order!

A key theme for 2019 is around security, the home and feeling grounded & safe. January is a great energy to attend to the structure of your life! For example, clearing the clutter in your home or organizing your daily routine. In essence, by simplifying your life in whichever way you need to do (and you know what needs to change!) at the start of 2019 will create a wonderful foundation to help you achieve your goals. 

Ground yourself daily

It is always good to ground ourselves and connect with Mother Earth, but it is even more important to do this regularly during 2019 as the energies will be a lot bolder than 2018 and we may feel more emotionally sensitive, so please take time to ground!

Be truthful

Be truthful with yourself and others! This is sometimes easier said than done, but it is important to understand if you are actually being truthful with yourself and your loved ones this year! It is best to do this right at the beginning of the year to set the tone for the future.

What do I mean by being truthful?

Are you telling others how you really feel? Are you being honest with yourself about what you want to do? Are you saying yes, when you really want to say no? Are you spending time with people you don’t resonate with anymore due to guilt or social conventions? Are you taking responsibility for others when it is not your job?

These are all questions to ask yourself this month to understand what obstacles are in your way of achieving your goals. Being honest with ourselves about how we really feel about certain situations, people or responsibilities is sometimes really difficult. January’s energies support this process of honesty and openness, so it is a great time to speak your truth!! 

Once we are honest with ourselves, decisions are so much easier to make, and it is amazing how much negative energy is released! The truth, as they say, will set you free!

Protect your energy 

Once we begin to speak our truth, start to simplify our lives and take time out to calm our minds, ground and re-center, we may find people’s reactions to the changes we are making a little challenging! If you experience any negative reactions to the changes you are making to your life this month, make sure you protect your energy, so you don’t take on anyone else’s negativity!

You can do this in a few different ways, so see which one works best for you. For example, you can imagine a ball of light around you in any colour that feels good, as you place this light around you set an intention that it keeps your energy protected and safe. Another option is to place an imagined mirror between you and the person who is challenging you. The mirror side needs to be facing the other person as this will then reflect their own emotions back to them rather than you. You can also call on your guides, Angels etc to help protect you if you are feeling energetically drained. The other physical way to protect your energy is to spend less time with those that drain your energy! We can still be with those we love, but just limit the amount of time with that person.

I clear my energy every day and have found with myself, in the healing sessions I do for others and in my events, we tend to pick up a lot of negative energy! This energy can be from people, but can also be from situations, places and even animals! This is one of the reasons I started the Blissful Boosts Membership to help us release negativity and clear our energy each week so we can be the best version of ourselves throughout 2019.

Membership also includes a Facebook group to share experiences, where I shall be giving free mini readings to help you see where you are out of balance and some free attunements too! I also will send you weekly wisdom from Spirit to help you navigate through each week of 2019 more easily. These begin tomorrow, 28th December, but you can subscribe whenever you want during 2019 if things get a bit much and you would like some support!

Events to help you through January

I shall be running 2 attunement events each month during 2019 to help us, which are by donation, just a minimum of £1 to join. One will be from the Manifestation Guidance Program by Linda Colibert to help you manifest your desires through 2019, and the other event will be an attunement to help us navigate the month’s energies more easily.

New Life Reiki is on 9th January. I chose this lovely energy for January to help us embrace our new beginning in 2019! ‘Beginnings’ was one of the keywords Spirit gave us for 2019, and I felt that this energy can really help us move forward along our life path, especially if we feel a bit stuck or haven’t completely let go of the challenges from 2018!

Personal Power Manifestation is on 23rd January. This is the 1st attunement within the Manifestation Guidance Program, of which there is 12 in total, and it is a brilliant energy to help you reclaim your power and believe in yourself!

January’s energy is about honouring your needs and what’s important to you. By being honest with yourself, simplifying your life, calming your mind and protecting your energy will help you understand what you truly want and work out your new goals for 2019.

Have a blissful new beginning in 2019!!

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Sarah x

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