Meditation Made Easy!

I am currently in the process of reading Mind to Matter: The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality by Dawson Church PhD.

In his book, he talks about EcoMeditation, which is a technique he has developed over the years.

EcoMeditation is based on the best practices from a variety of disciplines, such as Heartmath, EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques), and Neurofeedback.

I wanted to try this EcoMeditation out for myself before I wrote about it in my blog, so I could tell you if it actually works! And the good news is that it does!!

Dawson states in his book, “Even people who tell us that they’ve failed every time they’ve tried to learn to meditate have been able to meditate successfully and immediately.”

I now believe his statement, as this is a really simple technique that actually works! I enjoy meditating, but there are times when my mind just won’t stop and this meditation calms it instantly!

The tapping is the part that instantly calms my mind and helps me relax. After listening to Dawson’s audio meditation for the last week, I now do the tapping points on my own without listening to the guided meditation.  This is great as I have started to do the tapping before any energy work I do as well as doing it before a meditation. It works brilliantly to help calm my mind, open my heart and release old emotions, so I am a much clearer channel for my healing work.

I urge you to try this out for a week and see how you feel, especially if you find meditation hard work!

Give yourself the gift of 20 minutes of undisturbed time to do this EcoMeditation.  Do this every day for a week, and you’ll notice a difference in how you feel during the rest of the day. 

You can visit Dawson’s website by clicking this link to download the Eco-mediation for yourself. Click here for the downloadable audio Eco Meditation by Dawson Church. 

Below I have added the 7 steps of the EcoMeditation, so you can also have a read about how it works and at the end of this post is a diagram of the EFT tapping points Dawson uses in the meditation. 

The 7 Steps of EcoMeditation

Before you begin, turn off your cell phone, laptop, and alerts. Give yourself the gift of 20 minutes of undisturbed time. You can do this first thing in the morning (my favourite time), last thing at night, or during a break in the day. Sit upright in a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted.

1. Use your fingertips to tap on each of the EFT acupressure points in any order, while holding the intention that you are in a calm and peaceful state, and nothing matters except the gift of undisturbed time you are now giving yourself. Tap from top to bottom, and when you get to the last point, start on the first point again. If you don’t know the tapping points, you can find them on the diagram below.

This is time just for you. Let all your preoccupations vanish, and allow yourself to be fully present. As you tap, say, “I release any and all blocks to inner peace. I release all the tension in my body. I release anything in my past, present or future that stands between me and inner peace.”

2. Close your eyes, and let your tongue rest loosely on the floor of your mouth.

3. Picture a big empty space behind your eyes. If thoughts arise in your mind at any point during the meditation, just let them go. Watch them drift like clouds across the sky, without attachment. 

4. Breathe slowly, for 6 seconds per out-breath, and 6 seconds per in-breath. Count to 6 silently each time you breathe in, and each time you breathe out. Notice how relaxed your tongue is. Picture the big empty space behind your eyes. Keep your tongue relaxed.

If physical sensations arise in your body, such as aches or pains, just observe them. You don’t have to do anything about them. Keep your attention focused on your breath, counting 6 seconds in, and 6 seconds out.

5. Visualize the location in your chest where your physical heart resides. Imagine breathing in and out through your heart, while maintaining 6 second in-breaths and 6 second out-breaths. Maintain a relaxed tongue.

6. Imagine a beam of love pouring out through your heart toward a person or place that you love with each out-breath. Stay in this state for several breaths. Notice the big empty space behind your eyes, and how relaxed your tongue is on the floor of your mouth

7. Bring the beam of love back into your body, into the area of your physical heart. Send that love to any part of your body that is uncomfortable or in pain. To end the meditation, take 3 deep 6 second breaths.

When you feel complete with the meditation, return your attention to the room you’re in. Open your eyes and look at the object closest to you, and observe its characteristics, such as colour, texture, and weight. Shift your gaze and look at the object furthest away from you. Notice your breath. Notice the weight of your body on the chair or on the surface on which you’re sitting. Feel your hands and feet. Be aware of the time.

Bring yourself back to the here and now. While a meditative state supports our well-being, it’s also vital to orient yourself to the “real world” and function there effectively at the end of each meditation period.

Do this every day for a week, and you’ll notice a difference in how you feel during the rest of the day. Do this every day for a month, and you’ll be hooked. It only requires 20 minutes, though you may want to gradually increase your time frame to 30 or 45 minutes.