September 2019 Spiritual Energies

The ability to SIMPLIFY means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak

~ Hans Hofmann ~

The word Spirit has given us for September is SIMPLIFY!

We live in such a fast-paced world where we get bombarded with information every day, Spirit wants to give us one word each month instead of three (like my previous updates) to focus on.

One word is easy to remember and put into practice in our daily lives to help us work through the energies more easily.

August may have tested your patience and perhaps a lot of old emotions came up to be healed. It was a tough, yet a very healing energy last month to help us let go and move us forward so we can face what the last three months of 2019 have in-store, which is a little challenging, so please read the whole article to understand what’s coming.

One of the main triggers for stress is the complexity of all the things we feel we have to do as well as dealing with the expectations of others.

And let’s not forget any unforeseen challenges that may arise! This is when we start to feel overwhelmed and negative emotions surface, such as worry, anxiety, fear and distress.

There is an answer to this, which is to SIMPLIFY our lives as much as possible!

However, getting to simplicity isn’t always a simple process! It can take time to create a simpler life, but once we make the changes needed, simplicity can bring balance, freedom, and joy into our daily lives.

September is a 3 Universal Month in a 3 Universal Year. I wrote about this energy in the 2019 Energy Forecast, but am putting this here again to remind us what it means as the energy is heightened in a 3 month!

Universal Energy for 2019:  2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12 = 1+2=3

The driving force behind a Universal 3 vibration year is the Trinity, and the trinity that I get from Spirit for 2019 is all about Mind, Body & Spirit.

The Universal 3 year is a reminder to be consciously aware of all three aspects of your being and honouring each part in a balanced and loving way. This is highlighted for September as it as 3 month!

The energy represented by the number 3 is very creative, joyful and dynamic! It is an energy of optimism, inspiration, communication, emotional sensitivity, and social interaction. 

3 is also the number of self-expression and 2019 is all about awakening to our power, expressing who we are creatively, truthfully and with love.

September’s energies are urging us to express ourselves in whichever way FEELS good! It is time to be YOU and be proud of it.

The energy this month will give us a boost to push forward and follow our passions and we should feel more free-spirited and creatively expressive too.

September also holds the vibration of the number 9, which resonates with Universal love, faith, spiritual awakening, service to humanity, charity, selflessness, destiny, life purpose and soul mission, generosity, inner-strength, responsibility, intuition and divine wisdom.

It is also an energy that helps us learn how to say ‘No’, which is what we need when we are trying to simplify our lives and stand in our power!

This energy is reminding us that life is what we make it, and if there is still fear around expressing who you are, then the energy of this month will help you break free!

It’s time to expand as we move into the last part of 2019!

I wanted to touch on a BIG energy day this month before explaining more about why Spirit want us to simplify our lives and what we may expect over the next few months.

The 9th September (9/9) is a powerful energy day. The number 99 brings the message of endings and is a powerful number of release.

To use the energy of this day in the best possible way, I suggest setting a conscious intention to let go of the past version of yourself. This is to help allow the creative, expressive frequency to be able to propel you forward! Let the Universe know you are ready to show up for your life in full.

Around this time, you may find that certain aspects of your life are coming to a close or an important cycle is coming to an end. Trust that this is happening in divine timing and it is for your highest good.

Any ending always means a new beginning and it is sometimes hard to see the positive, so we need to trust that the way is being cleared for a higher soul purpose.

Why do we need to simplify our lives?

I have been getting through from Spirit that the last few months of 2019 may be challenging! They want us to be prepared and in a good place emotionally, mentally and physically to deal with any upheavals that life may bring.

We are already seeing the turmoil across the world with increased violence, social unrest in places like Hong Kong, a decline in many places of economic growth due in part to all the trade wars and let’s not forget the political turmoil in the USA with Trump, Brexit in the UK and the Indian assault on Kashmir and its people, which is so sad.

Not only is all that happening, but we are also dealing with the devastating effects of climate change, such as shortages of water, the terrible fires in the Rainforests, increased earthquakes and hurricanes, such as Hurricane Dorian in Florida right now.

There is so much going on in the world it is hard to stay positive, but this is all supposed to be happening so people finally wake up and realise we need to take care of our beautiful Mother Earth and each other!

But for that to happen things unfortunately need to get worse before they get better. This is why it is so important to focus on how we can create change in our lives.

Every change we make has an impact. Whether that is being more compassionate, spreading more love, being more in balance or helping to heal the Earth.

Each one of us makes a difference because our energy shifts when we do more of the positive versus the negative. When our energy shifts into a higher vibration, we create change for those around us. These people start to feel the higher vibrational energy and begin to make changes too. This continues into each community and the results can be far reaching.

So, if you think that a small change in your life can’t make a difference, think again!!

Spirit want us to focus on simplifying our lives, so we can find balance and peace to be able to hold the light. The rest of 2019 may be bumpy and we are the ones that need to help light up the world!

We can’t shine our light brightly when we are in the lower vibrations of anger, stress and fear.

Therefore, we need to take steps now to move away from the negative emotions into the positive ones. An easy way to help us do this is to simplify our lives!

A simple life has a different meaning for each person, so simplifying is all down to the individual as it has to work for them.

The key to simplifying your life is to look at what is giving you the most stress! I have been working on simplifying my life for the past few months and I can tell you that I feel calmer, more relaxed and have a lot more free time to do the things I enjoy. So, it is definitely worth spending the time simplifying things!

I started off slowly and took one step at a time. This is the best way to do it as if you try and do everything at once you will feel more stressed than you did before!

For me, the main area I focused on was simplifying my work practices as there was a number of things I was duplicating and spending time doing things that could be either automated, changed or even eliminated!

One of the things that was really helpful was sorting out all my computer files into an easier system. I was spending ages looking for things and it was really frustrating! I spent two hours revamping this and hey presto I can find everything I need straight away. This is just a small change, but for me it had a big impact!

Small changes in how you work can actually lead to loads more free time and less frustration!

I have also decluttered my house and sold things or taken stuff to the charity shop I no longer want or need. I find decluttering very healing as we are letting go of the old and creating space. This may be a very practical task, but when I have a clear out I feel it in my energy too!

If any of the following apply to you, it’s time to consider simplifying your life.

– Feel like you have no time!

– Are constantly stressed

– Are not in balance

– Have excess clutter in your home

– Don’t live in the present moment

– Feel overwhelmed and tired

– No time for solitude

– No time for spiritual practice

– You are rushing around every day

Checklist to Help

Slow down & Breathe!

Learn to say “NO” 


Ask for help 

Limit your time on your phone/PC/tablet

Find time for solitude

Always ask: Will this simplify my life?

Tips to Simplify Your Life

1. Ask yourself, “what gives me the most stress?” Whatever the answer is this is what you need to focus on.

2. Write a list of things you want to change and then order them in priority of what would help you the most. You may find you want to break down your lists into home and work, so it is easier to manage.

3. Set aside at least one hour per week to simplify! During this time only do one of the goal’s on your list (going down your list in order).

4. If you find it takes you more than an hour, you can either stop and continue the following week or keep going if you have the time. Just don’t beat yourself up for not completing it!

5. Remember this is not a race and you are trying to keep things simple not make things more difficult for yourself!

Make one change this month that makes a positive difference to your energy. Express yourself in whichever way FEELS good and be proud of who YOU are!

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Blissful Blessings,

Sarah x

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