April 2019 Energy Update

We have shifted so much over the course of the last few months and as we move into April we are going to feel much more open and invigorated to take the next steps!

Spirit give me 3 words each week for the weekly energy forecasts I now write for Members of Blissful Boosts. This helps us navigate the energies more easily so we know what to focus our attention on. I have now been guided to do this for the monthly forecasts too, which will then tie into the weekly message as well.

The 3 words given to us by Spirit for April are HEALING, CONFIDENCE and LOVE

March was all about living in our truth and finding our flow. April’s energies help us move on to the next stage of our journey. The focus for this month is around healing old patterns, which in turn help us to become more confident about who we are and want we want, therefore allowing us to truly feel the Divine love that is supporting us.   

The first week of April kicks off with a very positive energy and a lovely New Moon on the 5th April, which is a great time for new opportunities and new beginnings. This week is a wonderful time to set new intentions and heal old wounds to bring about change and help us manifest our dreams for the rest of 2019.

I found it very interesting that one of the words Spirit gave me for the weekly forecast (1st-7th April) is also HEALING! Therefore, the first week in April is an important for self-healing as this aspect has come up twice! 

I know we have released so much already this year and we are only in April, but the Universe is asking for another big push! We are peeling back yet more layers to uncover what we need to heal.

I have personally released a lot of grief and fear over the last few weeks and I am also finding that the readings I do for clients are also going deeper into the healing process. Things we thought we have dealt with are coming back up to show us any unresolved issues that we need to completely clear. 

When this happens, we sometimes end up feeling like we are going backwards, but that is not the case. The healing work we have already done has helped us grow and shift in a HUGE way and I promise the layers are getting thinner! 2020 will be a pivotal year and we are clearing, releasing and healing everything in order to prepare for next year.  

We are healing deep aspects within that have perhaps blocked our way forward or stopped us from feeling worthy and loved. The energy this month is very supportive of the next stage of our healing process. 

When we heal deep emotional trauma, grief, and old patterns, we break free of the old and step more fully into our power and abundance.

Abundance is our birthright and when we hold on to the old we do not allow the full amount of abundance in all its forms to come in!

Healing ourselves helps us become whole and when new opportunities come in we are much more able to see them, feel them and grab hold of them without old fears and emotions holding us back.

New opportunities can create more abundance in our lives, whether that is a new relationship, new job, new home or just a new way of being! Abundance isn’t just about money, it is about feeling fulfilled and happy in our lives. 

I am running the Abundance Manifestation attunement event on 10th April to help us receive the abundance we all deserve! If you are not feeling very abundant at the moment, April’s energies will help you become more so, and you can sign up for the event if you wish for a little more help with that area of your life!

Relationships come into the spotlight during April, if they haven’t already, as they are a big part of our healing process. This energy really comes into play around the 19th April, when we have a Full Moon which illuminates everything so we can see more clearly.

If you are in a challenging relationship, which could be with a family member, a friend or a lover, then any tension will be highlighted this month. It is time to make some decisions about what is right for you moving forward. Listen to your heart about any relationship that may be causing you stress or concern.

Do you need to cut ties and move on? Or do you want to work together on healing those aspects of the relationship that are no longer working? 

2019 is all about breaking free of what no longer serves our highest good and only you know what is best for you. 

Deciding what to do about a relationship is sometimes incredibly hard when we are emotionally attached to the situation. We may love someone very much, but in our hearts know that we are not compatible anymore.

Having the confidence to break free of old patterns, old relationships and old emotions is tough! We hold on to people, things, jobs and everything else in between when we have too much fear about the unknown. April’s energies will help bring things into focus and shine a light on anything that is not working and not for our highest good. 

Spirit gave us the word love this month as they want us to look at all the challenges we face with love! If we look at a situation with love and compassion for ourselves as well as the other people involved, it helps us see what is best for us all. 

Speak your truth with love this month, and that includes yourself as well as others! Be confident in your own abilities and trust your intuition. Try to look at any challenging situation you face from a higher perspective, so you are not as emotionally attached to the outcome. Above all trust in what your heart is telling you to do. 

I was guided to choose a powerful attunement, the Dragon Phoenix Energy Empowerment, for the last event of the month, on 24th April, to propel us forward and help us begin anew by burning away anything we no longer want or need energetically! The Phoenix is the keeper of the fire in all of creation and represents transformation, death, and rebirth. The dragon energy helps us to rekindle our souls’ fire and aid our clarity and strength for the journey ahead. I felt that this was a wonderful combination to powerfully clear away anything we haven’t completely let go of or healed by the end of the month!

Overall, April is a time to heal, so we can grab new opportunities confidently with both hands without fear holding us back. Any decisions made this month should be made from the heart and with love for yourself as well as for others. 

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Wishing you a blissful April!


Sarah x

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