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Heal the Earth

I recently took part in a group meditation with my Members of Blissful Boosts to send healing, love and peace to our beautiful Mother Earth.

It was an amazing experience for me and for the other people who joined. We each connected with Mother Earth in a deeply spiritual way and it helped us understand that we need to do more to help her heal.

Mother Earth gave me a message during the meditation which she asked me to share. This message came in the form of images and emotions, so I have written about the key points below.

To begin, she showed me the Earth as we would view it from above (like the blog picture) and then the areas that needed the most healing were zoomed in on. 

The key areas of concern were the oceans, the USA and all of the trees around the world.

The oceans that were focused on were the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Pacific Ocean. After the meditation, I researched the oceans and found this information, which was an eye-opener! But interestingly, even though the Indian Ocean is the 2nd most polluted ocean, this wasn’t pinpointed in the meditation. 

The oceans felt like they needed the most healing out of everywhere, which surprised me as I thought it would be the actual ground. It is heartbreaking to know how much pollution there is out there, but also essential that we know so we can stop creating it! It is hard to write this as I want my posts to be positive, yet we also need to understand the truth, which is why Mother Earth wanted me to write about this so we can come together to help her.

The USA is holding a lot of dense energy, which is adding to the problem with the oceans as the ones identified are on either side of America. 

The trees broke my heart a little as they are all linked together across the world and can feel each other’s suffering. 

Peter Wohlleben, who wrote The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate, is an advocate that trees communicate with one another, which has now been proven in the latest scientific studies. These studies confirm what he has long suspected: Trees are far more alert, social, sophisticated and intelligent than we ever thought.  Peter says, “Some are calling it the wood-wide web.”

Unfortunately, the trees are not doing well and Mother Earth wanted me to share this with you, so we can help them. Sending healing and love can help them heal, even if we just connect with one tree.

As the trees are so connected, the love we give ‘our one tree’ will send this on to the next tree nearby. So, if everyone stopped and gave one tree some love all the trees would receive a little love all the way around the world!

Next time you are out walking, stop by a tree and put your hand on the trunk and just intend love and healing. This small step can make a big difference. 

It is difficult to know what to do when we read about the impact of plastics in our ocean, climate change, wildlife suffering and all the other events that are happening in our world. I know everyone reading this is trying to do their bit to help the environment, but sometimes it just doesn’t feel like enough. 

If we can come together and send love, healing and peace to Mother Earth, we can make a difference.

An experiment conducted in the early 1980s, during the height of the Lebanon war, sought to discover whether meditation could reduce war. When 1,000 people in Jerusalem meditated on world peace, war deaths in Lebanon went down by over 75 per cent. Not only did war deaths go down, but crime, traffic collisions, fires, and other destructive events also went down on the days the group meditated.

Quantum physicist John Hagelin PhD commented: “There is far more evidence that group meditation can turn off war like a light switch than that aspirin reduces headaches. It is a scientific fact.”

This demonstrates that group meditation can create change. 

As you know, everything is energy, so by sending light (healing, love, peace, positive thoughts) out across the world, we can help to raise the vibration of the planet and help Mother Earth heal. 

When the vibration shifts to a higher level more people wake up. This can lead not only to changes on an individual level but also on a collective level too. If we can raise the vibration enough, giant companies may also wake up and make the changes we need to stop polluting our oceans!

Therefore, I will now be running a group meditation event every month, which is open to all who wish to join.

The next Help the Earth Heal event is on Sunday 25th August at 8pm (UK time). I have created an event on my website, so if you wish you can be sent an email reminder, which also includes the time of the event if you are in another county, so you don’t even need to look this up! It is completely free to sign up and all you need is the intention to help heal our amazing planet!

If you would like to join in the meditation, please click on the button below, which will take you to the event page on Blissfully Free.


Blissful Blessings,

Sarah x

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  1. Lovely blog and the encouragement to acknowledge and send appreciation to a tree is an important one. I write about how important one particular tree is to my character’s journey in my first novel and how connecting with tree-energy is a beautiful thing. It’s why the phrase tree-hugger exists!

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