February 2019 Energy Update

I am so excited that February is now here!! January was a challenging month in many ways, but it was also the start of a new beginning. We had BIG energy periods during January, which included two Eclipses. These brought up a lot of old emotions to clear and release, so we could move forward and act on our desires and dreams! 

Even though the Lunar Eclipse has now passed, we may still be feeling the effects, which can last for up to another six months! This energy can help to unravel life lessons or gifts for us over the next few months. We are all still in the process of clearing up past patterns that have been holding us back from personal fulfilment. So, if you are still figuring things out, organizing your thoughts, life and work, then don’t panic as there is still plenty of time, so don’t feel pressured to rush! Remember balance is key this year, especially for Mind, Body and Spirit, so don’t push yourself too hard. 

February is a much brighter month energetically than January, which is very welcome after the intensity of the Eclipse! February begins on the 1st with Imbolc, which is one of the oldest celebrations known in the Pagan calendar. It is a celebration of Spring, a time of welcoming the return of the Sun God, and the first celebration of the new year. 

The word Imbolc loosely translates as “in the belly” when ewes were fattened with soon-to-be-born lambs. Our ancestors would celebrate this coming new life, the ending of winter, and the lengthening light of each passing day. The coming of Spring is a time of cleansing; a time of purification and birth into the newness of the season. Springtime is a season of optimism and hope, a time when positivity reigns supreme and all things shine under the light of the sun. So, the beginning of February is wonderful time to let go of the darkness of the past and step boldly into the light!

We then have a Super New Moon on 4th February. This New Moon’s energy will bring us clarity, brighten the energy around us and help to bring in positivity and abundance!. It is the perfect day to set new intentions for what we want from our lives. 

February invites in change and the energy asks us all to fully embrace it! It is also the month of love and partnerships are highlighted. This includes the partnership we have with ourselves too! Self-love, self-care, self-worth and self-respect are all key areas of focus this month and we may get a wake up call to nurture ourselves if we don’t time the time to nourish the relationship with self! 

February is a time to also embrace the more playful, fun and adventurous side of life. The Chinese New Year begins on 5th February, with the Year of the Earth Pig. This brings in a much more relaxed energy and the year of the pig is a time to enjoy the fruits of our labours and people will have more time to be social and friendly! So make time for play! 

The Year of the Pig is said to be a year of fortune, luck and new opportunities, so look out for signs this month about the next steps to take. Be open to new opportunities, but don’t rush in! Take the time to make sure it is right for you! TRUST your intuition! 

We have a Full Moon on 19th February, and this falls in a very powerful energy period, which begins around the 18th Feb and last up to around the 22nd Feb.  This energy can aid our spiritual awakening, which is very exciting, but it also may bring up doubts about the next part of the journey! So, be aware of how you feel during this period and listen to what your intuition and body are telling you! If doubts come up, allow them. Sit with them and ask the Angels for help. Remember, there is no rush to make decisions, so be patient with yourself and others around this time. 

February is a very positive month and the energy helps us push forward so we can make our dreams a reality.

Are you ready to embrace your dreams?

Are you ready to receive what you’ve been asking the Universe to provide?

Ask yourself these questions and see what comes up! It is absolutely okay if there is a little fear there as change can be scary, even if it is change we want! If there is some fear, ask your heart, “Is this fear stopping me from taking action?” If the answer is yes, you are letting yourself know you need to release some of this fear before you can fully embrace the new. So, sit quietly and FEEL the fear, so it can dissipate. You may still feel a little fearful about moving forward, but this is natural, and shouldn’t block you from taking the next step, as you will do it anyway! It is when the fear is so overwhelming that it blocks our intuition and stops us from taking action that we need to focus on releasing it. 

February’s energies will help us move forward with love, but we can only utilize these energies if we let go of the past and any fear about moving forward. Then, we can really tap into the positive vibes to move us into March with greater clarity about who we are, what we want, and how to get there!

Services to help you through February

I shall also be running 2 attunement events each month during 2019 to help us, which are by donation, just a minimum of £1 to join. One will be from the Manifestation Guidance Program by Linda Colibert to help you manifest your desires through 2019, and the other event will be an attunement to help us navigate the month’s energies more easily.

Self-Love & Respect Manifestation is on 13th February, please click the link to join. This is the 2nd attunement within the Manifestation Guidance Program, but can be used as a stand-alone energy, so you don’t have to have received the other attunements! Love for yourself is necessary to grow, to be happy, and healthy! To be able to love truly, you must love yourself. When you love yourself, and respect yourself, you radiate in perfect vibration of the energy of love and respect, and it will draw more positive love and respect to you.

Akashic Records Flush Empowerment is on 27th February, please click the link to join. The Akashic Records Flush Empowerment is designed to clear the Akashic Records where the soul’s suffering originated so we are not restricted on a karmic and energetic level. This is the Year of Awakening, so this flush can help us align and clear our energy and help us connect with Source, ourselves and the Higher Realms more easily.

February’s energy is all about embracing who we are and what we want! Let go of any fear holding you back and allow your intuition to guide you. Self-love is so important this month, so give yourself some love and remember to play!

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Wishing you a blissful February!



Sarah x

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