2017 Energies

November 2017 Energy Forecast

Happy November! I love this time of the year as the nights draw in and I can be warm and cosy next to the fire cuddled up with my cats and dogs! November is also a special month for me as it is my birthday month and this year I am turning 40, which, strangely… Continue reading November 2017 Energy Forecast


FREE Coaching Sessions for 3 People!!!

Linda is a transformational life coach with a deep inner passion to assist others in gaining clarity in their lives and fulfil their dreams. She loves supporting other people in discovering their true passion, reach their goals and to support people in navigating all the many choices, big and small, that life presents us with… Continue reading FREE Coaching Sessions for 3 People!!!

2017 Energies

Down Syndrome Awareness Month – Let’s Help Raise Awareness!

This is one of the most beautiful video's I have seen and of course I had to share it & I really hope you share it too! Let's raise awareness about Down Syndrome as October is World Down Syndrome Awareness Month! This video gives you a glimpse into the lives of some of the families that… Continue reading Down Syndrome Awareness Month – Let’s Help Raise Awareness!

2017 Energies

October 2017 Energy Forecast

Times are changing and we are changing with them.  We have been bombarded with so many different energies, which we are still trying to navigate our way through to the new vibration.  We are getting there!  Please don't feel you are not shifting if the same patterns or emotions keep coming up for you time… Continue reading October 2017 Energy Forecast

2017 Energies

September 2017 Energy Forecast

What a month August was!!!  I had an intense clearing period around the Eclipse and I know I am not alone with so many old emotions coming up to be dealt with!  The energies have been strong and we have ALL received a huge influx of light, energy downloads and are experiencing shifts within and… Continue reading September 2017 Energy Forecast

2017 Energies

Happy Lions Gate!

Happy Lions Gate!!! I normally don't share my write-up of my events on my blog, but felt the information that came through today could help others know what areas of the body to focus on to help them with their own healing this month and the last part with the white lions was very special,… Continue reading Happy Lions Gate!

2017 Energies

August 2017 Energy Forecast

August is going to be one of the biggest energy month's of the year!!  It is a month of change, clearing, endings and connecting back with our true selves!  There will be shifts in our minds, bodies and souls.  So, expect the unexpected!   There is so much happening energetically and astrologically during August I felt… Continue reading August 2017 Energy Forecast