February 2020 Energy Update

Wow! What a month January 2020 has been!

Spirit were spot on when they said 2020 will be uncertain, unpredictable, a little wild and the only thing that will be consistent will be change and we have only seen one month so far!!

The energies have been incredibly challenging recently and if you have been struggling, you are not alone.

As I wrote about in my last article, Are You Ready, we have been through some massive astrological changes, and are also right in the middle of a FEAR-based agenda being played out around the world!

So many things have happened over the last month that has created worry, panic, stress and above all fear, and things are still unfolding!

Not only are we having to deal with all the external stresses of what is going on in the world, but the energetic shifts are also helping to bring up our internal stuff too.

Our fears are constantly being triggered.

Even if you turn off the news, you will still feel the lower emotions via the collective and also from anything you need to let go of internally, so, unfortunately, we still need to face our fears head-on!

We are releasing BIG time and have been for the last few weeks.

This is going to continue throughout 2020, so get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable! Embrace this new way of healing. You may be asking yourself what new way of healing is she talking about?!

Basically, what is happening is that we are being given the tools to move out of fear into love and the new heart-based energy.

Getting there is challenging, but, when we actually see and understand what we are supposed to do when our fears come up, we can heal and let go really fast, which is amazing and incredibly freeing.

We are moving into a new era that should be focused on creating a life that is joyful, and full of love. We should be free to live it by our rules without fear.

Hence why 2020 is all about understanding what you want to do with your time that brings you joy.

For me, fear of not being good enough came up for me in pretty much every area of my life in January. It started really rearing its head in November, but I didn’t want to face it then! January’s energies made me look at it and once I did and understood the fear, I could see what the next steps were so easily, which is what I mean about this new way of healing.

All of us hide sometimes, some of us more than others, but hiding is something pretty much everyone does at some point in their lives, especially when we don’t feel good enough.

I realised I haven’t been feeling good enough for a long time and I wasn’t doing the things that bring me joy because of it.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of things I love about my life and I do lots of things that bring me joy, but when you are fearful about whether you are good enough you certainly don’t enjoy things as much as you should due to anxiety and you don’t take as many risks!

So, this month I decided to heal this part of myself. I don’t want to hide anymore so I am in the process of breaking out!! I listened to what I write (from Spirit) in these monthly blog posts and in my weekly Cosmic Guidance (Members) and I committed time back to me!

A big thing for me was running the first Light Code Healing event LIVE in January! I was so nervous, but it was AMAZING and I really enjoyed the energy and the feedback I received from clients was fantastic! You can check out the reviews here. It is one thing to record and edit them, but totally another to channel these live!

I have had my hair cut and taken the time to look after my body more this month, which is about nourishing myself and taking time for Yoga and long salt baths. I treated myself to some new body oil and face cream and these little things have made me feel more attractive, which in turn has helped me feel much better about myself in my relationship with Luke! Luke always tells me I am beautiful, even if I feel and look awful, but giving myself more love has meant I actually feel good enough and instead of rebuffing his compliments I agree with them!!

I have gone on Instagram, which you may think is nothing, but I am planning (in Feb) to start posting videos of me doing the light codes!!! There is still a lot of fear about this step, but I am working through it. So, if you feel these would be useful then please follow me on Instagram so I have a bit of a push to make this one happen

I have also taken the step to do live events for my members, which I am very excited about and these start this month!

The other part of not hiding was writing about all of this here on my blog! I wanted to share the things that scare me and how I don’t feel good enough, so you don’t feel alone as I know a lot of you feel like I do. I know when I read about someone else’s experiences it helps me massively, so I hope sharing how I feel helps you.

There is no right or wrong way to face our fears. All I can tell you is once you start facing them, you get on a roll and everything just seems to flow, which funnily enough is the word Spirit gave us to focus on during the first week of February, from the Cosmic Guidance I write!

February’s energies will be a bit steadier than January, however, there will still be some big energy downloads happening to help us face our fears so we can find our joy! Embrace these energy shifts as they are helping us to be free!

I have found that when these energetic shifts hit, it feels a bit like you are walking through mud! I normally feel quite tired too and if I need to heal something lots of anxiety and/or fear comes up! You may feel like this too or something completely different may happen, but you know deep in your gut that it is the energy that is causing you to feel this way!

Trust your body when this happens, rest and take time out to really feel any emotions that come up. Embrace your fear and see where it takes you!

Practical Tips to help you through February

♥   Join the Light Code Healing Event
In the first week of every month, I shall be running a live (and recorded) Light Code Healing Event. The event will include the Divine Light Codes we need to help us through the energies of the month and individual ones for each of you too, so you get exactly what you need. These are powerful and will help you shift any anxiety and fear!! It is also recorded, so you don’t need to attend live. You can then listen to the healing throughout the month to help you heal. Spaces are limited. Sign up here.

♥   Listen to your FEAR!
Pay attention to any fear that comes up. Feel it and understand it. Just sit with it and allow yourself to be. Understanding is the biggest step.

♥   Do Something that Makes You Feel Uncomfortable!
Doing something that scares us increases our courage! Soon enough, the barriers that once were holding us backdrop away and we break free! Once you have understood your fear, do something to face it! You will feel so good about yourself afterwards. What seems really scary can actually turn out to be something you love doing!!

♥  What is Your Biggest Goal?
Think about your biggest goal. Are you in the process of working towards it or are you a million miles away from it? Write down your goal and underneath list every single fear that is stopping you from completing it. Get it all out. Read it and then burn it or bury it. Show the Universe you are ready to let go of your fear and go after what brings you JOY!

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Wishing you a blissful month.

Sarah x

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