Healing Event 1st April & other Healing Help!

The virus is shaking things up around the world and no one is immune from the virus itself or the impact it is having.

The fear it is creating is massive and only by going within can we allow our own fear to come up and dissipate so we can hold the space for others to do this too.

If you are finding you are struggling to centre yourself and step out of the fear and anxiety you are not alone.

I am running the Light Code Healing event on Wed 1st April, which (I am getting from Spirit) will be an incredibly powerful one to help us all clear, release and let go of the stress, fear and anxiety we hold within and that we are also picking up from others.

The event will also include individual light codes to help you specifically as well. You do not need to attend live as it is recorded, which you can download and play as often as you wish to help you.

As an Empath, I can feel so strongly how many people are struggling and if I tap into this energy I find it hard to breathe, so more now than ever before have we got to take care of our own energy so we can help others that are struggling during this very challenging time.

If you can’t attend the event, I have also done 4 videos to help you release your fear, open and clear your Higher Heart & Throat Chakras and the most recent one is to help clear your Aura. These can all be found on my IGTV on my Instagram (@be.blissful) channel and my Facebook page.

I am also offering FREE distance Healing Sessions for all NHS workers to say THANK YOU and for everyone else they are ONLY £11 currently.

If you would like some support on your journey, please visit Blissfully Free and get in touch.

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Sending blessings of love to you and your loved ones. Stay safe.

Sarah x

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