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Finding the Right Reiki Teacher

I am very passionate about this topic as I have had teachers that have been AMAZING, good and not so good!! When we first start out on our spiritual paths, it can be confusing, scary and a bit daunting! There is so much information out … Continue reading Finding the Right Reiki Teacher

Spiritual & Physical Energy

I've been wanting to write about this subject for a while and now is the perfect time as I have just finished learning all of my lessons about this topic, which I can now share with you! I have learnt over the last few years … Continue reading Spiritual & Physical Energy

How Can You Tell If You Are An Old Soul?

Generally speaking, we are all old souls, but some of us have been here longer than others!! Have you ever thought that some people are very wise for their age? It’s probably because they are an old soul!! The reasons I know I am an … Continue reading How Can You Tell If You Are An Old Soul?