December 2019 Spiritual Energy

“The purpose of our journey is to restore ourselves to wholeness”
~ Debbie Ford ~

Happy December and congratulations on making it through 2019!

2019 was tough, but we have made it through and have learnt a lot of invaluable lessons on the way!

December’s word from Spirit is WHOLENESS and we are being reminded that the driving force behind a Universal 3 Vibration year (2019) is the Trinity. The trinity that I got from Spirit for 2019 was all about Mind, Body & Spirit. Spirit wanted us to be consciously aware of these three aspects and honour them in a balanced and loving way.

So, as we move into the final month of the year, Spirit wanted to remind us that the journey we are on is all about wholeness and balancing all aspects of ourselves.

December is a time to reflect on what worked, what didn’t and what we have learnt.

December is the time to get ourselves into a place of balance ready for the new energies of 2020 and beyond.

The first week in December is a wonderful time to pause and find clarity, which will help you set a good foundation for 2020.

So, find some time (preferably in the first week!) when you won’t be disturbed to ask yourself these questions, so you can step forward with clarity:

What have I learned this year?

How many blessings have I had this year?

What do I want to do more of in 2020?

What do I want to do less of in 2020?

One of the reasons why 2019 has been so challenging as we are clearing out all that we no longer need so we can step forward in the new age of Aquarius with as little baggage as possible!

As 2020 will be uncertain, unpredictable, a little wild, transformational and the only thing that will really be consistent will be change!

Fear and anger have been the two main players this year in creating change! Anger is a normal part of fear as anger tends to surface when the ego doesn’t want to let go of control.

Everyone, whether awake or not, is dealing with their emotions. Stuff is coming up to be cleared whether we want it to be or not! Just look at what is happening in the world and you can see the huge wave of emotions creating change!

We have experienced massive personal growth in 2019 as our souls have pushed us to step forward, let go, and trust that we are good enough!

Those that are reading this are in a good place to be of service for others in the coming years as we move into one of the most important turning points for humanity.

Thank you for putting in the work so you can help others awaken in the coming times.

A new decade is coming and most importantly the beginning of ‘The Age of Aquarius, the light bringer’ is nearly upon us.

We are still in the process of wrapping up the old energies and everything won’t suddenly change as we hit 1st January 2020, however it is a pivotal step into a new energy cycle.

Please be aware we may still take things with us as we move into 2020 globally as well as individually, so make this month count!

It will stand us all in the best place possible to be of service if we can truly let go of what we have been carrying around for so many years. If you know what else you need to release and heal, then I urge you to really go for it in December!

Spirit is reminding us that wholeness is our birthright and is asking us to work through any old challenges, so we can enter 2020 free from any burdens so we can shine our light brightly to help others.

December’s Numerology

December is a 6 Universal Month, but also holds the vibration of the number 12.

A 6 Universal Month brings a nurturing, yet creative energy. It encourages free thinking and brings valuable lessons around personal power.

The number 6 is all about balance, so a perfect energy this month to help us find wholeness in mind, body and spirit.

Find ways to let your creative energy flow this month as this will help to replenish your energy, which in turn will aid wholeness.

Even though it is Christmas and the season of goodwill, don’t forget about your own needs this month. Do NOT put every else first, as the energy of the number 6 can turn us into martyrs very quickly if our own boundaries aren’t in place. Make sure you are being kind to yourself this month and getting what you need too!

12.12 Gateway

In numerology, 1212 is associated with advanced consciousness and the ability to see and travel into other dimensions. The angel number 1212 represents awakening and spiritual growth.

The 12th December is a very special day as it is the 12.12 Gateway, which is when a portal is activated which can strengthen our energy fields and help us connect with the Divine more easily.

The number 1212 is believed to be the code that activates the Merkaba. It is believed that a portal opens on the 12/12, every year, to help accelerate the formation of this energy field. 

This is a great day to meditate, work with your Oracle cards, give yourself some healing or just connect with the energies by being mindful.

Winter Solstice ~ 21st December

Another key date is the Winter Solstice on the 21st December, which is a wonderful time to focus on self-love and acceptance.

The numerology of the number, 21, represents the ultimate fulfilment of a long and arduous process of spiritual transformation, which is definitely true for the year 2019!!

Traditionally, the Winter Solstice has been a time to honour darkness and to journey deep within to reflect, restore and nourish from the inside out. Celebrating the darkness is about celebrating the depths of who we are, and honouring that all of us have parts that the light is yet to touch.

In Pagan times, the Winter Solstice was referred to as Yule and was a celebration of the Goddess (Moon) energy. It was believed that on this day, the Moon would give birth to the Sun.

I find it is the perfect energy day to take time for myself and reflect back over the year. I normally light a candle and sit quietly reflecting on my year and when I feel ready I like to say these words. “I honour who I have been, who I am now and who I will become.” You obviously don’t have to wait until the Winter Solstice to say these words as they can be said at any time, but before you say them out loud spend a moment reflecting on the energy you feel that these words have.

Words are powerful and putting your emotions into them helps you to honour and accept yourself fully. I always feel energy flowing through me when I say this!

Energy Events to help you through December

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Healing Happiness Manifestation is on 4th December. This beautiful energy is perfect for celebrating 2019 and stepping forward into 2020. This energy works to help you heal by giving yourself permission to be truly happy, which is what we all want! Please sign up here.

Earth Star Chakra Healing and Activation is on 11th December The Earth Star Chakra is located beneath your feet. It is a Chakra of Oneness, which is connected to the Earth, the collective consciousness of humanity, and to the vast field of All That Is. This event can help you balance, heal, and activate your Earth Star Chakra. When this happens, you are completing powerful healing work for humanity and the Earth as well as for your own life.
Please sign up here.

Remember all of the challenges you have faced over the years. You have got through them and come out the other side! Only fear stops us and tells us we can’t cope.

Use December’s energies to face any remaining fears, release any residual anger and above all honour yourself and your journey.

Inspire others by being a beacon of light, and holding space for them rather than giving all of your energy away this month.

Wishing you a very happy Christmas and a joyful December.

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Blissful Blessings,

Sarah x

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