Are YOU Ready?

The energies are really starting to SHIFT as we properly move into 2020! I wrote in my January forecast, we wouldn’t really feel the shift until around the 12th, but things would feel uncertain.

Things have definitely felt uncertain and a bit strange! I have felt like I have been waiting for something to happen, even though on the world’s stage there have been LOADS happening!

The energy of 2020 is just getting started, which is partly influenced by the Full Moon eclipse we have just had and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on the 12th January, which is a rare cosmic alignment that carries life-changing, transformative energy.

Not only are we in the midst of some BIG astrological changes, but we are also right in the middle of a FEAR-based agenda being played out around the world!

There is so much going on, many people are in panic and fear, which is being heightened by the mainstream news so we are kept under control.

The awakening process is all about shifting out of the vibration of fear, which is what we need to focus on going forward.

Our Higher Self is constantly trying to remind us of what really matters in our lives and what we came to Earth to experience.

Not only are we in the process of a big shift, but so is our beautiful planet as part of the ascension process too!

We have been expecting these changes for some time now, and they will continue to intensify as I wrote about in the overview of 2020.

Spirit does not give us information to cause fear, they want us to understand what is coming and be prepared, so we can help ourselves and others in the coming times.

We may see more pain and suffering as the world moves back into balance as people fight for what is right, but remember if you detox, you feel worse before you feel better!! 

Fear is a very debilitating emotion and we cannot create the life we desire when we are in that vibration. We need to move out of the fear into the LOVE!

Connecting with a group of like-minded people can help us move out of fear and increase the power of our intentions and prayers.

Spirit has said to me for the last few years how powerful group healings are, as the energy we create together is magnificent. This is the reason I run group events each month and the main reason I am doing live ones this year so we can work more as a group.

The next event to help support you on your journey is on Wed 15th January and I would be honoured to connect with you.

It is live and recorded, so you can receive the energy after the event if you cannot attend. These are very special events as I will be doing Light Codes, which activate your own light codes for your own healing.

I am also now on Instagram to help support you too as 2020 may get a little challenging, so it feels good to send out positive vibes each day!!

Even though we are experiencing a big shift in energy right now, the energy of the second part of January is very supportive for putting our ideas and plans into action.

One of the best ways to do this is to connect with our Higher Selves and allow the answers to flow, hence why I have highlighted the healing event I am running, so you get back into a state of balance to connect with yourself again!

“Take a moment today and purposefully connect with your Higher Self. It is the part of you that is always connected with Source. It is filled with love, compassion and wisdom. It holds no judgment or fear. It is you in your purest form of light.”

~ Laurel Bleadon-Maffei ~

When we tune into the guidance of our Higher Self:

We remember our true purpose.

We let go of the demands of the ego

We radiate love and compassion

When we truly connect to our Higher Self, our physical bodies and physical manifestations become direct conscious tools for Divine expression. Without this connection, we cannot attain our full potential.

Often, we feel overwhelmed by our everyday problems and worries that we lose touch with our Higher Self, which means losing touch with the guidance, wisdom and love it can give.

Here are some tips to let you know if you are connecting with your Higher Self or Ego as connecting with who we truly are is so important during these times.

♥ The Higher Self is always in the present moment

♥ The ego dwells on the past and spends time contemplating what might happen in the future

♥ The Higher Self knows we have everything we need within us

♥ The ego fears change, and you may have feelings of lack; not being enough or not having enough

♥ The Higher Self knows that YOU are the only true judge of your self-worth as no one outside understands your purpose and your journey like you do.

♥ The ego looks for validation from others and for outward signs of success such as money, status, and fame.

♥ The Higher Self makes decisions from a place of love

♥ The ego makes decisions from a place of fear

♥ The Higher Self is about acceptance

♥ The ego is about ‘improving’ and ‘fixing’ yourself

When we tune into the guidance of our Higher Self, we are able to follow our true path and the steps will light up in front of us. We just need to trust.

I love what I do and I am so grateful to be on this journey with you. Just click on the link below to support me, thank you. x

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Wishing you a blissful rest of the month.

Sarah x

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