Help Heal the Earth

Thank you!Over 50 people signed up for our last Help Heal the Earth Meditation in July, which is AMAZING! Thank you so much for helping to heal our beautiful planet. I shall be running the Help Heal the Earth Meditation every month on the last Sunday of the month and I hope we can get … More Help Heal the Earth

Aura Colour Meanings

The colour of your aura is determined by your emotions, physical surroundings, your spiritual work and items in the room. For example, crystals can magnify or change the colours of an aura. When you first start out trying to see or sense an aura, you may find you see wavy lines around someone or a … More Aura Colour Meanings

Lions Gate Portal 8.8

Every year from July 26th to August 12th, we have an annual cosmic event (planetary alignment), the ‘Lion’s Gate’ Portal. This is when the sun is in the constellation of Leo (hence the name ‘Lions Gate’). ​It is said to be a ‘Star Gate’, in other words, a gateway portal of energy. The 8th of August is when the … More Lions Gate Portal 8.8

What is Clearing?

What is clearing? Everyone talks about this when you start on your spiritual path, but what does it actually mean?! Reiki, other attunements and all forms of healing, work on all levels; Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Physical. There is no area of life that an attunement or a healing will not change and influence. As … More What is Clearing?