June 2019 Energy Update


June’s 3 words given to us by Spirit are TRANSFORMATION, GROWTH and AWARENESS.

May’s energies were quite challenging and we did see a lot of strange weather and some earthquakes. It will continue in this way as the climate changes and the Earth shifts, so be aware of what is happening around you and trust your intuition. I also wrote about souls leaving the planet as they have completed what they have come here to do. This has also been happening and I have had three people close to me lose someone they love this month. My heart goes out to you if you have also experienced the loss of a loved one. 

Change is happening NOW and we cannot control the changes, such as the weather, those choosing to leave and what is happening on the political stage. We can, however, control our thoughts, emotions and energy! This process of change is happening across the globe and we need to be able to hold an awareness of what is happening without letting it impact our energy. 

Fear is coming up for many around the world, and anger and stress is even more prevalent and will continue to rise as the planet goes through these changes.  It is a difficult time to be in, yet we all came down here to be on Earth for this very reason! Your job and mine is to raise the vibration of Earth with our light. We each do this in very different ways, but the objective is exactly the same, which is to let out more love. 

June may be another challenging month as we are still in a big cycle of change. However, this change is contributing to our transformation and growth! As we raise our vibration and move into a more heart-based energy, our awareness and perspective shift, which helps us to see the truth of a situation in a more loving way.

Spirit has been telling me for the last few months that the focus of our healing work should be centered around the Heart Chakra. This isn’t to say that we don’t need to focus on other areas if needed, but the Heart is the key in our ascension process. If everyone in the world loved themselves fully and felt the love from Spirit and from other people, what an amazing place this would be!! I now offer specific Heart Chakra healing sessions to help, which I have been guided to put on sale for the whole of June. Please click here. On the 10th of June, there is also a Heart Expansion Healing event for all members. 

So, the more we can heal past hurts, forgive ourselves and others and let go of the old and things that no longer serve us, the more we can embrace love. 

I have been running the Manifestation Guidance Program this year, which has 12 attunements. I have run one each month as an event following the order given by the founder and I had to laugh when I saw the synchronicity of this month’s event as it is the Letting Go Manifestation! How’s that for divine timing!! This event is on 5th June and it is an amazing energy, which connects you to your higher self to help you learn to see the true essences of people, places, and things that no longer serve you in your life.

Once you can see what you need to let go, you then must allow the process of letting go so that you are no longer wasting your energies on things that no longer serve you. This is the perfect energy for June as it is a 9 Universal Month, which means in Numerology, it brings the end of a cycle.

The energy of June may bring endings, but with these endings comes transformation and growth and an awareness of what we actually want in our lives!

The old system is breaking down and we are seeing this in the political and social arenas and within our environment. The good news is that there are a huge amount of people who are working hard to change things so we have a more sustainable way of life going forward.

We are each part of this change, even if we only do our bit for the environment e.g. cutting down our use of plastics, we can help. The other side of what we can help to change relates to what type of energy we are sending out to the Universe! When we are in a place of fear, stress and worry, this keeps us in a lower vibration, which does not help our physical bodies or those around us.

When we clear these old emotions and shift into a new state of awareness and see the truth of the changes happening, we raise our energy and vibration. This, in turn, helps to shift the whole vibration of the planet! The more of us that can shift into higher vibrations of love and peace, the higher the vibration on Earth will become. 

It is very hard not to become overwhelmed with what is happening right now, but when we focus on the self and bring ourselves back into balance we can begin to see things from a different perspective. The difficulty we have in ‘letting go’ is that we don’t know what is ahead and also because we each know deep down that it is up to us as individuals to fill that void within. 

The key to letting go is of course love and Spirit has been showing me that there is beauty in absolutely everything when we come from a place of love and compassion, but we have to have this for ourselves first before we can completely let go of the old. 

The transformation that is taking place is happening within each person here on this planet. The things that are happening outside of us (social, economic, weather, natural disasters, political etc) are taking place to help us all shift into a new way of being and living as we cannot go on as we are.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or worried about what is happening in the world, stop, breathe and look for the beauty in the people, places and animals you see around you. This will help to raise your vibration. Give yourself space to allow your emotions to come up and out. Take time to be still and connect with your power within. Try to let go of the attachment you have to the world we currently live in and imagine if we lived in a world that was bursting with love! 

There cannot be light without dark. The darkness that is currently in the world is teaching us all how to find the light! For example, the child environmentalists that have already changed the world, such as coming up with plans to save countless gallons of water in their cities, tackling Mcdonalds, fighting to stop mountaintop removal mining, raising money for Gulf Coast relief efforts, and more. Please click here to read about 6 amazing children that are following their light to help the world.

I am running another event on 19th June to help us connect back with the power within us and our own light. Constantine Reiki ~ The Power Within is an energy that helps connect you to the inner light, the power within you to defeat the darkness, to overcome the nightmares, to reach beyond the limitations, and demons of your own creation and more.

By facing the truth of what is happening helps us to let go as does knowing that there are a lot of people out there that are already helping. These kids inspire me and focusing on the light that we see in others can help to bring forth our own light too.

June is all about letting go of the old so the new has the space to come in. See the world from a new perspective this month and try to see the beauty in everything. Above all, be true to you and allow your emotions to flow if they need to. Now is the time to release the old and transform into who you wish to be. 

I am very grateful to each of you who supports this blog, thank you.

Wishing you a blissful June.


Sarah x

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