2016 Energies

December 2016 Energy Forecast

Happy December!  December is always a time when I look back over the year that has nearly gone and think about my hopes & dreams for the following year.  As I was sitting down to write this, I felt guided to read back over my energy forecast for 2016 to remind myself of what Spirit… Continue reading December 2016 Energy Forecast

2016 Energies

November 2016 Energy Forecast Part 2!

As usual time is flying by and I realised I needed to write another November energy update as there has been so much going on! 11.11 was a big date that really propelled us all forward on all levels!  I found the period from 11th to 19th November a very emotional time as so much… Continue reading November 2016 Energy Forecast Part 2!

2016 Energies

November 2016 Energy Forecast

Happy November and what a month this will be!! October was another challenging month with lots of releasing happening for many of us as we got back into balance!  I especially felt it around my Throat Chakra.  The spiritual lesson of the Throat Chakra is  "To learn to take responsibility for our own needs and… Continue reading November 2016 Energy Forecast

2016 Energies

October 2016 Energy Forecast

Happy October!!  What a month September was and I am starting to feel the shift in energies as I write this, which is a welcome relief after last month's intensity!  What I found interesting already about this month is that I didn't feel the new energies of October until today!  I wanted to write my… Continue reading October 2016 Energy Forecast

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What’s YOUR Perception?!

What does the word failure mean to you? If you look up failure in the dictionary, its definition is 'lack of success' and 'non-performance of something due, required, or expected.'  But what defines success? We define success or take on other people's definition of what success looks like.  It is our expectations that define if… Continue reading What’s YOUR Perception?!

2016 Energies

9/9 Energy Forecast!

Jupiter enters Libra today, which is pretty big news as it has been in Virgo for the last year! Jupiter’s effects are to expand our experiences, our knowledge, and our understanding and represents optimism, growth, generosity, joy, and abundance!  In Libra, Jupiter expands our awareness of our relationships by encouraging togetherness, equality, compromise, fairness, partnership,… Continue reading 9/9 Energy Forecast!

2016 Energies

September 2016 Energy Forecast

It has been a while since I have written about the current energies and it feels good to be back!  I took some time out for myself over these last few months as I have moved into a beautiful new and very healing home, which has been my dream for the last few years!  As… Continue reading September 2016 Energy Forecast