How do You Use a Black Moon’s Energy?

Black Moon

A Black Moon is a rare occurrence and either takes place when there are two new moons in a month or it can be the third New Moon in an astronomical season with four New Moons.

Depending on where you are in the world, the Black Moon will either be on 31st July or 30th August 2019. You can see which date this is for you by clicking here and seeing your location on the right-hand side of the page by clicking change location to where you live.

A Black Moon is a particularly powerful New Moon which brings about a significant new phase. The energy amplifies your intentions for the new cycle ahead.

Each Black Moon signals the beginning of a new cycle which lasts until the next Black Moon, which is normally two and a half to three years later. However, we will have another Black Moon in August 2020, so this new cycle will last until then.

A Black Moon is a powerful moment in time which can influence the years ahead.

How do You Use a Black Moon’s Energy?

A New Moon is a time of fresh starts and new beginnings. It is a great time to go inwards, contemplate and understand what we need to do next.

Our energy levels tend to be lower around a New Moon, so contemplation rather than action is the best way to harness the energy. 

A Black Moon is an extremely powerful New Moon. We can use this energy to prepare for the shifts we would like to see in both our inner and outer worlds. 

A common experience around a Black Moon or the New Moon beforehand is that a new opportunity may come up, but then leave before it even arrived! This may leave us discouraged, but there is no need to be. This is just creating the way forward for the actual new beginning. If this happens to you, it is just showing you where you need to make some adjustments or review your plans.

By setting our intentions at the start of July with the New Moon, this should bring up any changes we need to make before the Black Moon comes in. Please read July’s Energy Update for more information about the whole month.

Some of us may experience ‘unwanted change’ during this time, such as the end of a relationship, the loss of a job or a change in home. The best way to use this energy if these changes do occur is to go inward and trust that everything is happening for a reason even if you can’t see it yet. Sometimes we need to let go of the old before a new opportunity can come in and when we don’t let go of our own accord, the Universe jumps in and helps us on our way!

I always remind myself that we are never given more than we can handle and that always gives me hope. I also look back to one of my past memories when I lost my job and was very upset, only to realise that I then had the freedom to go travelling and work on my business! This was the start of me working properly on what I actually love to do, so losing my job was one of the best things that ever happened to me, I just couldn’t see it right at that moment! I never went back to a ‘normal’ job and have had my own business ever since.

Once the Black Moon arrives, a BIG shift will occur in the Universal energies and this can awaken our consciousness. This will help people to ‘wake up’ and we will also begin to manifest a new way of life, which will be based on our intentions, so make sure your intentions are what you actually want!! This will continue to develop throughout the coming year, as the next Black Moon is in August 2020.

This is not an ordinary New Moon but the birth of a whole new phase in our lives. This is an incredibly exciting time, which may unfold in ways that are hard to predict, so this is a time of trust, faith and going with the flow!

Here are some ideas to contemplate during this time:

  • How much do I love myself on a scale of 1-10? 
  • If the number is low on the above scale – How do I love myself more?
  • How readily do I express love and gratitude?
  • How truthful am I (with myself & others) about what I want from life?
  • Do I get enough alone time (solitude) to connect deeply with myself?
  • Am I comfortable having alone time or do I fill my life with things to do and other people to hide from myself?
  • In what ways can I inspire others to be their authentic self?
  • How deeply do I respect myself even when things are not going to plan?
  • How well do I comfort myself in times of challenge or rejection?

Black Moons are a lot more potent than your ‘normal’ New Moon, as this cycle helps to define our future. Therefore if we have a yearning for a fresh start and eager to discard the old, then the Black Moon will help us embrace that change.  

If we are in opposition to change and we still have a lot of fear about moving forward, these energies will help us find the courage to step up and make the changes we need in order to live the lives we want.  

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