Here are the next events for March 2019 that you can find on the Blissfully Free website.

Please click here to visit the event page.

Wed 13th March ~ Love & Friendship Manifestation

Love and Friendship manifestation helps to connect you to those who are in tune with your Soul energies. It was chanelled by Linda Colibert. This is the 3rd attunement within the Manifestation Guidance Program, but can be used as a stand alone energy, so you don’t have to have received the other attunements!

It helps you connect also to your higher self and creative source in order to guide you in meeting people and making friends with those of like energies. This system also helps you strengthen already existing friendships, family relationships, and love relationships with your special romantic lover. The essence of this energy enhances feelings of well being and healthy relationships.

Wed 20th March ~ Healing White Energy Essence

Healing White Energy Essence is amazing! I love this energy as it is pure, gentle yet so healing! It was chanelled by Linda Colibert. The energies of this attunement draw white light and the essence of the color white to you and connects yo quickly for healing, for empowerment, and for positive spiritual energies.

All my Attunements Events are run by donation, with just a minimum of £1 to join. I run two attunement events a month, so everyone has the opportunity to receive energy that can help them on their journey. I have a minimum donation of £1 so everyone who joins appreciates the energy exchange. A suggested donation is £5, but I run these events to make them affordable for everyone, so only pay what you can afford! 

I set up each person’s attunement individually, hence why I need your name.

As well as the attunement energies, these events always include any healing energies we all need as a collective, so you receive any healing you need too when you receive the attunement!

Your attunement & healing is set up for you at the time of the event (UK time).  

If you are busy at the event time, you can choose to receive it at a time that is convenient to you as the energy stays strong for 7 days after the event, so you have plenty of time to receive!

You can download the manual and instructions for each event on the event page on my website.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Blissful Blessings

Sarah x