Easy Ways to Clear and Protect Your Energy Field

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If you often find yourself in situations and social environments that leave you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, tense, or drained, you might be surprised to find out that these feelings may not be entirely your own!

A huge amount of people absorb the feelings, energies, and emotions from situations and the people around them. It is not just Empaths that feel the impact of negative energy!

As you know, we all have an energy field that surrounds our physical body called the Aura. Our Aura is the electric magnetic field around our body, which is interconnected with everything around us.

The emotions that are created from our thoughts spread out into our Aura and can be felt by those around us. Our thoughts and feelings become densities in our Aura and will eventually manifest in our physical body in well-being or illness.

Our aura is built up by layers, each which are generated by a Chakra, so using the 7 major Chakra system we know that we have at least 7 layers in our aura, each layer vibrates its own energy and can expand and retract as our emotions vary.

With all of these layers in our energy field, affecting our emotions, thinking, health, and behaviour, having another person’s energy in our space, can be quite damaging!

We can begin to think and feel things that are not our own! We may feel tired or drained, and even become physically ill from these negative emotions.

The good news is that we can clear and protect ourselves from negative energy, whether that be from other people or places with 3 easy steps!

Ground into Mother Earth

Grounding is a very important part of any spiritual practice. When we use the higher Chakras all the time, we may feel rather floaty, get headaches or feel a bit tired. Grounding helps us to re-connect with Mother Earth and use all our Chakras properly again!

If you ever feel a bit off balance or dizzy, then you probably need to ground yourself! I practice grounding every day and do this before and after any spiritual work as well.

Grounding also helps us to release any negative energy we may have picked up from others as well as helping us to release our own old emotions into Mother Earth.

There are a few different ways you can ground yourself.

In each scenario, imagine/visualize roots coming out of your feet going right through the Earth to the central core until they are actually in the core of Earth. I imagine the core like a ball of lava! You should feel something when you reach the core e.g. a burst of energy, a sense of peace, love etc. Once you have connected, take a deep breath and pull up the energy through your body.

  1. Spend some time in nature, do some gardening or just go for a walk on the beach or forest.
  2. Take off your shoes and socks and stand outside on the grass.
  3. If it is too cold to do the above or you haven’t much time, then stand or sit with your feet firmly on the floor (you can do this inside!)

You are now grounded!

Clear Your Energy

Next, clear your energy field! Don’t panic, this is much easier than it sounds!

Sit or stand quietly. Take a few deep breaths and let go of any stress or tension in your body.

Then say the following:

“Any negativity I have picked up from people, situations, locations, phone calls, emails or anything else I haven’t mentioned on all levels of my being please release now either by transmuting it into Mother Earth or returning to the sender with love for everyone’s highest good.”

You will normally feel old energy leaving you and you will feel lighter. You can also specify a particular person, place etc if you feel like you have taken on their energy.

Once you feel this is complete, then say the following.

“Please bring back any energy that I have given away intentionally or unintentionally for my highest good now.”

Again, you should feel energy, but this time returning to you and helping you feel more energised!

Once you’ve practised this technique a few times, you will be able to ground yourself and clear your energy very quickly – in less than 5 minutes.

Visualize a Bubble of Light Around You

Once you’ve grounded into the Earth and cleared your energy field, the next step is to protect yourself from absorbing any negativity!

I love working with colour, so when imagining a bubble of light around yourself, you should FEEL which colour is needed to help you at that moment.

White: Aids strength and peace

Pink: Love and compassion

Green: Healing

Purple: Transmute negative energy and elevate spiritual powers

Blue: Aids communication and expressing your truth

Rainbow: Increases spiritual power

Silver: Protection in crowds, safety

Gold: Confidence and creativity

Imagine yourself being enveloped by a bubble of coloured light, whichever colour feels best for you. This may change each time you put up your bubble of light as you may need a different colour, so be open to what comes in!

Imagine it completely surrounding your body – including above your head and beneath your feet.

Then state your intention for this protection out loud, such as “This bubble of light surrounds me with protection from negative energies now and completely encircles me with love.”

White Light Prayer

I also wanted to include a beautiful White Light Prayer that can be used when you need a bit of reassurance, so you can say it as often as you wish. It is also a lovely way to finish your clearing and protection ritual above too!

“Spirit, please surround me in your light of protection throughout my day.

Be at my side and guide my words and actions to come from a place of love.

Please clear my energy and vibration completely of negative thoughts, fears and self-limiting beliefs.

Help me to fully and completely experience love, light and joy that is present in every moment and guide me on my path for the highest and greatest good.

Thank you”

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