March 2020 Energy Update

March is going to be an interesting month with a lot of intense energy periods as we are wrapping up a cycle and beginning anew!

Part of this is caused by Saturn changing signs, which only happens every 2.5 years, so this will create a big shift and some closures as it shows us what we have and haven’t dealt with so we can move forward!

The other part of these energy shifts is that we are moving into a new frequency and changes need to occur in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to be ‘upgraded’ to where we need to be. This is why it has been so hard recently.

The last 2 months of 2020 have been challenging as we are being shown the deepest layers of fear, grief, anger, victimhood and shame that we need to clear.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your perspective about the spiritual journey, things aren’t going to get any easier!!

You may feel quite ‘heavy’ this month in terms of the energies and there will also be an energetic push if you haven’t been doing what you should have been doing!

Those that are on the right track and taking the steps forward through their fears will have an easier time than those who are still procrastinating or trying to hide from their authentic self!!

We will all be given a push this month to take action, but it is good to be aware that a few challenges could come along if we are not listening to our hearts, so this is a key aspect for this month.

It is time to understand your true heart’s desire!

There is some good news too, as March is also a wonderfully creative month and the energies can help us pursue our goals with a lot more ease than in recent months.

March will also help us to clarify what has happened since the start of 2020 and figure out what we should be doing next.

The first week of March is all about clarity and focusing on what is truly important and letting go of the rest.

Use the first week of March wisely and really understand what you want to embrace in your life and what you need to let go of and be done with!

What I found really interesting about this month is that Spirit is no longer leading us and pushing us forward!

Of course, they are still there so don’t panic, but it is our Higher Selves that are now taking the lead.

Spirit are in the background, so it is really time we sit up and took notice of what aspects we want to take with us into the future.

As I wrote last month, we are moving into a new era that should be focused on creating a life that is joyful.

We should be free to live it by our rules without fear.

Hence why 2020 is all about understanding what you want to do with your time that brings you joy.

As you know I have been facing a lot of my own fears recently and I want to thank all of you who followed me on Instagram to give me a push to do the FREE Light Codes on video! Turns out it wasn’t a scary as I thought!!!

I have done 3 videos now to help you release your fear, open your Higher Heart Chakra and clear your Throat Chakra! These can all be found on my IGTV on my Instagram (@be.blissful) channel.

The reviews I have received for the Light Codes have been AMAZING and I am looking forward to the next live (and recorded) event on the 4th March.

March is going to be a challenging month, but you’ve got this and you are going to get through anything that comes your way!

The biggest thing to remember this month is that whatever happens that brings up a negative emotion is to help you release it so that you can shift into a new vibration and live a life you love!

Practical Tips to help you through March

♥  Start the day with a Pause!!

Once you wake in the morning, make yourself a cup of tea or a drink of your choice. Do this with intention.

Pay attention to how you prepare your drink. Notice how your body feels? Notice the sounds in the room, the warmth of the cup in your hand, etc.

Be consciously aware of taking that first sip! Sit quietly with no other distractions and just be in the moment with your drink. Be present and mindful.

You should feel rested and ready to begin your day!

♥   Join the Light Code Healing Event

I run a live (and recorded) Light Code Healing Event in the first week of the month.

This month’s event is on Wed 4th March.

This event is a powerful healing to help you through the current energies. Spaces are limited. Sign up here.

♥   FEEL your emotions fully

We all have days when the unexpected happens and things don’t go our way! Whether you get stuck in traffic, the dog puts muddy paw prints all over your clean laundry, the zip goes on your new top, the car won’t start, or the washing machine breaks down!

When something unexpected happens that triggers an emotional response (normally a negative one if one of these things happens!), allow yourself a moment to really FEEL the emotion.

If you feel angry, feel it! If you feel sad, feel it, even have a cry if you need to! If you feel overwhelmed, feel it. You get the idea.

FEEL whatever emotion comes up for you. Look at the situation again once you have really felt the emotion. You should feel better as feeling the emotion helps it to dissipate. You may even laugh at what has happened or at least feel in a better place to move forward.

♥   Let go of the outcome

Sometimes we say things or do things because we want to get a certain reaction or action out of people. However, keeping in mind we have no control over anything in life (except for our actions and our responses), why don’t we speak our truth?

Being honest with ourselves and others is always the best plan, however, it is hard when we feel we may be judged, or we may hurt someone’s feelings.

However, the whole point of being our true selves is opening our hearts so we can come from a place of love, be our authentic selves and speak our truth!

When we are really aligned with who we are our truth is spoken with love, so it is being said for the highest good of all! We are honouring ourselves and others.

Let go of what you think may happen and be yourself. This will help you navigate the energies of March so much more easily!

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Sarah x

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