Connect with Your Higher Self

The energies have been incredibly challenging recently and will continue to push us to new heights! As I wrote about in February’s energy update, our fears are constantly being triggered to help us grow.

Our Higher Self is constantly trying to remind us of what really matters in our lives and what we came to Earth to experience.

When we tune into the guidance of our Higher Self:

♥ We remember our true purpose.

♥ We let go of the demands of the ego

♥ We radiate love and compassion

When we truly connect to our Higher Self, our physical bodies and physical manifestations become direct conscious tools for Divine expression. Without this connection, we cannot attain our full potential.

Often, we feel overwhelmed by our everyday problems and worries that we lose touch with our Higher Self, which means losing touch with the guidance, wisdom and love it can give.

The best way to know if you are on the right path and overcome your fears is to connect back to your true self and listen to your inner wisdom.

How do you know if you are connecting with your Higher Self or Ego?

♥ The Higher Self is always in the present moment

♥ The ego dwells on the past and spends time contemplating what might happen in the future

The Higher Self knows we have everything we need within us

♥ The ego fears change, and you may have feelings of lack; not being enough or not having enough

The Higher Self knows that YOU are the only true judge of your self-worth as no one outside understands your purpose and your journey like you do.

The ego looks for validation from others and for outward signs of success such as money, status, and fame.

The Higher Self makes decisions from a place of love

The ego makes decisions from a place of fear

The Higher Self is about acceptance

The ego is about ‘improving’ and ‘fixing’ yourself

When we tune into the guidance of our Higher Self, we are able to follow our true path and the steps will light up in front of us.

We just need to trust!

“By learning to trust your intuition, miracles seem to happen. Intuitive thoughts are gifts from the higher self.”
~ Susan Jeffers ~

Practical Tips to Connect with Your Higher Self

♥   Listen to your desires

Pay attention to your desires. Your heartfelt desires are your Higher Self’s way of letting you know what to do next! Your desires are really your next steps being given to you as a feeling or thought! Start your day by asking your Higher Self: “What do I really want to do today?”

♥ Breathe!

Take a deep breath, in through the nose allowing your belly to expand. Then let it out through the mouth, as you do this allow all stress and tension to go with the breath! Make a sound if this feels good. Really let go using the breath. This will help you to relax and be in the present moment.

Once you are feeling relaxed, ask a question that you need help with and let the answers flow.

If you feel that you are back in your head thinking about the answer, take another deep breath and listen again. In peace we feel, sense, see or hear the answers. They are like soft whispers and we do not need to force them. Relax and allow your Higher Self to speak

♥   Meditate with a Tiger’s Eye Crystal

Tiger’s Eye: Power • Courage • Confidence

Tiger’s Eye is a wonderful stone to help release fear & anxiety and promote calm. It can also aid grounding and is great for spiritual protection.

Tiger’s Eye can help to enhance willpower, self-confidence and good luck. It may help to bring prosperity, often in the form of money!

Tiger’s Eye can help us see things from a new perspective, which can help us expand your minds and open ourselves up to our full potential.

This crystal also inspires courage and confidence, which makes it the perfect stone to work with when you are facing big life changes. This stone will help you to step outside of your comfort zone and go for it, perfect for February’s energies!

Tiger’s eye also brings a special boost to the Solar Plexus and aids our personal power.

♥  Affirm to yourself aloud

“I am Source energy and trust in my Higher Self to lead the way.

Take a moment this month to connect back to you. YOU really do have all the answers!

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