What is Clearing?

What is clearing? Everyone talks about this when you start on your spiritual path, but what does it actually mean?! Reiki, other attunements and all forms of healing, work on all levels; Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Physical. There is no area of life that an attunement or a healing will not change and influence. As … More What is Clearing?

Easy Ways to Clear and Protect Your Energy Field

If you often find yourself in situations and social environments that leave you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, tense, or drained, you might be surprised to find out that these feelings may not be entirely your own! A huge amount of people absorb the feelings, energies, and emotions from situations and the people around them. It is … More Easy Ways to Clear and Protect Your Energy Field

Are You an Empath?

Empathy is the ability most humans have to understand the way someone else is feeling. How much empathy we feel is on a scale, and some people feel it more intensely than others. People very high up on the scale are known as Empaths, and they take it to the next level. Therefore, Empaths are … More Are You an Empath?

June 2019 Energy Update

  June’s 3 words given to us by Spirit are TRANSFORMATION, GROWTH and AWARENESS. May’s energies were quite challenging and we did see a lot of strange weather and some earthquakes. It will continue in this way as the climate changes and the Earth shifts, so be aware of what is happening around you and … More June 2019 Energy Update