August 2019 Spiritual Energies and Lion’s Gate


August’s 3 words given to us by Spirit are:


What a month July was! We have been through an intense clearing process as we shift into a new cycle of energy. 

August has a gentler vibration than July, but there will still be a lot happening as we have a number of cosmic events going on, including the Lion’s Gate on the 8th August.

I have included a list of key dates below so you can see what is coming up.

Cosmic Events

August is a 2 Universal Month, which is all about connection, not just with others, but with ourselves, Spirit and Nature.

The number 2 resonates with the vibrations of service, balance and harmony, flexibility, 
and love. Number 2 also relates to relationships, intuition, trust and life purpose.

August also holds the vibration of the number 8, which resonates with the vibrations of authority, personal power, self-confidence, success, abundance, giving and receiving,  the ego, truth, spiritual consciousness, world transformation and infinity.

The number 8 is a balanced number and relates to the balancing of both the material and spiritual aspects of our experience. It is also the number of Karma – the Universal Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect.

The 3 words given to us by Spirit are all connected to the energies of number 2 as well. The areas we should focus on this month are:  Relationships, Heart and Vibration. 

August’s energies will highlight physical, environmental, economic, military, and political issues.  Those that are entirely materialistic, power-driven with egocentric motives will show their true colours this month for all to see. 

The greed, bullying, control and violence we are already seeing will become even more visible this month.  Therefore, WE need to stay in the Heart-Based energy to help find balance, not just for ourselves, but also to help Mother Earth and those around us too. 

Spirit are asking us this month to have courage, faith and trust in the Divine and also in our own intuition to guide our way forward.

August may test our patience, but trust that all will come to pass in Divine timing.  

Imagine a container with oil at the bottom.  The oil is dirty and sticky and has been there for a long time.  Then, pure, crystal clear water is poured into the container.  As the water fills the container, the oil floats on the surface and rises to the top.  More crystal-clear water is poured into the container and the oil rises to the top, closer and closer to the surface.

Eventually, the dirty, sticky oil spills out and down the sides.  This is what happens when we take healing energy into ourselves.  Old patterns and wounds, hurts and prejudices can spill over, taking us by surprise.  But don’t worry- it’s just the oil coming up!  Any crisis or major change in our lives can bring about a re-assessment of how we view things.

This is exactly what is happening within the world around us, as well as within ourselves, EVERYTHING is coming up to be healed! This is why we are seeing so much violence, greed and control. The dirty water MUST rise to the surface before it can be cleared away.

It may not be obvious just yet about how everything will unfold to create a more positive and loving world, but we need to trust that it will. 

We move into August on a New Moon and Mercury moving direct, which helps clear the energy for us to progress forward.

August begins with Lammas (or Lughnasadh), on 1st August, which marks the first harvest. This is a powerful energy day to reflect on the year so far. Waking with the Sun and giving thanks for all the abundance you have received is a beautiful and simple way to honour this sacred time. For some of us, we also have a New Moon on the 1st too!

The first part of August until the 10th brings a fresh energy that emphasises playtime, fun and celebration. It is time to enjoy, relax and spend time with those we love. 

Relationships come into the spotlight during August and it is a great energy to work on deepening the relationships you already have and also for forming new ones.

Allow yourself to be supported as well as offering support to others. The energy can make us want to rescue everyone else while not allowing anyone to help us! So, beware if this feeling arises and try to keep a graceful balance of give and take.

The intentions we set last month will also begin to take root and new ideas should flow to help us move towards our soul’s purpose. August’s energies can help us nurture our dreams to progress forward on both the material and spiritual plane. 

I am running an event on 7th August, Enhancing Intuition and Psychic Abilities Manifestation attunement channelled by Linda Colibert. This energy works to open your 3rd Eye and Crown Chakras to help you receive meaningful guidance and important messages for your highest good. This event is just before the Lion’s Gate, which is an incredibly powerful period in which to integrate and use this energy to its full potential.

The Lionsgate Portal opens on the 26th July and closes on the 12th August each year, but it is at its most powerful on the 8th August. 

The 8/8 is no ordinary day. The Lionsgate Portal is the peak of high-frequency energy that streams down to Earth from the star Sirius.

This energy will powerfully open and activate our Heart and 3rd Eye Chakras. It is also incredibly healing and carries a powerful message of reassurance, strength and trust. 

This energy will help us tune in to the higher energetic frequencies to aid a higher level of consciousness.

As so much healing and energy work is happening around this time, some may find it an exhausting period of time, so be kind to yourself around this time. 

I was guided to add a specific Heart Chakra Healing a few month’s ago as the energies at this time are preparing us for what is to come over the next few years from 2020 onwards, so balancing our Heart Chakras is key! As August is very focused on the Heart, especially with the Lionsgate energy activating the Heart Chakra, I have been guided to offer these sessions at a reduced price to help anyone who feels drawn to having one. I have had some wonderful feedback from clients about these sessions, which you can find on my website.

After the Lionsgate portal, we have a few more energetic surprises coming our way as from the 11th onwards, there may be sudden changes as Jupiter moves direct, Uranus goes retrograde and Mercury moves into Leo. It is very unusual that we have two major planets (Jupiter and Uranus) shifting directions on the same day in the middle of the month (August 11th).

The chances of this happening are slim and what this means for August is that it is a month where fortunes can change. Uranus and Jupiter combined have to do with the fortune of life. And this is a month where the direction in your life can suddenly change!

The 11th of August may also be a very insightful day, so it is a great time to meditate and be still. Be flexible this month as you may need to make last-minute changes, so let go of control and be open to the flow of the universal energies!

The Full Moon’s focus, on 15th August, is still about relationships and connections. Keeping the heart open around this time will help to allow friendship and love to come to you! Let go of attachment and/or expectation and let the Universe work its magic!

This is a powerful time for relationships and this energy will bring things to the surface to help us stand in our truth and not be afraid to be seen for who we truly are.

I am running another event on 21st August, Earth Soul Annointing, which is a divine dose of Earth’s Soul energy, which was channelled by Mariah Windsong Couture. This energy can help to increase our connection with Nature Spirits and our beautiful Mother Earth. This energy ties in perfectly with aiding our connection to nature as we are in a universal 2 month and also for the next Help Heal the Earth Meditation! 

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone who joined the Help Heal the Earth Mediation on 28th July. Over 50 people signed up and the mediation was amazing! I focused on sending Goddess Light to all the trees and it was an emotional and uplifting experience.

I shall be running this event on the last Sunday of every month if you would like to join. You can keep updated by either following my blog, which you can do by scrolling down at the end of the post or follow me on Twitter or Facebook

The next Help Heal the Earth event is on Sunday 25th August and you can receive an email reminder by signing up on the event page, which is absolutely free to do! 

For some of us, depending on where you live in the world, we have another New Moon on 30th August, which is a good time for relationships, romance, desires, work and health. This period is more about what we want to come in, so use the New Moon to set your intentions for what you want going forward. 

The New Moon at the end of August may also be a Black New Moon for some us too, depending on where you live. Last month, a Black Moon also occurred for those living in other areas of the world.

A Black New Moon is very rare and happens when we have two New Moons in one month.  A Black Moon is a particularly powerful New Moon which brings about a significant new phase.

Each Black Moon signals the beginning of a new cycle which lasts until the next Black Moon, which is normally two and a half to three years later, so these are powerful moments in time which can markedly influence the coming years. It is therefore wise to use the energy well! 

If you would like to read more about what a Black Moon is, how to use its energy, and when it occurs depending on where you are in the world please view ‘How do You Use a Black Moon’s Energy?’

August is about going with the flow and remaining flexible, it is NOT about pushing hard! The best way to use this energy is by allowing our intuition to guide us. By connecting with the RELATIONSHIPS we have with ourselves, Spirit, others and Nature and having an open HEART will increase our VIBRATION to help us receive the guidance we need to move forward with ease, grace and love.

If you would like some help on your journey, please visit Blissfully Free and get in touch. I offer Intuitive Readings and Healings to help you move forward on your path. 

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Thank you so much for supporting this blog. I am very grateful.

Wishing you a blissful August.


Sarah x

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